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Oneness Deeksha- December 8 8PM MST


I will be opening the Monday Night long distance deeksha circle to all at no cost on Dec 8. This is a silent transmission with no phone call to cut or end your experience. You may follow the directions below or you can simply relax and experience deeksha. To register email dharma with your name and Free Deeksha in the subject line.

The Sadhana (Spiritual Practice):

An ancient pattern of enlightenment of the Bhakti Marga (God Centered/Mystical path is:

1. Realizing your condition, feeling helpless in that condition and asking for intervention

2. Profound Divine Mystical Experience that leads to transformation (for more on such the transformational effects visit or read about the Apostle Paul, the lives of any saint, sage, prophet or mystic. "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens is a wonderful literary example.)

3. Insight (that big Aha that leads to a genetic restructuring of the brain and the annihilation of suffering aka enlightenment). Legend tells that the Insight that palyed a huge part in the liberation of Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha) was that his desire was to be free of desire.

4. Liberation

1. Look at the pattern above. See if you can see the area of progress in relation to that pattern. Another gauge of spiritual progress can be found in the answer to the question; "How are your relationships?"

If you have not realized your condition pray for awareness of your condition. This can take tremendous courage and authenticity. The journey starts from where you are not where you want to be.

To pray is simply to ask. If you realize the condition to the point you almost nauseate yourself or just want sit there and bawl, but the Divine has yet to intervene, watch your prayers. See how many hidden agendas you have when you pray. You if you watch your thoughts while praying you may see something like this is there:

" Dear God, please help me to get a job." you may pray. But the mind is grinding away with thoughts of going to the unemployment office, calling a temporary service, robbing a bank, hitting the lottery, moving to Alaska, or something else.

Just see it.

Also know that feeling helpless is not the same as acting helpless. If God sends a rowboat you must take action by climbing in. If you are drowning in a well and someone drops in a rope to help you you will have to reach out and climb to help yourself.

Also know that Profound Divine Mystical experience often happens because it is necessary not because we deserve it. Look at the life of the Apostle Paul. Self righteousness can be a big obstacle.

If you have received profound Divine Mystical Experience (personal experience with the Divine), now is the time to pray for insight. You may have experienced what many would think is an ultimate Truth beyond the 5 senses but you can only bask in that experience so long. It is time to grow. You have moved from belief to discovery yet you are suffering. Google "Rama Krishna and Kali" and read of the suffering of that saint when he was not perceiving Kali. Do not be discouraged by the suffering and craving for experience. Look at the life of all the saints and prophets. Ask yourself did they still suffer? Even the Christ spoke of a cup of sorrow. Do not stop at mystical experience. If you do you will suffer. It is an early phase of the journey of transformation and enlightenment that will move you from belief to discovery, from reformation to transformation.

So those of you who have received profound Divine Mystical Experience pray for Insight. Look into your life at all the sufferings that were healed by a small insight. Your friend was late. You were angry until you found the reason. "Aha!" That is it!" A man spit on you. You were suffering so much. So angry you were. Then you found out that man was blind. Aha! He spit and it hit you is all. End of suffering. You can suffer about that incident no more. The suffering circuit was burned out on that matter we could say.

Imagine that one big insight-that big "Aha" that would lead to hundreds of other insights to liberate you from suffering once and for all.

Say your prayer from wherever you are using the pattern above-ask for realization of your condition, for mystical experience or for insight and after that chant the Mula Mantra 7 times keeping the focus on the third eye. Pray first. Chant second. Ask for one thing. Make it very concise and simple such as "Bhagavan, I must move from belief to discovery. If you can give this Profound Divine Mystical Experience then please give it to me now." Or "Bhagavan, please give me insight now."

If you do not know the Mula Mantra you can order it at entitled "The Sacred". It is also at the beginning of Adi Purusha which to listen to is like a retreat in itself. If you cannot order it or do not know it simply chant Aum 7 times. Make the Ahhh sound 3 times longer than the mmm sound so that it is Ahhhhhooooom not Ahooooommmmmmmm. Te m sound connects you more strongly to the dream or material realm. Do not give it so much weight in this meditation.

Then sit silently. You can also go into Shivasana (Relax on your back)

I will give deeksha starting at 8:15 MST and will be completed by 9:15 MST.

To register for the ongoing weekly long distance deeksha group after Dec. 8th visit .

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. Newsletter

Free Deeksha-Sankata Chaturthi (Obstacle Removing 4th Waxing Moon) Nov 16, 8PM Phoenix Time

There are special days when Ganesh destroys obstacles for his devotees and ensures their well being. Nov 16 is a very special day for removing obstacles as it falls on Kari Naal or a black day.  This is a day for contemplating karma, seeking forgiveness and repentance and seeking removal of these karmas.  For the suggested meditation for the free Deeksha session and to discover a primary obstacle to liberation, visit and find the November 16 meditation post.  To register return this email with your name and Nov 16 deeksha in the subject line. Please see the next post for instructions.
Bhagavan on the Nature of the Mind
Q:Nobody in this world is free of sufferings. To be free from sufferings what should be done?
Bhagavan: "That’s very simple. Please follow seven truths to be free from suffering. 1. Everything comes from a single source. It could be God or Energy. There is no beginning and end to life.
2. If you identify this source, you’ll not differentiate between good, bad, right or wrong. All these things are our views. Everything came from one source.
3. Life is nothing but your search for ‘Self’. In your life, things that happen to you, people you see, everything reflects your ‘Self’. If you are suffering from poverty, it means there something wrong within yourself. You have to correct this to get out of poverty. If you have hatred, then who ever you see will exhibit the same quality. If you have evil thoughts, people you meet will also have evil thoughts. Try to understand yourself first.
4. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is by God’s grace. Supposing you slip while walking, try to realize that as God’s grace too. If you see God in everything, your life will become wonderful.
5. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is just a ‘test’ for you by God. It is not a bad experience. If it is considered as a bad experience then it would mean that God is not compassionate. If you experience a problem, consider it an opportunity for you to face it and come out of it. You’ve been given people, wealth and confidence to face challenges. If you understand this, your confidence will improve. Just to test your confidence God gives you a test.
6. If you realize that anything you experience is a test for you by God, then you’ll be able to think deep about the problem and handle it in a better way. You’ll understand its result. Then you’ll have no fear.
7. If you understand the above 6 truths, then there will be an enormous transformation in your body. From then on, you’ll not only have compassion, but you’ll become that ‘compassion’.
If you follow these, your relationships would improve. It’ll be filled with love. If you attain this stage you are ready for the ‘operation’ I mentioned. You’ll experience the divine grace experienced by saints like Ramana, Adishankara. You’ll have no fear or sorrow. You’ll have only Joy. Don’t try to analyze this logically. Our aim is Mukthi. If you follow these truths for even 21 days, you’ll be joyful. The problem with us is we spread just the sorrow and sufferings. That’s why Earth is dying. After you experience Joy and Happiness you’ll be able to spread only Joy and Happiness to others.
Q: By becoming aware of the doubts, can we remove those doubts?
Answer: You can to a large extent but still the brain will again jump into that mode. For that you must have control over these three energies. Suppose your house has got a north east cut, then the blaming mode will be highly activated. The north-east cut will activate the manipura chakra in a particular way and the brain will always be blaming. So, the house vastu is also equally important. Chakra dhyana is very important . Otherwise there is absolutely no control. Your mind is taking you for a ride. 
To do Chakra Dhyana you should be at least twelve years of age. Pranayama can be taught, but not pranakriyas. Ajneya chakra dhyana can be taught to children....."
to order Chakra Dhyana visit
Cleansing and fasting were a great part of the earlier processes.  This helps the body to regain a sponge-like ability to absorb energy from the sun, vapors, water, wind, air, instead of just food. When the colon is clogged with mucous and toxins or when there is a lot of excess fat in the solar plexus region it cuts down on this ability. We used a harsh purging herb once a week for several years to cleanse. In order to take it we fasted the entire day. Many are getting tremendous results without the harsh purge or need to fast with the tea visit and click "Products" to order at a discount or "Try the Tea" to pay full price.
To participate in a group Ganesh Fire Ritual on Sankata Chaturthi  visit .
"Visions" with Dharma Dharini-When I took my initial training at Satyaloka deep changes were made to the psychic energy body. From the first healing deekshas we offered, onward to the later Oneness Blessing there was almost always a vision while giving deeksha. While for the most part  the visions meant little to me, yet they seemed to  bring healing and guidance to the recipient no matter how otherworldly.  Some called  them "Vision Quests by Proxy" or  "Shaman Stories." For several years I shared these Visions and sometimes was asked to draw or paint them. 

Recently there have been some amazing benefits for some in the sharing of the Deeksha Vision so this sharing is now included in personal silent deeksha sessions (sent by email after the deeksha)if desired.

To register for a private silent session with Oneness Deekshas visit . Please allow 48 hours for a response to set up a convenient time for you.
Simple Gifts-1848 Shaker Song

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come round right.

Dharma Dharini

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Deeksha-Sankata Chaturthi (Obstacle Removing 4th Waxing Moon) Nov 16, 8PM Phoenix Time

There are special days when Ganesh destroys obstacles for his devotees and ensures their well being. Nov 16 is a very special day for removing obstacles as it happens to fall on Kari Naal or a black day. This is a solemn day for contemplating karma, seeking forgiveness and repentance and seeking removal of these karmas.

I was torn this month between doing a special free event for Thanksgiving. An insight I came away with from my last retreat in India in 2006 was that suffering and gratitude cannot coexist. This seeing transformed my life.

We have a holiday every year devoted to gratitude. Yet most still suffer. Many complain that their parents slighted them, did not do this or that , that the world owes us, that we did not get some object and blame others. There is more focus on what is lacking than what is at hand. True gratitude has often been replaced with a sense of duty and guilt. That is easily turned around with a simple sadhana for seeing that will be taught later on.

You cannot pump gratitude into the heart. For the most part we are an ungrateful people. Rather than speak to you about gratitude and say some beautiful things about gratitude that the mind will create more "shoulds" and "should nots" from- to further add to the inner world hells of some, on the 16th the stars are right for contemplation and removal of karma that was committed knowingly. So we will look at some things that are not so easy to see and do something beautiful next month.

The intent of the Nov 16 meditation will be to give you the courage and authenticity to see what is there and remove a huge karmic burden once and for all.

The meditation is as follows:

1. Sit quietly at 6 and watch your breath. Watch it going in and out of the nose. If you follow it into the body the mind will wander. There is a connection between mind, breath, and kundalini. The breath is most in your control. If the mind still wanders focus on the right retina and watch the thoughts. If you do not have a right retina then focus on the right ear.

2. It is good to invoke Ganesh with the Mantra "Om Gum Ganesha Namaha" 18 times

3. If you know the Moola Mantra (either Moola Mantra ll or The Sacred at http://www/ ). You can chant it 7 times then ask for the courage and authenticity to See.

4. You can substitute Aum-make the ahh sound 3 times longer than the m sound- so it is ahhhhhhhhoooomm not ahhoooommmmmmmmmmm. If you extend the mmmm sound you may often either go to sleep or thoughts of the material realm will come to your.

5 Ask yourself this question: "Am I innocent?"

6. Wait for the response.

7. Then ask to see a time when you deliberately hurt someone. Really tune into the situation. It is very important that you see the self righteousness surrounding the situation as self righteousness is your primary obstacle to liberation. It can keep you from going to higher realms when you die and can keep you bound to the Ghost Path or spirit realm.

By self righteousness, I mean watch the way the mind explains the pain you caused. The karma you created. It may tell:: "Well he deserved it-who was he to speak to me that way?"

"Well she was not worthy of respect and needed to be put into her place."

"Well she would not listen to the truth so I told her lies. That is what she does to everyone else."

"I only gave her a taste of her own medicine."

"Well if someone does not believe as I do they are going to hell anyway so what is the problem?"

Once at a retreat several were weeping quite loudly. After some time a man and a woman left in anger. The woman called that night and said she was sorry she walked out, but the crying of the women was really getting on their nerves and her husband could not stand it anymore. She had been crying very loudly, and confused, so I asked her about it.

Her response was, "Yes. I was crying loudly too. But MY suffering is real."

Can you see the obstacle of self righteousness the above statements? Can you see the self righteousness in the pain that you have caused to others? You are well aware how hurtful it would be if someone would treat you that way. yet you did this to another.

What creatures have you thoughtlessly killed?

Even an insect has its life.

There is a story about a man who was walking in the woods. He saw two mice running side by side carrying a piece of straw. He threw a rock at them and it killed one of the mice. The other mouse began to run in circles. Round and round and round she ran, still holding onto the straw.

As he looked closer he saw that the mouse was blind. The other mouse had been guiding her with the straw.

Who else has this karma that you have created impacted?

6. Ask again: "Am I innocent?"

Just see it. Can you see the self righteousness behind the perceived self innocence-how easy it is to explain it away?

7. Then ask that the burden of karma and the obstacle of self righteousness are removed.

If you really look you may see that in most instances it is self righteousness behind all the karmas-these dangers that you have created for yourself. Those of you with the energy and courage to go further ask to see what is at the root of the Self righteousness.

If you can see it you can be free of it.

I will send deeksha from 8M-9PM.

Lastly, jJust know that for the most part we all have our crosses to bear. A very important question is: "Can you pick yours up and walk with it?"

Dharma Dharini

To register for the deeksha email: dharma with your name and Nov 16 Deeksha in the subject line.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sadhanas and Deeksha

A Sadhana is a spiritual practice such as yoga and meditation.  There is a sacred trinity in ancient enlightenment cultures made up of Sadhanas (spiritual practices), Maha Sutras, and Diksha (spiritual initiations-aka deeksha-for more info visit ).

Some have come to me week after week for deeksha.  Initially this was very  puzzling as I found myself wondering what was wrong with the last deeksha, that some were back so soon. Others would announce that it was their 6th deeksha circle that week-that they go from place to place getting as many deekshas as they could. This was all very new to me.

The early teachers, including Arthri, Ranji, Uttama. Leilaji, Raviji, Mohanaji and I conducted retreats and workshops for years, sometimes for very large groups of people after receiving just several deekshas-2-4 a year.  Many of the attendees grew in amazing ways. We relied very heavily on Grace, sadhanas and contemplation of sutras to enhance our states and our abilities to help others.

Deeksha was a small yet integral part of the early processes. Maybe 8-12 hours total out of 42 days were spent while the deeksha was given to the whole group. This transmission of spiritual energy (deeksha) was done as a very a sacred ritual where at the very least we showered first, definitely washed our hair, and put on clean clothing. Many prayed and fasted in preparation and remained in silence (another type of sadhana) before, during and after. The Dhyana Vihar (meditation center) was softly lit with candles and beautiful incense. A life-sized Sri Murthi surrounded by fruits and flowers was at the front and Acharya Ananda Giriji and the male monks sat to the right of the Sri Murthi. Ananyaji was to the left.

The monks chanted as we knelt in perfect silence as a group. No one moved, opened their eyes, left the Dhyana Vihar or spoke (with the exception of receiving  Deeksha for the State of the Laughing Buddha where is was almost impossible not to laugh) until the entire group had received deeksha. There was a tangible shift when all had received  deeksha- a sense of inter-connectedness-of being one great creature with many arms. Anything was possible, it seemed. There was a perception that each individual mind was part of a collective mind-no separation really and in this realization it was seen that each had the power to help any one or all. It became more of a group journey than an individual journey from then on to me.

If you think of the deeksha as a seed of enlightenment, the sadhanas as the rain, and the sutras as the sun and if you are missing the contemplation of the sutras (the sun), the sadhanas (the rain) how is the seed (deeksha) going to grow?  It is like you were given a paper cup with a seed in it and you stuck it in on a shelf. You killed your little seedling before it had even a chance to transform and flower (relating to flowering of the heart), then complained to the seed manufacturer that the seed was a dud and went out trying brand after brand after brand of seed to no avail. Still no flowering.  Those that work with and nurture the seed they have been given-even if it is one only, often grow in remarkable ways. 

Keep in mind just as when a plant grows it moves the earth (in this example the recipient of the deeksha can be likened to the soil), it is my experience  that the changes can be quite unsettling if you are not practicing some form of sadhana and contemplating sutras.  Both are wonderful preparations and a large degree transformation can occur.

As in the words of a local shaman called Coyote, "If you give enlightenment to a goat, it will still be a goat."  Some degree of transformation can be very beneficial before mukti (enlightenment or liberation) such as God Realization, Discovery of the Love, setting right relationships. Not all enlightened beings throughout history were God Realized or had good relationships.

If you try just practicing some sadhanas and contemplate a sutras measure your growth. As sadhanas are employed the body and its powers change.  There is an explanation of a sutra "Suffering is a Constant" in an early workshop format at The yin and yang symbol is an icon of a sutra. Can you see it?

New sadhanas are currently being given by the Oneness Movement. So you can see the evolution, following were the required prerequisite sadhanas for the participants before going to the first retreats at Satyaloka. More sadhanas were given at the yajnas that were also required. It will give you an idea of how the early teachers lived for many years.

When we did the sadhanas the intent was not only  for personal growth but it was something we did for the enlightenment of man. Many were given visions of the Golden Age early on and we were shown what it would be if man made it and what it would be if man did not make it.  There was a passion for a shift enmass and it seemed such a little thing to do. It was that and only that that made it possible to keep this type of lifestyle.

If sadhanas are something you decide do for yourself alone, soon many would stop. So if you decide to start practicing sadhanas, know in your heart that the microcosm impacts the macrocosm. Just as if you put a drop of yogurt in a glass of milk soon all of the milk is transformed. What you are doing-this sacrifice of time and energy to enhance your own state, you are ultimately doing for mankind.
These were the early preparatory sadhanas. Titled "Preparation for the Sadhakas (Spiritual Aspirants) Traveling to Satyaloka"  For most they started in January for a June-Aug Yajna (Retreat)-a 6 week minimum preparation practice:

No smoking
Strict vegetarian diet
No caffeinated drinks
Strict celibacy
Fruit Diet once a week-same day every week. (This cleanses mucus from the colon.)

Early morning meditation 5:30 AM-7:00AM or earlier for 1.5 hours
1 Take shower (cold)
2. Meditation should be done on an empty stomach
3. Chant the Moola Mantra 7 times
4. Pranayama 1, 2 and 3  15 minutes
5 Prana Kriya 1,2 and 3 9 minutes
6. Breath Awareness 5 Minutes
7. Deep Inhalation and Exhalation 5 minutes
8. Brumadhya Dhyana 10 minutes (the area between the eyebrows-the screen that you dream on)
9 Go into Savasan and meditation continues:
-Brumadhya Dhyana 5 minutes -move awareness from Bruhmadhya to Sahasrara (crown of the head)
-Sahasrara Dhyana 5 Minutes-Move Awareess from Sahasrara to Brumadhya
-Brumadhya Dhyana-5 Minutes-move awareness from Bruhmadhya to Anahata (Spiritual Heart)
-Anahata Dhyana 5 minutes

Meditation ends

10 Relax in Savasan 20 minutes
11 Chant the Moola Mantra 3 times

Evening Meditation 8:30-10:00 PM (or any other time but it must be the same time every day.
Same format as morning meditation...........

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Change and Unconditional Love

The ancient sages and mystics had a way of distilling simple truths into basic elements; of demystifying the mysterious. In ancient times, love was defined merely as acceptance, and hatred was defined as non-acceptance or wanting to change something or someone.

If you take a moment and honestly look at what it is you have been seeking your whole life you may find that your search is that one being who will accept you for all your faults and shortcomings-the One who will accept you totally in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, just as you are-the One who will forgive you and embrace you whole heartedly. This is what we are hoping for from early childhood to old age. It is man's oldest search.

The questions that trouble man at the very core are:

"Is there one being who could accept me unconditionally without any judgement whatsoever?"

"Is there one being that can be mine and mine alone?

"Is there one being who could embrace me with all his/her heart and trust me totally?"

So great is the quest for acceptance (love) that thousands of dollars are spent in attempting to be more beautiful, to make more money, to be more intelligent etc. The desire behind all of this is to gain acceptance.

On the other hand the ancient definition of Hate was merely non-acceptance or wanting to change something or someone.

For example a lady might say. "I want to change my hair style," She is in essence saying "I hate (do not accept) my hair as it is. Another may say, "I want to change the decorating" She is saying I hate this place so I want to change it. When the new bride says "I want to change some things about my new husband. He should cut his hair and get a better job and cook now and then." Can we say that she loves (accepts) him unconditionally?

If we look into our lives we can see this illustrated. Think of an example when you wanted to change something about yourelf. It is because you could not accept that part of yourself any longer. The constant struggle for perfection is deeply rooted in man's self-hatred.

How is it you feel in your heart when someone is trying to change you? A mother might say to her child, "Honey if only you were this way!" Or "I love you very much but you must change your sloppy ways and get better grades." The child realizes he will not find unconditional love in his mother. At times a child tries so hard to change and please that during his life he becomes what can only be called a "Love Beggar." He becomes like the dog who barks and wags his tail at the same time-he is confused and confusion always leads to conflict. He tries so hard to change to gain the acceptance of those who would want to change him-that cannot accept him- that he loses his inner integrity.

With the understanding of love as defined by the ancient enlightened ones as acceptance, and the ancient understanding of hatred as non-acceptance or desiring to change something, coupled with the seeing of this dynamic of acceptance and non-acceptance in my own life, it is with great interest that I watch the politicians and their followers with the cries, banners, and songs of Change.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poverty-The Micro and the Macro

At Satyaloka we learned that it is somewhat delusional to expect world peace when we cannot even get along with the people in our own households or our next door neighbors. The Americans were there with the Russians that first year and there was a cold war of sorts going on between us, so it was quite a good lesson with many day to date oppertunities to see this.

Great importance was placed on perfecting relationships and realizing and working on our own condition before attempting to expecting any change in the world affairs.

The following is from "The Dharma of Kalki-an introduction" published that year-1998

"When we operate a software package in a computer system and problem that is encountered has to be treated one step below the level of language in which the package has been developed. A problem that is encountered has to be referred to one step lower, that is to the assembly language level of the programme. An obstacle there can be cleared at the machine language level of the programme, while the next step is addressed at the hardware or circuit level. The circuit itself comprises components like Silicon and Germanium which have various attributes. We have no control over the attributes. We can only understand them.

Similarly it is with life. When we encounter limitations as regards various issues of the physical dimension, we try to revert the second dimension which is one step behind i.e the psychological dimension. A limitation there leads us to the moral dimension. But we stop at the spiritual dimension. This to address issues at the spiritual dimension effects solutions at every other level.

For instance we do know that poverty is a major problem in India with just about everybody seemingly expressing concern over it. There are a lot of efforts also being made to provider welfare for people afflicted by the situation. These welfare measures operarte in the physical dimension of existence. At the same time there are developmental and activist interventions in each situation. which are trying to create a mass awareness of the problem in light of the root cause involved. Thus, there is an immediate attempt at addressing the issue, and an attempt is also made to identify the root -cause of the issue, to address them through a psychological intervention at a political level.

There is a man standing on the banks of a river, Suddenly he hears a child screaming for help. The child is drowning. He jumps in and saves the child. But to his surprise he, he soon finds another child crying for help, then another and another and another and so on. While the saviour does need to get in and save the child immediately, it also becomes necessary for him to look around and see if somebody or something is making the children fall into the river. This will enable him to understand and tackle the situation at its root. This also happens to be the goal of spirituality with respect to any situation encountered.

In the situation explained earlier, by the impact of various developmental and welfare measures that are initiated, it is obvious that not enough people really believe they have a stake in the life of every child who is born on this planet; a stake which will make them responsible and accountable. For if a quantum of people were to operate at that level, it would ensure a transformation at the macro level. Consciousness is Creation with its Own Law...........

Another global problem that is currently being addressed in the psychological dimension is the "environmental" issue. But, how often have we observed that every single person has an opinion of his own, which seems to be clashing with that of everyone else. People hardly ever come to an agreement about anything, what is generally worked out is a compromise-a temporary pushing of the issue under the proverbial carpet until the next crisis beckons us.

It should be noted that while the above is true of community situations, things are no different at the individual level. The conflict at the individual level manifests itself as the conflict at the community level. The micro influences the macro and herein lies the key.

All of us are concerned (or at least pretend to be) about the world around us. But the fact is that the collective consciousness of humanity has not yet been influenced by the flow of these thought processes. Isn't it an obvious fact that if enough people were concerned about the state of children or the state of the environment, it would enable a change in the current status quo with more effective implementation of the strategy supported by the majority?

Every individual tuning in to a particular thought process will impact the overall efficacy with which the issue under consideration is tackled. The sad reality, however, is that most of us are only concerned with the issues that wee profess to address. We look at issues only at the macro-level interventions that impact macro issues.

As an anonymous poet observed years earlier;

A tiny pebble idly tossed,
Into the placid stream,
With gentle splash it sinks from sight

And never again is seen.

But, outward from that gentle splash,
The spreading impulse tends.......
Who knows
On what distant shore,
The spreading impulse ends.

Today we are ignorant as regards the power of the thought process.

If we adress issues within an immediate context and if an immediate perspective, not really bothering about the macro, the macro will sooner or later take care of itself. We are blind to the crisis signals we are receiving from the immediate circumstance, or rather we would prefer not to address it, for it has embarrassing connotations. It is convenient to address situations from a distance for it means that we can transfer our responsibility. An immediate situation demands our immediate attention, It demands our taking responsibility for the situation. We certainly are not ready for it.

The key to the macro lies in the micro......

How often is it that when we have halted at signals at road crossings, street urchins come to beg? Can you recollect the confusion and embarrassment that we encounter in such moments? All our attempts at handling the situation are only mechanisms to get away from a disconcerting reality. Some of us, in fact, have developed a strategy in terms of an intellectual perspective to handle this situation are only mechanisms to get away from a disconcerting reality. Some of us, in fact, have developed a strategy in terms of an intellectual perspective to handle this situation. But all the same, deep down these situations are gnawing at our beings, demanding answers. We just shove them under the carpet yet again.

And then in meetings and seminars, we will discuss the same issue demonstrating extreme concern. From a distance, it is alright, manageable. But not as a stark naked reality.

Thus every moment we are making efforts to distance ourselves from the reality of our life situations. Today due to a making of our own choice, we are hopelessly out of touch with reality. We are basking in the glory of a fool's paradise......"

Monday, September 15, 2008

War and Peace Dependently Arising

One night while meditating all night to experience the seeing of the dependently arising nature of creation, Acharya Ananda Giri (who was among the first of the children to attain enlightenment at Satyaloka) asked us to try and see if we could find anythng that is absolute in this dependently arising creation-to try and find one thing that stands alone, that is not relative or dependent upon another. In this we saw that indeed Life is relationship. Our very survival dpends on it. The seeing was amazing.

I saw that God and man as opposite ends of the same spectrum as are hot and cold. And that all is dependent or relative. I could find no absolute.

A later sadhana (spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation) was to ask ourselves if we could actually project non violence without projecting violence.

Insights were gained on why in towns were many are armed there is less crime. The fate of cultures that have attempted to perpetuate non-violence was more comprehensible.

It has since been an observation since that when there are large peace marches war and bloodshed appears to erupt if not at the march itself in another part of the world.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sept.18 Deeksha and Bliss Meditation

Namaste Everyone,

I am very glad that you are participating in the long distance Oneness Deeksha on Sept 18 at 6:30PM, Pacific time.

Those of you who only want to experience the Oneness Blessing need not read any further. At 6:30 sit quietly and go with the experience. Others who want to do the meditation but do not want to read so much at this time, scroll down to the part that says "Instructions."

Others in the group want to know more about the meditation so they can teach others so following is more information:

We will be be doing a very powerful sadhana (spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation) that was first taught at Satyaloka Monastery for perfecting the Bliss Body or Anandamaya Kosha. This subtle energy body is also called "The Sheath Made of Bliss", "Self Made of Delight" or "Bliss (Subtle Energy Body)Energy Body." This practice, when done weekly, will keep the Bliss Body in very good shape, and help you to grow spiritually in a beautiful way. It is a practice that will help you to receive the most of the deekshas that you are receiving,

The Bliss body is the most subtle of the energy bodies. Some philosophers have seen this Bliss Causal Body not as a sheath, but as the Soul itself, manifesting as a body of light, the individual aspect of the Divine Self, the holding place of karma, or as the Super-conscious Mind that dwells above Sat Chit Ananda (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss). During this meditation, like the sages of ancient times, you may have your own discoveries and insights about the Bliss Energy Body. If you want to know more about the Bliss Body it would be helpful to Google "Ananadamaya Kosha."

To give some understanding of the importance of spiritual practices such as this meditation and the relationship to The Oneness Deeksha:

In ancient times, diksha or deeksha was considered to be part of an ancient triad of enlightenment consisting of
1. Sadahanas or spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation
2. Sutras
3. Diksha or Deeksha.

You could consider the deeksha to be like a seed of Transformtion and Enlightenment and sutras and sadhanas to be like the sun and the rain that nourish the seed. Many of you have never paid enough attention to the deeksha to allow it to work its magic and you keep running back week after week for more deeksha.

Think back for a moment to the first grade when you were given a Dixie cup with some dirt and a seed in it. So carefully you watered it and placed it in a sunny window so that it could grow. You nurtured and protected that seedling, and after some time your Dixie cup full of dirt was transformed into a beautiful plant that flowered.. That is the effect of the deeksha that has been cared for. You grow spiritually and the heart flowers.

In almost every class there was a child who did not care so much about his Dixie cup full of dirt. He was ignorant about the life force potential in the seed that he had been given to care for. He had other things to do. Maybe he did not give his seed any water or he just carelessly stuck the seed in the cup in his locker-leaving the poor little thing in the dark. At the end of the semester he had only a Dixie cup full of dirt to show, while the other children had beautiful plants, some with flowers.

This is what too many people are doing with Deeksha. Week after week in some church or living room hundreds of people are given numerous seeds yet not much is happening for them but a passing feeling of Bliss. They begin to blame the deeksha or the one who gave the deeksha because they are not growing.

In some,so much hurt has occurred because something has happened for another but not for them and they have clearly stepped into a cycle of revenge. it is much like if an angry child upon given a Dixie cup full or dirt and a seed to plant were to attempt to to uproot or destroy the plants of others because his seed did not grow as a result of ignorance or neglect and then put up a website saying that seeds cannot grow in Dixie cups or that seeds are useless or harmful.

Just as when properly tended to, a seed will transform a Dixie cup full of dirt into something beautiful, Deeksha can have a beautifully transforming effect on the human heart.

So I want you to be very aware of this ancient triad of enlightenment and what is necessary for the care and nurturing of the deekshas that you have been given.

It is (in any order):

1Deeksha (the seed),

2 Sadhanas or spiritual practices (the rain)

3, Sutras*(the Sun) Give your deeksha some sunlight (wisdom) and some water and amazing things will happen for you!

Others of you have practiced many sadhanas and contemplated sutras for years, but there has not been so much growth beyond practicing concepts as the element of Deeksha is missing. The Deeksha can help to more the practicing of concepts such as kindness into the realm of one's true nature.

When the first Western teachers finished the training at Satyaloka, (among us, Leilaji, Uttama and Sri Raniji), we had only given several dikshas during the whole 42 day Mukti Yagna (Retreat). We were expected to maintain and elevate our states by practicing the sadhanas and contemplate the sutras we were given. It went on that way for three years. Each Deeksha was treasured and nurtured. The effect adhering to the ancient triad of enlightenment of deeksha, sadhanas, and sutras is almost magical.

It is my prayer that you will take the time to nurture the deeksha that you are given tonight with the following Bliss Body Meditation at least one day a week. It is ten minutes a week that can totally change your life and positively impact the world around you.

1, Sit quietly at 6:30 PM, Pacific Time Those of you who are joining in groups can hold hands in a circle. If you know the Moola Mantra you can chant it 7 times (the words and meaning are on the first post on this blog). Others can chant "Aum" 15 times. Make the Ahhh sound 3 times longer than the mmmm sound or you may go to sleep.

2. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and relatives as well as strangers. See that you are breathing. See that they are breathing. You are connected through that breath-taking air from the same source. (Yes you can put your pets on your lap on include them in your circle).

(You can also just work individually and not visualize holding hands with a group if that is not comfortable for you.)

If you cannot visualize simply say to yourself, "I am sitting in a circle of many people and we are all holding hands."

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart chakra. Feel your heart beating in harmony with all the other hearts of the beings that you are connecting with tonight.

3 Ask to be connected to the Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for the experience of Bliss.

4. Move your awareness to the brow chakra.

5. Now visualize Bhagavan, Amma (or a Being of Light) standing behind you, palcing His or Her hands on your head and giving the Oneness Blessing to you. If you would like to see a picture of Bhagavan recent pictures of Bhagavan and Amma are at

Many will feel hands on their heads. See the Deeksha traveling through your hands to everyone in your circle.

If you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say to yourself, "Bhagavan (or Amma or a Divine Being, Jesus,Mary, Buddha,God, an angel or whatever form you chose) is standing behind me. He (or She) is placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness Blessing to me and through me to all the other people in
this circle.

Many will feel loving hands on their heads, smell a beautiful fragrance or feel a gentle caressing breeze as the Bliss body is touched..

You can stay seated in meditation or go into Shivasana (lay on your back with your palms up). 10 minutes to
1/2 hour or more is recommended.

I will be sending Deeksha continuously to you for 1/2 hour.

Please feel free to write if you have any questions or if you would like to share your experiences with the group.

If you want to practice this meditation weekly by yourself, you need not visualize a group but just sit quietly and experience for yourself.

With Love,

Dharma Dharini

If you would like to register for this free Deeksha session email dharma @ with Sept 18 Deeksha and your name in the subject line. For more on Deeksha (diksha) visit

*For an explanation of a Sutra for understanding suffering called "Suffering is a Constant." visit and Earth Changes. Another sutra that can be contemplated simply by meditating on a yin and yang symbol is "Life is Death and Death is Life."

It is also recommended to keep the physical body in very good shape with a cleansing of toxins, mucus, excess weight and parasites,as the condition of the gut or second brain having to do with intuition, deeply impacts consciousness. A very effective yet gentle cleanse can be found at

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sept 3 Meditation with Deeksha Instructions


I am looking forward to connecting with you on Ganesha's birthday on Sept 3 at 9PM Eastern Time (6 on the West Coast and 6 in Phoenix). Following is the suggested meditation. If you only want Oneness Deeksha just sit quietly. No other action on your part is necessary. There is a 7 step summary outlined at the bottom of this message to make it easier. Detailed directions are below.

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles so first we will have an intent deeksha for the removal of a major obstacle-karma. Place your right hand palm up on your right knee. Hold your left hand (palm down) with your right hand so your hands are simply clasped, resting on the right knee. There is a chakra in the region of the right knee that is like a gateway for Divine Communication. Ask for all the bad karma-the dangers you have created for yourself in this lifetime and others to be removed. You may then ask for your loved ones.

Feel the lightness of being. See how the heart is warmed. Express gratitude,

Now we will chant the sound for Ganesha 108 times. The mantra is "Gum". So we will chant "Gum" 108 times focusing on the heart.

As group we will take the focus off of ourselves and work on the healing of mankind. It is a good sized and powerful enough group to have impact. The ancient definition of enlightenment is liberation from suffering. If you consider that ignorance is at the root of all suffering it is easier to make the connection. So bring the world into your mind. See it-how beautiful it is, how beautiful the heart of man is despite some of our actions. Feel the connectedness.

Take the intent and say aloud-"Please liberate all of the people in all countries of this Earth from suffering."

We will chant the following mantra with great focus: "Aum Ganadhyakshaya Namah."

This is among the most important of mantras for the healing of any group. We are aiming very high tonight. Those of you with personal health problems may find liberation in the praying for the healing of others.

Express gratitude to the Divine.

I will send the Oneness Deeksha starting at 9:15 and will be completed by 10:00.

In summary:

1. Sit Quietly and watch your breath.
2. Those who only want deeksha meditate until the deeksha starts at 9:15
3. Others: Clasp your hands as directed above on the right knee.
4 Ask for the removal of bad karma first for yourself then loved ones.
5 Chant "Gum" 108 times
6 Visualize the world and ask for liberation of suffering for all of mankind.
6 Chant Aum Ganadhyakshaya Namah
7 Express Gratitude

Also it is considered inauspicious to look at the moon on Ganesh's birthday so those of you who do Chakra Dhyana in the moonlight you may want to skip it this evening.

With Love,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cleansing Herbs For Enlightenment

Cleansing and Purification
In enlightenment traditions it is widely recognized that the accumulation of of toxins and mucus in the colon can
deeply hinder spiritual growth. While preparing to go to Satyaloka, the early teachers took a wild crafted herb that
removed the mucus and toxins that had accumulated in the colon during the week. Also specific yoga postures were practiced daily to help the body to get rid of excess weight, mucus and toxins.

Unfortunately, this herb could only be taken following a day long water fast. In the morning the body got rid of the toxins from the previous week-sometimes for hours initially. It was an effective yet somewhat harsh cleanse and hard to stick to for people who experience discomfort if they miss a meal or who were not able to spend a morning in close proximately to the bathroom. In addition to the cleansing herb and yoga, an epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice liver flush was a recommended prerequisite for the intensive process.

Recently an equally effective cleansing product was located without the harsh side effects or need to fast. There is no
need to fast. It is very gentle and the cleansing impact of this tea on consciousness after some time is undeniable.
Many have noticed an added benefit of improving the physical appearance and reducing cravings. Retail orders visit
Sacred Herbal. To order at a wholesale discount visit Recommended Cleansing Tea and click the link and click "Join the Club."
Recommended Cleansing Tea.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Retreat With Sri Rani Kumra in Chicago

I first met Raniji at Satyaloka in 1998 and we remain good friends to this day. We took our training and vows at the same time in 1998 and met every year that I was in India after that with the exception of 2006. She is an extremely powerful spiritual master and one of the early teachers. Those of you in the Chicago area on the 23rd of Oct. might want to take her help. Please find the details below.

Living In Awareness - Chicago
Sri Raniji - Living in awareness - 5 day workshop in Chicago from October 23rd to the 27th! Last opportunity to register - Call now! - Tel: 408-399-0156

This five day intensive retreat is a special and exciting opportunity to be with Sri Raniji, one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. You will be deepening your state of consciousness in a most joyous and loving gathering! Those of you who attended the recent Santa Clara Conference, know how powerful and unforgettable her events are! At her 2 day event at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts this last weekend, attendees reported huge breakthroughs with subsequent clarity and understanding.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you who have already registered! For those of who have not yet registered, we are happy to supply some details of what you can expect!

This "Living in Awareness" workshop will include:

Many meditations to heal your body, mind and spirit
Awakening the power within
Cessation of inner conflict An exercise to remove negative life patterns and impressions
Balancing the Chakras
A fire ritual for karmic purification
Powerful ancient teachings and special meditations

Take this opportunity to experience extraordinary mind, body and spiritual growth through powerful daily multiple Blessings and healings.

Also included are a free preparatory teleconference and 4 gourmet vegetarian meals!
For more information or to register for the workshop and/or hotel room please call 408-399-0156 or email Our interim website is .

Please share this email and attached flier with your friends and family to invite them to this extraordinary event! You will offer them service by assisting in their spiritual journey.

Sri Raniji sends many thanks for your continued support and much love!

Many blessings-
Gina Mello
Chicago Event Coordinator

Friday, July 25, 2008

Preparing the Heart

The idea of preparing the heart for Awakening to the Source of Supreme Love outlined in the meditation below may seem strange to some. However it part of an ancient process and something few in modern times consider. For the most part we tend to (at least initially) only consider what the Divine can do for for us.

A look into the lives of many of the Saints and Mystics shows personal encounters between the Divine and those who were considered to be exceptionally pure at heart. In other instances, such as the transformation that occurred in Saul, later to be known as the Apostle Paul, often considered to be the founder of Christianity, it did not initially appear to be the case.

A very striking example of preparing a place for the Divine in the heart can be found in a poem written by a great mystic by the name of Ramprasad in the 1700's. He was a devotee of the goddess, Kali.

"O Kali, Thou art fond of cremation grounds;

so I have turned my heart into one

That thou, a resident of cremation grounds,

may dance there unceasingly.

O Mother! I have no other fond desire in my heart;

fire of a funeral pyre is burning there;

O Mother! I have preserved the ashes of dead bodies all around

that Thou may come.

O Mother! Keeping Shiva, conqueror of Death, under Thy feet,

Come, dancing to the tune of music;

Prasada waits With his eyes closed

So he created a place for Her, and he took Her into his heart. It was in this cremation ground of the Heart that the attachments, limitations, anger, loneliness, sense of meaninglessness, craving, and ignorance were burned away by the fire of knowledge -the cremation ground-in the heart.

July 25 Oneness Blessing/Deeksha

On July 25, over 500 particpated in an early AM Group Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) for Awakening to Divine Love.

The invitation was sent by Dharma Dharini through the Vedic Shamanism Newsletter:

-Free Deeksha for Awakening the Divine Love in Your Heart-Profound Divine Mystical Experience is an early part of an ancient path of transformation and enlightenment.The Bhakti Marga, or God Center (Mystical Path) is among the most beautiful of spiritual journeys.

It is important because it leads to total transformation. You can see the transformational effect of Profound Divine Mystical Experience in the life of the the Apostle Paul who was totally transformed by an encounter with Jesus. A well known literary example is that of the story of Scrooge in Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". In this story a cruel miser is transformed by an encounter with three ghosts.

Following is the meditation sent to those who registered:

Namaste Everyone,

It is only necessary to sit quietly beginning at 5:10AM MST-(Phoenix Time if you Google the World Clock) and watch your breath. You can play music or go outside and listen to the birds. It would be good if you can stay relaxed for
at least 20 minutes.

There is a connection between the mind, the breath and the kundalini. The breath is the easiest to control. You need not follow it into the body, otherwise the mind will wander. Just watch it as it enters and exits the nose.

For those of you who only want to experience deeksha you do not need to read further.


Those who are wishing to experience the Awakening of the Antaryamin, a very good prayer is, "Lord, (or use the name of the form you relate to) I must know you. Please move me from belief to experience. If you can give this experience to me please give it to me now." After that, all you that can do is see there is nothing you can do.

It is Grace.

What may happen is some of you will see a form of the Divine in the heart. When you shut your eyes and look down you will see that form or a light where there once was darkness. Such a Blessing that is. Others may catch a beautiful scent, feel a breeze, hear a beautiful, majestic voice.

That form in the heart may move to an external life-sized form or it may stay put. If it moves to the external it may move back into the heart or vanish for some time.

If it takes an external form do not worry, it often will only take some focused sadhanas such as meditation, karma yoga, etc to bring it into the heart.

I can tell you some beautiful things such as that it is here to be your Supreme Friend, to give you the unconditional love that you have been seeking, to help you to manifest your dreams, and while that is true, a fact of the matter is that it has lowered its standards more than any want to even think of imagining by coming to us in this manner. This Awakening does not happen because we are worthy, it occurs because it is necessary.

I would like you to consider this: while some transformation will surely occur, and you will be moved from belief (ignorance) to discovery, and all battles and debates about religion will end for you, it is not the best that you should
stay in a state of "Oh well the Divine Loves me unconditionally. I can do any horrible thing I want."

What I am telling is what if you were to attempt to raise your level to that of the Antaryamin, rather than having it remain with you and relate at your level?

This is extremely hard to put into words. Just imagine for a moment what it would be for a teacher if her students kept
failing the first grade. What if your children never grew past the age of two.

Relate to your Antaryamin-to the Divine Within in whatever form you chose. This experience is a common denominator in the lives of saints, sages, prophets and mystics.

Ask for the Antaryamin's help. Relate. Relate, Relate. Ask "How can I make my heart more pleasing to you? How can I serve?"

A powerful visualization to do before this deeksha is to visualize your heart, then see it being cleansed with beautiful light and water. Make it beautiful. Put in a garden or some furnishings. Prepare a beautiful place to relate intimately with the Divine Within.

Even if you were to buy a hamster or a parakeet you would have a place prepared. Why not prepare a beautiful place for your Beloved? Some may even want to prepare a place in their homes.

We are very blessed that so many, during this very sacred time in the history of man, can now have this experience. The Divine has compromised-lowered the standard at least for now. If we make a true effort to raise ours, the rewards for mankind en-mass can be tremendous.


Dharma Dharini

Monday, May 19, 2008

Suffering and Perception

Following is from an upcoming (Oct. 13) Long Distance Deeksha and Meditation Group. Registration information can be found at :

The ancients defined enlightenment as liberation from suffering. You normally do not think of suffering as an opposite of enlightenment, however if you consider that ignorance is at the root of all suffering it is not such a stretch.

A fundamental observation of the sages and mystics that you must be aware of is that the suffering is in the perception of the fact and not in the fact itself. Otherwise you would have to say that all who are poor are suffering. There are many who do not have so much materially, are much happier than some wealthy people. If the suffering is in the condition of blindness you would have to say that all who are blind are suffering from it. This is not the case. While some are suffering from blindness others are just blind.

Think of some examples in your life where an erroneous perception (ignorance) caused suffering in your life. For example, one morning you are walking into the Walmart and a big man looks at you and spits right on you. He has big muscles and a lot of tattoos. At his side is a big dog. He looks very dangerous so you say nothing to him. You are very upset.

All day you suffer over this. You tell everyone. You formulate scenarios of what you should have done. You fantasized about going back with a ball bat and beating him up. You pray to be able to forgive him. You judge him and might even murder him in your mind a million ways. So powerless he made you feel. Who does he think he is to spit on you like that?

You tell all your friends and by bed time you still cannot sleep so you call yet another friend.

"Can you believe some big guy spit on me in front of the Walmart today?" You ask and you begin to describe the incident and the man.

"I know that guy!" Your friend says. "He is blind."

BANG! Relief floods over you. He did not target you at all. He did not attempt to spit on you. He just spit. End of suffering. You can suffer over this incident no more even if the man spits on you 100 times.

So can we say the suffering is in the fact (that you were spit on) or the perception of the fact?

Look into your own life and find at least one example where the annihilation of ignorance led to liberation from a suffering. See how wonderful and relieved you felt. Now imagine what it would be to be liberated from all sufferings.

At 8 sit quietly and watch your breath entering and exiting the nose. Move the awareness to the brow chakra and chant the Aum 18 times. Make the Ahhh sound three times longer than the MMM sound. It is Ahhhhhhoooooom not Ahoooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The MMM sound relates to the dream realm or the material realm. We are seeking clarity of perception not dream and illusion.

Ask the Divine Presence to give you clarity on some suffering in your life. Remember, in order to be free you only have to see.

I will give Deeksha to each of you starting at 8:15 and will be completed by 8:25.

Dharma Dharini

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Guru and God

There is a state of enlightenment that occurs when the kundalini and the point of awareness meet in the heart chakra where you see God in everything. (for more on this see the siddhi powers and chakras workshop transcript on

There is another state that occurs when the point of awareness and the kundalini meet in the crown chakra where you become what you see. There is no sense of separate existence.

So if I am sitting in a state where I see God in everything and suddenly the shift of awareness and kundalini is to the crown chakra and the perception is that of Oneness-that I am what I see, and I am seeing God in everything, the perception is that I am God.

It is similar to if I am sitting in a state where the awareness and kundalini are in the Ajnea chakra and I see the Universe in all I see and the kundalini and awareness shift to the next level at the crown chakra, then I will see that I am the spontaneously growing process we call The Universe. "I am That."

Some have been been posting the Mahavakyas of Bhagavan on line as if they are some negative. But those who have experienced this through Bhagvavan's teachings and Deeksha or in other ways-this seeing God in everything and then the awareness quickly shifts to the crown chakra and where one is what he or she sees that person may see that he or she is God.

With the understanding of the process, why would you want a guru who has not at the very least had that realization?

For an example of an experience of seeing God in everything Google "Ramakrishna, Cat and Kali". Ramakrishna once scandalized the temple priests by taking food from Kali's alter to feed a cat. His perception was that everything was Kali. He was almost thrown out of the temple. The director had a dream where Kali came to him and said, If her son can not feed her in her temple then she will leave. Ramakrishna stayed.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three Lives-May 4, 2008 Meditation

You could say that there are three types of lives:

1. The Mundane or Material Life where there is not much thought if there is something beyond this existence.

2. There is the life of a Spiritual Seeker. The seeker feels there is something "out there"-some Ultimate Truth beyond the five senses. The spiritul seeker is groping blindly in the dark. He is the blind man searching in a dark room for a black cat that does not exist. Quite often the spiritual seeker will run from this guru or teacher to that one. He or she will buy the latest books, and for some time the mind will be very happy with the new set of ideas. "Yes!" this is it!" he will say. But after a year when he still has not manifested that BMW and finds that internally there has been little transformation he becomes depressed until a new book or teacher with some new ideas comes along. The state can be that of a spiritual window shopper.

3 Then there is the Mystical Life. A person living this type of life has had some transformational experience with the Divine. Often in this day and age it comes from a near death experience. The person has had an encounter with "The Light" and has become transformed. The world is a wondrous place. He knows he can not possibly know. Still there is suffering. A look into the lives of the saints, sages, prophets and mystics would reveal this, for this transformation profound, divine mystical experience is a common denominator.

Every now and then you will encounter a person living a mystical life. They have had the profound, divine mysical experience, They have seen God in a form. Yet they suffer. They go on the Oprah show on Tuesday speaking of the bliss of the experience yet often weep from the letdown the next morning or drown thier sorrows with food and drink. They have had what some perceive to be "The Ulitmate Experience" , They has encounted the Divine in a way that was perceivable to the senses yet why is there such suffering? In life of the Christ we can see this expressed as: "Why must I drink this cup of sorrow?" or "Why hast thou forsaken me". The sense of separate existence-the existential suffering of man is often intensified in the mystical life.

The Deeksha work that we have done and Grace have opened channels to the mystcal realms in many of the participants in the workshops and cyber sessions and they are now having thundering mystical experiences. Some have had more mystical experiences than any in the old and new testiments combined and have unknowingly and often unwillingly moved from the material life or the life of a spiritual seeker to that of a mystic.

I can generally tell when my stsudents are telling the truth. I will get an email about how someone is for a time having the experience of walking and talking with God. The email will go on to sayl how God is staying in the house, how God embraced them and told them something. The transformation is evident. But by the following week either the experience does not repeat itself and there is suffering and craving for it, or God won't go away and that is causing distress. Following are some lines from letters:

"Dharma Dharini, He was only here for a minute, the kitchen was such a mess, and I pray and pray and He won't come back. I will die without seeing Him again." (Google "Ramakrishna and Kali" and the suffering the Saint went through when Kali was not visible to him is legendary).

"Dharma Dharini, He is everywhere and I want to go to take a shower alone."

"Can He be left alone in the house?"

"What does He eat?"

"My son says F%$# alot. Is this a problem?"

Others dote on the manifestation as if he is a beloved toddler:

"You will never guess what He said today!"

"Guess what the Lord is doing now!"

"He fixed my coffee pot!"

And later:

"Dharma Dharini, He is STILL here. I guess I have to clean."

"Do I have to go to church now?"

Dharma Dharini, when is He going away?"

"Dharma Dharini, he is scaring the dog. What if the neighbors see Him?"...............

So some are suffering from the perception is that God came and stayed and others are upset because the perception is that God came and left.

Such is the state of man. What's a Lord to do?

In telling you this I want you to realize that these mystical experiences are an early part of the journey to enlightenment. They are not enlightenment (defined as liberation from suffering) itself.

They often happen because some transformation is necessary for that person, not because someone deserves so do not be jealous when it is happening for someone in the group. Look at the life of the Apostle Paul. He is a cruel man until the Christ appeared to him, and he is transformed by the experience.

In the words of my shaman friend, Coyote, "If you give enlightenment to a goat it will still be a goat." The mystical experience is an integral part of the Bhakti Marga (God Cnetered or Mystical Path) as it is transforming and it leads the being fom belief (ignorance or more kindly hoping that something is so) to discovery. From a Oneness perspective, it is belief that separates while discovery unites.

Those of you who are having or have had mystical experiences, now is the time to pray for insight. That is the next step.

Do not get attached to the experience as it is not the Ultimate nor will it in itself give you liberation at least not while living.

Keep in mind if the saints who were in a God realized state attained liberation it was generally Moksha (liberation after death.)

So at 8 Put on some beautiful music and sit quietly and watch your breath. Wtach it going in and out of the nostrils. Do not follow it into the body. Ask Bhagavan and Amma to give you an experience where there is no sense of separate existence. Then focus on the sound of the music. If the mind wanders bring it back to the breath or the music. Move your focus to the crown chakra. I will give Deeksha starting at 8:10.


To register for the Monday Night Cyber Group visit Reister For Monday Night Long Distance Deeksha

Saturday, May 3, 2008


There is a state where you are what you see. It is amazing in that what was once perceived as happening externally is perceived as going on within you.

As I sat in the garden tonight, I became the garden, and all the lizards, ants, moths, owls, and rabbits, and all the creatures I saw walking and flying in the night entered my body and we embraced. It is a nameless Bliss beyond comprehension.

I want this for you.



A great spiritual leader, when asked how long it would be before man attained enlightenment replied, "Aeons"

But it already has been Aeons.

The Peace Prayer

Close Your Eyes for a moment and ask yourself if you can really project non-violence without projecting violence.


It is always surprising to me when someone says, "Oh this is such a beautiful form of Spirituality that you teach."

To me it has never been about Spirituality. It has been about War.


One of the First Published Articles on Kalki Bhagavan

Monday Night Deeksha

Bhagavan defines suffering three ways,

1. Physical suffering.

2. Psychological Suffering which is the anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, insecurity, craving for love, grief, etc.

3. Existential or spiritual suffering which is loneliness, boredom, sense of meaninglessness, illusion of separate existence. It is the sadness of a dream realized, the pain in your heart as you embrace your lover, wondering why you feel so separate and cannot seem to merge into the other person.

If you look very closely at psychological suffering it is simply what occurs when things are not going our way. "My dog died. I am suffering because I wanted him to live forever." "My mother loves my brother more. I am suffering because I want to the the apple of someone's eye." Some people died at the peace march because it erupted in violence. I am suffering because I wanted it to be a beautiful event. It was not supposed to be that way." "Some guy pulled out in front of me then flipped me off, I am angry because I wanted to go first and should be respected not insulted."

and so on.

Take a very close look a the examples above and see if you can see the desire that is behind the suffering. Can you see the common denominator -the word "want." It is tied in with the oldest and fiercest battle that mankind wages,: The conflict between what we are and what we want to be.

In generally the more industrialized the nation the lower the tolerance is for physical suffering. You pick up a phone and someone brings food. You do not have to trouble yourself with cooking. We have central heating and air conditioning so we are always comfortable. We have straws that bend in the middle so we do not have to strain to lift our glasses of coca cola.

We have created an outer-world paradise and an inner world hell because for the most part we can not face suffering. What we call suffering is merely running from suffering. Managing our sorrow. If we had ever just once sat with the sorrow and experienced it fully instead of explaining it away, taking a pill, going to the gym, eating something, reading a book, talking to a friend about it, plotting or seeking revenge we would have been free of it once and for all.

There is an Indian story of a man who is being chased by a tiger. He jumps into a pit.

"Thank God! " he thinks. But there is a viper in the pit.

He sees a vine hanging over the edge and grabs onto it and climbs away from the snake. How happy and loved by God he feels, as he hangs there between the snake and the tiger. Soon there is a funny sound and he looks up only to see rat gnawing away at the vine. The snake is waiting to strike. The man looks up to see the tiger is still there , growling and pacing around above the pit waiting to consume him. Just then a drop of honey falls from a tree right into his mouth. He tastes it, smiles and says, "Ahhh how sweet life is."

Think of this story the next time suffering comes and you begin to run. What is your honey drop? Is it food, shopping, the internet, beer, pills, going for a walk, to the gym? Maybe it is deeksha. How is it that you run from suffering? How do you manage your sorrow? What is it that takes your attention away from the tiger? If the toilet in your house had backed up and there was a horrible smell would you just stay away or try and explain it away?

Just see the suffering and the desire to run from it and the next time suffering comes try to sit with it for three minutes only. Feel it burning like a hot coal in your throat. See what it does to your physical body.

When the anger comes see how upset you are getting because you are not getting your way. Because you cannot (nor will you ever be able to) control the moment.

The Deeksha was never meant to become a form of sorrow management. It is part of an ancient triad of enlightenment consisting of sadhanas such as yoga and meditation. Sutras or wisdom and deeksha.

While deeksha gives a feeling of bliss is rarely annihilates the often nightmarish task of confronting one's self. The seeing what is there.

If you are using deeksha as a 'honeydrop" merely to manage you sorrow it can be like any other addiction. There are some that will run to every deeksha gathering in town.

Eventually when this Deeksha-this seed of enlightenment starts to grow and you are faced with what is there as you are lead from unreality to reality, the images you have created begin to crack and fall away and the illusion of security is annihilated.

"Deeksha is to blame!" some will bellar and you will run to some other form of energy attunement guaranteed to negate the "ill effects" (the Awakening to what is truly there as opposed to what you wanted to be there) of Deeksha. So many pay for this profound Awakening and when it comes there is psychological suffering because because it was not the way they wanted it to be and they run once more.-like spiritual window shoppers.

When a security shatters it can be agonizing. Just think for a moment when you found out about the unreality of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus in whom you had taken some security.

Look what happened when the stock market crashed. The pain was so great people killed themselves. An insecure being is among the most dangerous on the planet.

Just be very aware that you will eventually awaken to what is there not what you want to be there and if you can see you are suffering because things are not going the way you want them to, it will help you. If you take that suffering and cradle it, embrace it and nurture it like a child you have created it will help you more. What mother would run away when the baby has soiled itself and is screaming for attention? Yet that is what is occurring.

It would be very good to decide here and now if you are indeed seeking an Awakening. higher states of consciousness, the annihilation of suffering in your life, the perfection of relationship or if you are seeking in your heart of hearts another way to manage your sorrow. Because with Deeksha you will begin to Awaken to whatever is there.

All that is necessary in this profound inward journey is some courage and authenticity.

Level of consciousness is merely the ability to experience reality as it is. The senses are experiencing what is there rather that what you wish or think was there. If the emperor is naked what can we do?

In order to be free you only have to see.

So tonight sit quietly. The sadhana or yoga that will help you the most is to just watch your breath. Do not follow it into the body merely watch it at the nose or the mind will wander. Again there will be deeksha at 8 for the Laughing Buddha and the Oneness Blessing starting at 8:15.


Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 8PM MST Long Distance Oneness Blessing-Deeksha

Due to the high volume of emails and occasional time delay some participants have been experiencing in receiving the response to their registration, I will be posting the Monday night cyber meditation. If you would like to participate tonight from 8-9 MST (Phoenix Time) the link to register is at The cost is $10. The meditation is as follows.

Namaste Everyone,

Ask yourself if you feel that belief is required to
experience the fruits of the Deeksha.

The answer is no.

All that is required is that you
must feel a need for a change in your life. What is
required is an awareness of your present condition and
a need to transform your life. As it stands many are
in state of reformation. In reformation one is merely
practicing a state such as love, kindness, happiness,
enlightenment, etc. It is not the true nature or inner
state. In transformation, one is living the teachings
or the ideal.

"To live like one is enlightened when one is not
enlightened is Hippieism," Achaya Ananda Giri.

What generally happens is we attend a workshop or read
a book and get a whole new set of ideas to practice.
The mind becomes very happy for some time.

"This is it-it will change my life! " you think.

But after a year of reading a manifestation or motivational book
and practicing the affirmations and positive thinking or
seeking the miracles the fact that you have yet to
manifest a BMW or that castle near the French Riveria
finally sinks in and you suffer-until a new set of
ideas, a book or a workshop comes along.

Why is it not working? Very simply- a state of transformation
can rarely be reached through the mind. Miracles
rarely occur through thought process.

A deeper look is the relationship to hope and
reformation: In reformation it is often hope only that
often keeps us going.

How does transformation occur? When will all these
teaching become your natural state? For one to move
from reformation to transformation one must have a
powerful mystical experience. Only then will the
teaching become a reality. A look into the lives of
the saints, sages, prophets and mystics would reveal
all. The mystical experience is a common denominator .
That personal experience with the Divine.

It is through Grace.

It does not matter if you are righteous, or kind. You
must only be in touch with your current state. If
there is anger, no love in your heart, loneliness,
passion, whatever is there just see it. If there is no
love there what can we do? You cannot pump love in
your heart. Just merely see what is and is not there.
To simply see and accept that you are suffering and
causing others to suffer is a very good start.

The next step is helplessness. If you can see all the
years of trying to perfect yourself it still has not
happened and realize all you can do is see that there
is nothing you can do, you are well on your way.

Step 3 is asking for help. Many times our prayers
(asking) do not work as secretly we have our own
plans. "Please help me with get a job I cannot pay my
bills. But in the back of your mind you are
formulating ideas about signing up for food stamps,
moving in with your parents or robbing a bank.

If you say, "I cannot stand the current
condition-this groping in the dark, this
dissatisfaction in my life, this not having an
experience with the Divine, but in the back of your
mind you are thinking of a book that might help you
and resolving t be a better person and not speaking so
harshly of others or whatever it is that is there,
would you consider this to be a feeling of
helplessness? If you are asking for help and secretly
formulating agendas at the same time just see it. If
you say to a friend, " I am really in a jam time wise.
Can you bring the potato salad to my party and they
work for hours making it only to find you have asked 5
others bring potato salad, what do you think will
happen the next time you ask them for help? The Divine
is your Supreme Friend. Look at the relationship.

So you ask for the experience and you wait. Know that
this type of experience does not occur because you
want it or feel you deserve it. It happens because it
is necessary.

We will be working on this every week for the next
several weeks. It is very important to move from
reformation to transformation. To move from belief to
discovery as it is belief that separates while
discovery unites. Personal discovery or experience is
a great annihilator of belief (ignorance-or more
kindly hoping that something may be so or not so.)
While it is indeed blessed to believe there must come
a time when belief is transformed into true
experience. It is time to have our own experiences
rather than living through the lives of others we have
read about in books.

So first take 3 conscious breaths. Just focus totally
on the breath. Then ask to see the true condition of
the heart. Then feel you heart. See the loneliness,
the longing for this Union with the Divine, this sense
of separate existence whatever is there. Focus on the
brow chakra, hold you hands at your heart and ask for
help. "Simply say to the Divine Presence, I must see
you know. Enter my heart in a form I can relate to.
Let me see you, hear you, embrace you. If you can do
this please do this."

I will be sending deeksha to each individual for this
Awakening of the Indweller (Antaryamin) as well as the
Oneness Blessing.


Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7-A Day of Miracles Meditation 3/7/2008

Namaste Everyone,

Thank you for joining in this meditation. This is a
wonderful opportunity for us to help mankind make a
shift in consciousness in a very rapid way.

The sadhana or spiritual practice (in this instance a
meditation) that we will be doing can be done every
day. It is very effective and pleasurable as it
perfects the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss Energy Body.
It is called Kalki Dhyana. (Dhyana means a stage of

Those of you who are in groups can hold hands in a
circle. If you know the Moola Mantra you can chant it
18 times (the words and meaning are on the first post on this blog).

Others can chant
Aum 18 times.

1. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are
holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and
relatives as well as strangers. (Yes you can put your
pets on your lap). If you cannot visualize simply say,
"I am sitting in a circle of one hundred people and we
are all holding hands." Just know that you are there.

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart
chakra. Feel your heart. Ask to be connected to the
Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for
the experience of Bliss. Move your awareness to the
brow chakra.

3. Now visualize Bhagavan (or a Being of Light)
standing behind you giving
the Oneness Blessing. Feel his hands on your head.
Then see the Deeksha traveling through your hands to
everyone in the circle.

If you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say
yourself, "Bhagavan is standing behind me. He is
placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness
Blessing to me and then to all the other people in
this circle.

You can stay seated in meditation or go into Shivasana
(lay on your back with your palms up). 20 minutes to
an hour is recommended. I will be giving Deeksha
continuously to your group for the entire hour.

Some of you may see a huge light before your eyes.
keep them closed. See that Light entering the third
eye, lighting up every cell in your body and finally
settling in your heart into your heart. It can be a
tremendous Awakening experience for you. If it comes
to you invite it in. Even though it may feel like
someone in standing in front of you with a spotlight
do not let curiosity get the best of you by opening
your eyes. It may not return for years. Keep them
closed and bring it in to your being. At times in a
gesture of Supreme Friendship the Antaryamin or Higher
Self will take an external form. Awaken outside and
again within.

As always I would love to read your experiences.
Experiences sent will be shared with the group unless
indicated otherwise.

Please feel free to write if you have any questions.

With Love,

Feb 2009 Newsletter

Vedic Shamanism News Feb, 2008

For more on Deeksha visit

Interview with Enllightened Master Acharya Ananda

Question:If I am aware of the necessity to begin the
journey of Transformation, what is the next step I
should take?

"After being aware of the necessity and the desire to
change, you should see that every intent and effort to
change your inner nature might just produce
reformation and not bring the true Transformation into
your life. If we go deeper into the nature of our
mind, first we will see that our mind is constantly
planning and programming events, keeping under control
and order the situations and events that are going to
occur in the day, in the week, in the month, in the
year or even in the rest of our life. If a change must
occur in our inner world we must realize that every
change in our feelings, perceptions and emotions have
the characteristic of being natural and spontaneous in
nature. Every experience is spontaneous, it is not
planned or organized. I do not plan to get mad at my
wife, husband or friend, neither do I plan to feel
glad or happy today. I do not program to feel
depressed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and be
happy the rest of the week. Therefore, the nature of
the experience and of the inner world (feelings,
emotions, sensations and perceptions) is spontaneous
and natural.

After seeing the necessity of a change and
Transformation, I should also realize that the key to
success is not in my hands and in my own efforts,
because something spontaneous must occur, an
extraordinary experience must occur, a transcendental
experience, a divine and mystical experience must be
given to me to get the state of Transformation and

As we said in the beginning, we are suffering and
searching for a meaning in life because we have not
had this mystical experience. Our life is boring and
we are always having the feeling that something is
missing for us to be complete. Constantly we feel
emptiness in our hearts and a feeling of alienation
and loneliness. We may be with a group of friends or
at work and feel that we do not belong to this place
or to this group of people. In other moments I may be
in a family party and still feel I don't belong here
either, even though we are together there is something
that divides us and makes me feel separated from
others. I may be in a wonderful and beautiful place;
in a mountain with vegetation around me and birds,
wild animals and a pure river with crystal water
flowing through it; but while I am there observing the
landscape and the whole place I feel fine just for a
moment, after a while I feel I am just passing by this
place, I am a visitor, a pilgrim that always must go
on in his way, again getting in touch with this sense
of not belonging. There is something that does not let
me engage with others and with the rest of the world.
I may share certain things with others but there are
so many things inside of me that I have never shared
and I do not know if I ever will. This feeling of
being individuals and of being separated from others
is born from the lack of this transcendental and
mystical experience. This makes us lose the experience
of union and communion with others. So experiencing
this union and communion with others is a
transcendental and mystical experience. There are so
many kinds of mystical and transcendental experiences,
in fact they are unlimited and the main characteristic
is that they are unique and very different from one
person to another."

Question:If I have the necessity and I think I am
ready for this experience what should I do next?

"Then you are ready to attend one of our "ANUGRAHA
YAGNAS" (retreats for awakening the Divine Love within
your heart). These are retreats of one day, where you
can experience the awakening of your spiritual heart,
the awakening of your intuition. Other worlds are
revealed to you, which makes you understand the
meaning of being in this world, you will acquire
meaning in your present life, and much more will be
revealed to you in this retreat." continued at

To Attend an Anugraha Yagna in Scottsdale on March 8

Upcoming Events:
March 8 Vision Quest Books 10:30-3:00 Oneness
Blessing Intensive (Anugraha Yagna) with Dharma
Dharini and Hilary Bee $75 pre-registered at All attendees are urged to
stay for the second session-see below-at no charge and
it is a part of this process. Registration

March 8 Chakra Meditation and Healing Satsang 3:30-5
Vision Quest Books $25 (or inculded in Anugraha
Yagna-see above). Learn how Chakra Dhyana relates to
the Septanga Marga (7 Fold Path of Enlightenment) and
how you can use it to attain transformed states of
consciousness. Discover a little known healing
techniques that can help you to heal yourself forever.
Experience prana and chakra balancing to the degree
that it would take many years of yoga and meditation
to achieve on your own, Inludes Oneness Deeksha and
Healing Deeksha.

March 7 Quantum Deeksha Experiment ll Three
sessions-6:00PM 8:00PM and 10:00 PM MST No charge. To
register please return with March 7 Deeksha and the
time you can participate.

The meditation will be sent to you by the 5th of
March. March 7 is Bhagavan's birthday and is a day of
miracles. The first March 7 celebration in the USA was
in 1997 at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in
Pittsburgh, Pa. It was conducted by Acharya Ananda
Giri and over 1200 were in attendance. Many miracles
occurred that day.

Background on Quantum Deeksha Experiement:

On Feb 14 Dharma Dharini sent out the following

Some of you are pioneers. I am requesting your help
in a deeksha experiment. There is no charge-just
feedback is requested. If you would like to
participate in this experiment please return this with
Feb 14 Deeksha and the time you can participate-6PM
8PM or 10PM all MST Phoenix Time.. You are welcome to
invite others however please send the list of names
and convey this meditation to them.

When I give long distance deeksha I sit in the
manner that Bhagavan sits during darshan. In a
chair, ankles crossed. I chant the Moola Mantra 7
times (see for the words or to
order visit I wait and soon I
have the perception that I am Bhagavan and send the
deeksha. This is not conceptual it is an actually
seeing. When I look at my hands they either appear to
be the hands of Bhagavan which was quite unsettling at
first. Other times I hold my hands out to give deeksha
they disappear as if into water or another realm and I
cannot see them at all. I find myself wondering if
they will come back.

Anyway I was looking through notes from Satyaloka
Monastery and there was a sadhana (spiritual practice)
fthat we used to do. It was called "Kalki Dhyana. "
The Indian people used to call Bhagavan "Kalki" after
the 10th Avatar of Vishnu or the Lord of Enlightenment
for his ability to give enlightenment to others.
(According to Hindu Pauranic tradition Buddha and
Krishna were previous incarnations. Each Avatar
incarnates with a Divine Mission. Kalki's mission is
to liberate all of mankind from suffering, to close
Kaliyuga the current age of materialism,
sentimentality and decadence-where the heart of man is
cold and hard like iron, and usher in the Golden Age-a
10,000 year period of peace and prosperity.)

For Kalki Dhyana we would sit in a circle holding
hands and visualize Bhagavan standing behind us with
his hands on our heads. This meditation perfects the
Anandamayakosha or Bliss energy body. We would do it
individually as well when we returned.

For this experiment, on Feb 14 I will be offering 3
sessions at no charge 6PM, 8PM and 10PM MST (Phoenix
The meditation is as follows:

1. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are
holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and
relatives as well as strangers. (Yes you can put your
pets on your lap). If you cannot visualize simply say,
"I am sitting in a circle of one hundred people and we
are all holding hands." Just know that you are there.

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart
chakra. Feel your heart Ask to be connected to the
Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for
the experience of Bliss. Move your awareness to the
brow chakra.

3. Now visualize Bhagavan standing behind you giving
the Oneness Blessing. Feel his hands on your head. If
you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say to
yourself, "Bhagavan is standing behind me. He is
placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness
Blessing to me and then to all the other people in
this circle.

I suspect that if I am actually seeing that my hands
are Bhagavan's hands and you are actually feeling
Bhagavan' hands touching you it should take the
Deeksha experience to a different level.

I very much want to see what is possible. The
possibilities are staggering and if it works as
suspected it will fast track the liberation process
for all of mankind.

We can on a quantum level hold hands with a thousand,
a million, a billion, all the inhabitants of this
planet and of other realms as well. The body was
designed to experience bliss. Something has gone
amiss. Let's try and get our natural state of Oneness

With Love,

The response and feedback was amazing! Well Bhagavan
blessed us and worked his magic in a very amazing way.
Most could feel Bhagavan's hands giving them Deeksha,
some of the Deeksha givers said it felt like deeksha
in India, and many reported that problems in finances
and relationships were resolved. Others were able to
experience a state of Oneness for the first time. This
experiment was also a way for everyone to play a huge
part in the enlightenment of man and by participating,
the karmamayakosha (karmic body) was impacted enough
to tilt the scales in the participants' favor.

So this experiment with an added element will be
repeated on March 7, 2008 in honor of Bhagavan's
birthday. Expect a miracle!

Bach Flower Tip: Walnut will stabilize change. It is a
very good remedy to help retain a states of
transformed consciousness and oneness.

Upcoming April 19 Moksha Yagna-For Death and Beyond
for seniors and those soon to pass on. With Dharma
Dharini. For application visit


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