Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mukti Deeksha Followup

From Vedic Shamanism Newsletter:

Thank you to all who attended the Mukti Deekshas in various places last weekend. The feedback has been great and the experience was great.

It has been my experience if Bhagavan tells you something personally you can take it to the bank. He has told you now about the Mukti Deeksha.

Here is my experience on this matter: I had taken vows along with Rani and 6 others at Satyaloka. We were taking on the teaching duties of the monks in the USA. There was no charge for any programs at the time and the teachers paid for everything including the food, ads and hall rental themselves. It was costly work and was a struggle to meet physical necessities at times.

Yet it was observed by the ancients that when a teacher (guru) made sacrifices in behalf of others the people who were sacrificed for became very important to the Divine. So we employed the dynamic of sacrifice to help the people. Some of the people grew in a very big way, experiencing states of sages, saints, prophets and mystics and transforming others through their presence. Most had experienced the Awakening of the Antaryamin in a moment just for the asking.

Amazing to see them for many of them Heaven had met Earth. They had entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event and there they remain.

Bhagavan sacrificed greatly for us as teachers, giving of his substance not his abundance and we in turn sacrificed for the people that he would touch and speak to through us. It is an ancient tradition and a great blessing to do this.

Almost immediately upon Bhagavan sending message through Ananda Giri that we would be well provided for, money began to come into the house. Within several months I had made well over a good year's salary as an independent sales contractor and really only had to work a few days a month. I could pick up and go to India, help others financially to go as well and continue teaching in this tradition at home and in other states. I was able to go back and forth to Phoenix and speak and give diksha at expos and gatherings without thinking twice.

Bhagavan has told us directly about the mukti deeksha. He means it. If there is a perceived backsliding just recite the mantra for some time and ask him to help you immediately. If you have to ask every minute do it. You will be back in that "Sat Chit Ananda state almost immediately. Do not let laziness or discouragement cheat you of this-you will soon move into enlightenment experiences and then beyond as is this your natural state. The suffering is not natural.

If your car is stalling, you keep increasing the gas, gunning the engine. You do not shut it off leave it there on the road and walk away. As long as the engine turns over you do not call a tow truck or trade it in.
You talk to the car. "Come on, Baby, get me home. just a few more miles, Darling." You are very tuned into it, aware of it as you pull for the sputtering car on all levels-all levels especially your heart. You root for it. You celebrate when it sputters, starts up and rolls. There is gratitude. Pull for your state.

Talk to Bhagavan. Give him that much at least. Many many times he has said, "If only you would ask." That is all prayer is- to simply ask. To worship is to express gratitude.

A backslide is really a blink and not a fall. The mind can be tricky and will battle for security is all. Chant and ask, chant and ask chant and ask. Consciousness on one level is sound based for those who want some science behind it. These are the sounds that will help. Chant and ask chant and ask.

Many thanks to Hilary, to Zelie and Lucia,_Classes_and_Retreats.html and friends for making last weekend's Mukti Blessing possible for the people of AZ.

It was so wonderful to have the doors open to all once more. There has been a tangible shift in Az and the blessing of unexpected rain in the desert-always a wonderful omen of blessings from the Divine. The desert is alive and flowering, as the landscape and consciousness are intertwined.

While the open to all Mukti Deeksha webcast was a very brief window of opportunity as I expected, it is my understanding that the weekly webcasts have now been discontinued to be replaced with a two day course in many areas that includes it. I apologize for the previous miscommunication about weekly events.

You can find events near you at .

Again much gratitude to those who dropped everything and went to receive the Mukti Deeksha on such short notice and on faith. Mankind has moved much closer to enlightenment.