Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enlightenment Stars

Questioner: Has there been a time in history where God and humanity were in total harmony? Why did this change?

Bhagavan: We did have such a time. God would just chat with them. In some cases the antaryamin would be eating and drinking with people. Why this changes depends on the energies the Earth receives from the cosmos – it depends on our relationship with the star 'moolam', which in turn results in changes in the human brain................

Samasarshiniji on Mulam (Moolam)

7. Ok but the foundation work is to awaken the whole world. Is your main purpose to have the whole world Enlightened?

Ans. obviously yes it is. It is history. Man in his natural state in Enlightened. That is how he is supposed to be and that’s how they are made and that is why our left cerebral cortex that part of the brain has space where by we can get in touch with the Cosmic Consciousness. But then owing to certain factors man has lost that state. Bhagavan is trying to give back that state to man, this state of Enlightenment to all of humanity.

These factors are- in this Cosmos there are several planets & planes where there is life and life is beautiful. Only in very few places things are going wrong as it is going wrong with the earth. To put it short and in a way to understand, the earth is moving in its axis and there is a star called Mulam. From this star there is cosmic radiations emanating and it falls on the earth. When ever that happens the DNA of the man functions differently and man naturally is in a different state. His senses and mind functions differently, and the mystical dimension opens up. Whenever this cosmic radiations are not received by the earth because of its revolution and the axis in which it is moving, then man’s consciousness becomes dull, the mystical dimension closes, he becomes more a physical human being. Right now at this point of time the earth is receiving the radiations from this star Mulam. The Cosmic energy is flowing on to this planet. And at this time to make this enlightenment happen to man Bhagavan has come down, to make this process happen to man so that man again shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Bhagavan has come to alter the DNA of man and that is what we are doing here.............. Continued at

Sitchin, who wrote The Twelfth Planet also wrote about a planet where God, the creator resides, and which is referred to as Olamin, the plural of Olam (not so far from Moolam). The Dogon tribe called it "The Egg of the World" as it is the origin of all things and without it nothing cold hold its orbit. So I wonder about the relationship if it is the same. Others say Marduk, Olam and Planet X are the same.