Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov. Newsletter

Free Deeksha-Sankata Chaturthi (Obstacle Removing 4th Waxing Moon) Nov 16, 8PM Phoenix Time

There are special days when Ganesh destroys obstacles for his devotees and ensures their well being. Nov 16 is a very special day for removing obstacles as it falls on Kari Naal or a black day.  This is a day for contemplating karma, seeking forgiveness and repentance and seeking removal of these karmas.  For the suggested meditation for the free Deeksha session and to discover a primary obstacle to liberation, visit and find the November 16 meditation post.  To register return this email with your name and Nov 16 deeksha in the subject line. Please see the next post for instructions.
Bhagavan on the Nature of the Mind
Q:Nobody in this world is free of sufferings. To be free from sufferings what should be done?
Bhagavan: "That’s very simple. Please follow seven truths to be free from suffering. 1. Everything comes from a single source. It could be God or Energy. There is no beginning and end to life.
2. If you identify this source, you’ll not differentiate between good, bad, right or wrong. All these things are our views. Everything came from one source.
3. Life is nothing but your search for ‘Self’. In your life, things that happen to you, people you see, everything reflects your ‘Self’. If you are suffering from poverty, it means there something wrong within yourself. You have to correct this to get out of poverty. If you have hatred, then who ever you see will exhibit the same quality. If you have evil thoughts, people you meet will also have evil thoughts. Try to understand yourself first.
4. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is by God’s grace. Supposing you slip while walking, try to realize that as God’s grace too. If you see God in everything, your life will become wonderful.
5. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is just a ‘test’ for you by God. It is not a bad experience. If it is considered as a bad experience then it would mean that God is not compassionate. If you experience a problem, consider it an opportunity for you to face it and come out of it. You’ve been given people, wealth and confidence to face challenges. If you understand this, your confidence will improve. Just to test your confidence God gives you a test.
6. If you realize that anything you experience is a test for you by God, then you’ll be able to think deep about the problem and handle it in a better way. You’ll understand its result. Then you’ll have no fear.
7. If you understand the above 6 truths, then there will be an enormous transformation in your body. From then on, you’ll not only have compassion, but you’ll become that ‘compassion’.
If you follow these, your relationships would improve. It’ll be filled with love. If you attain this stage you are ready for the ‘operation’ I mentioned. You’ll experience the divine grace experienced by saints like Ramana, Adishankara. You’ll have no fear or sorrow. You’ll have only Joy. Don’t try to analyze this logically. Our aim is Mukthi. If you follow these truths for even 21 days, you’ll be joyful. The problem with us is we spread just the sorrow and sufferings. That’s why Earth is dying. After you experience Joy and Happiness you’ll be able to spread only Joy and Happiness to others.
Q: By becoming aware of the doubts, can we remove those doubts?
Answer: You can to a large extent but still the brain will again jump into that mode. For that you must have control over these three energies. Suppose your house has got a north east cut, then the blaming mode will be highly activated. The north-east cut will activate the manipura chakra in a particular way and the brain will always be blaming. So, the house vastu is also equally important. Chakra dhyana is very important . Otherwise there is absolutely no control. Your mind is taking you for a ride. 
To do Chakra Dhyana you should be at least twelve years of age. Pranayama can be taught, but not pranakriyas. Ajneya chakra dhyana can be taught to children....."
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Cleansing and fasting were a great part of the earlier processes.  This helps the body to regain a sponge-like ability to absorb energy from the sun, vapors, water, wind, air, instead of just food. When the colon is clogged with mucous and toxins or when there is a lot of excess fat in the solar plexus region it cuts down on this ability. We used a harsh purging herb once a week for several years to cleanse. In order to take it we fasted the entire day. Many are getting tremendous results without the harsh purge or need to fast with the tea visit and click "Products" to order at a discount or "Try the Tea" to pay full price.
To participate in a group Ganesh Fire Ritual on Sankata Chaturthi  visit .
"Visions" with Dharma Dharini-When I took my initial training at Satyaloka deep changes were made to the psychic energy body. From the first healing deekshas we offered, onward to the later Oneness Blessing there was almost always a vision while giving deeksha. While for the most part  the visions meant little to me, yet they seemed to  bring healing and guidance to the recipient no matter how otherworldly.  Some called  them "Vision Quests by Proxy" or  "Shaman Stories." For several years I shared these Visions and sometimes was asked to draw or paint them. 

Recently there have been some amazing benefits for some in the sharing of the Deeksha Vision so this sharing is now included in personal silent deeksha sessions (sent by email after the deeksha)if desired.

To register for a private silent session with Oneness Deekshas visit . Please allow 48 hours for a response to set up a convenient time for you.
Simple Gifts-1848 Shaker Song

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come round right.

Dharma Dharini

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Deeksha-Sankata Chaturthi (Obstacle Removing 4th Waxing Moon) Nov 16, 8PM Phoenix Time

There are special days when Ganesh destroys obstacles for his devotees and ensures their well being. Nov 16 is a very special day for removing obstacles as it happens to fall on Kari Naal or a black day. This is a solemn day for contemplating karma, seeking forgiveness and repentance and seeking removal of these karmas.

I was torn this month between doing a special free event for Thanksgiving. An insight I came away with from my last retreat in India in 2006 was that suffering and gratitude cannot coexist. This seeing transformed my life.

We have a holiday every year devoted to gratitude. Yet most still suffer. Many complain that their parents slighted them, did not do this or that , that the world owes us, that we did not get some object and blame others. There is more focus on what is lacking than what is at hand. True gratitude has often been replaced with a sense of duty and guilt. That is easily turned around with a simple sadhana for seeing that will be taught later on.

You cannot pump gratitude into the heart. For the most part we are an ungrateful people. Rather than speak to you about gratitude and say some beautiful things about gratitude that the mind will create more "shoulds" and "should nots" from- to further add to the inner world hells of some, on the 16th the stars are right for contemplation and removal of karma that was committed knowingly. So we will look at some things that are not so easy to see and do something beautiful next month.

The intent of the Nov 16 meditation will be to give you the courage and authenticity to see what is there and remove a huge karmic burden once and for all.

The meditation is as follows:

1. Sit quietly at 6 and watch your breath. Watch it going in and out of the nose. If you follow it into the body the mind will wander. There is a connection between mind, breath, and kundalini. The breath is most in your control. If the mind still wanders focus on the right retina and watch the thoughts. If you do not have a right retina then focus on the right ear.

2. It is good to invoke Ganesh with the Mantra "Om Gum Ganesha Namaha" 18 times

3. If you know the Moola Mantra (either Moola Mantra ll or The Sacred at http://www/ ). You can chant it 7 times then ask for the courage and authenticity to See.

4. You can substitute Aum-make the ahh sound 3 times longer than the m sound- so it is ahhhhhhhhoooomm not ahhoooommmmmmmmmmm. If you extend the mmmm sound you may often either go to sleep or thoughts of the material realm will come to your.

5 Ask yourself this question: "Am I innocent?"

6. Wait for the response.

7. Then ask to see a time when you deliberately hurt someone. Really tune into the situation. It is very important that you see the self righteousness surrounding the situation as self righteousness is your primary obstacle to liberation. It can keep you from going to higher realms when you die and can keep you bound to the Ghost Path or spirit realm.

By self righteousness, I mean watch the way the mind explains the pain you caused. The karma you created. It may tell:: "Well he deserved it-who was he to speak to me that way?"

"Well she was not worthy of respect and needed to be put into her place."

"Well she would not listen to the truth so I told her lies. That is what she does to everyone else."

"I only gave her a taste of her own medicine."

"Well if someone does not believe as I do they are going to hell anyway so what is the problem?"

Once at a retreat several were weeping quite loudly. After some time a man and a woman left in anger. The woman called that night and said she was sorry she walked out, but the crying of the women was really getting on their nerves and her husband could not stand it anymore. She had been crying very loudly, and confused, so I asked her about it.

Her response was, "Yes. I was crying loudly too. But MY suffering is real."

Can you see the obstacle of self righteousness the above statements? Can you see the self righteousness in the pain that you have caused to others? You are well aware how hurtful it would be if someone would treat you that way. yet you did this to another.

What creatures have you thoughtlessly killed?

Even an insect has its life.

There is a story about a man who was walking in the woods. He saw two mice running side by side carrying a piece of straw. He threw a rock at them and it killed one of the mice. The other mouse began to run in circles. Round and round and round she ran, still holding onto the straw.

As he looked closer he saw that the mouse was blind. The other mouse had been guiding her with the straw.

Who else has this karma that you have created impacted?

6. Ask again: "Am I innocent?"

Just see it. Can you see the self righteousness behind the perceived self innocence-how easy it is to explain it away?

7. Then ask that the burden of karma and the obstacle of self righteousness are removed.

If you really look you may see that in most instances it is self righteousness behind all the karmas-these dangers that you have created for yourself. Those of you with the energy and courage to go further ask to see what is at the root of the Self righteousness.

If you can see it you can be free of it.

I will send deeksha from 8M-9PM.

Lastly, jJust know that for the most part we all have our crosses to bear. A very important question is: "Can you pick yours up and walk with it?"

Dharma Dharini

To register for the deeksha email: dharma with your name and Nov 16 Deeksha in the subject line.