Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The No Sadhana Sadhana

Bhagavan was once asked "What are the sadhanas (spiritual practices) for transformation."

He replied that this sadhana we call the no sadhana.

We taught it like this in some of the yajnas and workshops:

You could say there are two beings within. One is authentic and the other not so much authentic. A man you do not like knocks at your door. The one who is authentic says, "I don't like you. Don't come in."

The other says, "Good to see you. Where have you been, my friend, come on in! How great you look!"

If you look deeper into it there is a third being of sorts who sees the whole thing. He makes no comment as to whether you are to be authentic or inauthentic. He just witnesses the whole thing.

Now this witness can be created in just 21 days with just a little effort. This seeing sadhana can give so much bliss and joy that we call it the no sadhana sadhana. 

You will have learned to just watch all the comments, ego, anger, selfishness etc in your mind without distorting it. Whatever is happening you are not disturbed. The content is not important. The question is how you perceive it. Can you perceive it in a neutral way without taking sides?

If just witnessing the dialogue is Ananda then the ceasing of the dialogue is Paramananda.

Just to drink a glass of water without the dialogue is Paramanada.