Thursday, December 29, 2011

Modern Cowboys

I live in an area where there are a lot of "cowboys" and horses still. Some days I see more horses passing on the road than cars. There are hitching posts in every yard just about and even outside of the local convenience stores.

Some evenings the neighbors will gather around a fire and sing. There is a feeling that comes from the smell of the campfire and the horses, the sound of hooves, the sound of guitars, laughter and singing that is hard to describe. It is as if it is an ancient memory recognized and embraced by every cell of the body as songs of worship and joy and sounds of horses fill the night.

The horse accepts many burdens in the outer world and is also a willing helper in the spirit world. You could say the horse dwells in both worlds-symbolic of the power and grace of the Divine-a vehicle of ascension and enlightenment. To connect with a horse is to connect telepathically. The horse may take you places of which you have never dreamed.

If you would like to connect with and sponser a horse at a local rescue, click the title of this post. Even to pray for the horse if you cannot assist in the physical realm will bring a connection and benefit for both.

The Cabbit

I was at a County Fair in Pennsylvania and walked into a barn where a pet show was about to begin. There I met a a farmer who was grooming an animal that appeared to be half rabbit and half cat. The hindquarters, tail and back feet looked like that of a rabbit and the front half was that of a beautiful green-eyed cat. She was grey and white and the fur on the lower half of her body was soft like that of a rabbit.

The farmer said that she was a cabbit-a cross between a female cat and a male rabbit, that she only ate alfalfa and rabbit food, hopped like a rabbit, did not meow but was known to purr. He said that cabbits, like mules, are sterile.

I did not really believe him although I wanted to. She was a beautiful and intersting animal all the same. She really did look like a cat arising from a rabbit. The rabbit pellets and alfalfa in her cage added to her mystique. As if sensing my disbelief, the "cabbit" stood up on her hind legs like a rabbit, looked into my eyes and twitched her nose as if to say, "Are you sure?". Whatever she was I was certain that she would win the blue ribbon in the Most Unusual Pet category.

Apparently the judges did not agree, though, as the cabbit came in 5th-right behind a goat wearing a sundress.