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At Satyaloka during a 42 day yajna held in 1998, we were given a diksha to heal. A diksha is a spiritual initiation. This diksha had an amazing effect in that when we gave this healing diksha many of the recipients became God-Realized. It activated parts of the brain that man used to use to walk and talk with the Divine and they would not rest until they knew more. They began to seek enlightenment (meaning liberation from suffering). We would get a booths at psychic fairs and health expos and not only did the people experience liberation from some physical suffering but sometimes they would also experience the awakening of the Antaryamin and overnight become like a sage, saint, prophet or mystic.

What was amazing to me was how someone could visit 20 or 30 healers at a show the size of Universal Light Expo or the Whole Life Expo, yet they would isolate the experience from the diksha they had received. Inevitably I would get a call or two saying, "What did you do to me? I am so happy! My husband and I are actually speaking and happy with each other again" or "I went home and turned on the computer and the guy in the picture you had in your booth (we traveled with large Sri Murthis of Bhagavan in those days) was on every screen. He smiled at me from the computer and called my name and now I see Jesus in my heart." Miracle after miracle after miracle.

Sometimes I felt kind of bad for them in a strange sort of way, as all they were asking for was the arthritis in their knees to go away. Now they had moved from belief to discovery and were having experiences common to a saint, sage, prophet or mystic were tuned into the Source of Supreme Love and Intelligence and were well on their way to total transformation.

It was also amazing how powerful the diksha was when it came to healing and the public's reaction to it. I had set up at a small two day psychic fair. The first night I got a call. The caller was very excited. "Did you hear what happened?" She asked.

Apparently a lady who was there had a breast tumor. She came for healing that morning and apparently Bhagavan had taken it from her. She had scheduled surgery the following week and had gone to the doctor that afternoon and they could not find the tumor. The caller told me the host of the fair said that it would be best if I did not return the next day. No one wanted the liability.

Before there was the Oneness Blessing most of the people who came to Satyaloka came as a direct result of the healing diksha.

The Antaryamins

As more and more people began experiencing the Awakening of the Antaryamin, not only could we see God in a form that we were relating to could see the form each other was relating to. And we could sometimes see these forms relating to each other. "Namaste", or the phrase often used in Reiki, "The Christ in me sees the Christ in you" became a reality not a concept.

For those that had experienced this awakening, it became very much like the ancient theme of "Cosmic reality is one-the Wise perceive it in many ways" as we shared experiences and insights. We talked about God as a proud parents would speak of their toddlers:

"He did this today!"

"Oh look what the Lord is doing now!"

"You will never guess what he said to me this morning."

There were no more battles about religion or belief. Only wonder.

Upon returning from my first trip to Satyaloka, I was invited to conduct my first yajna (retreat) in NYC in Nov. of 1998. Ananyaji, Uttama, and I traveled from Pittsburgh to NYC on the Greyhound Bus. There was a loud argument on the bus with some pushing, shoving, threats of murder and name calling. Ananyaji and I started to chant the Moola Mantra. By the time we hit Philadelphia the people were still arguing, except they were arguing about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden rather than some money someone had lost in a game of 3 Card Monty on the bus. It was more like of a battle of "Amens."

I was very frightened to conduct the yajna. At Satyaloka, Acharya Ananda Giri had given us training and we had received diksha to channel Bhagavan's energy to large groups. We were taught a prayer to evoke Bhagavan, what to pray for the people and how to offer our positive karma for the enlightenment of man.

"But what if he does not come, Acharyaji?" we asked.

He thought for a moment, looked at the sky, drummed his fingers, looked at us. looked at the sky again, and looked back at us and said, "Then run!"

I was not comforted.

It was not so bad conducting the yajna. Bhagavan came after all, and I was barely conscious of what I was saying. I was able to sit cross legged on the floor for 10 hours something I would not normally do and I did not eat nor drink that I recall. I did notice that if I rested my hand on my leg it was very hot to the touch. Almost burning. I could not keep my hand again the body for very long as it burned.

I learned something amazing about the Awakening process while conducting that yajna. If there were 100 people in the room you could see a hundred aspects of the Divine coming from the Sri Murthi (Icon of Bhagavan) trying desperately to break through. They emerged from the picture in the form of Bhagavan, possibly as that is the form of my Antaryamin. They would shake the people, slap them lightly, embrace them. Anything to get their attention.

Some of the people-maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 would experience this Awakening.

When the experience was over, I could see the rest of the Bhagavans who did not break through run weeping back into the picture. It was absolutely heart wrenching to see this and then to see the people weeping, hurt and angry because they felt God did not come to them. It was not for lack of trying. In later yajnas some would blame the others who had experienced, saying, "God did not come to me because He was busy with you." One lady called another lady a "God Hog",

In the same way when a mirror breaks, each sliver reflects the entire whole, the Divine can relate to each being in the world it It's entirety simultaneously. A huge stumbling block is self-righteousness-thinking one is more deserving than another. Another factor has to do with the left cerebral cortex of the brain it is said. Not everyone is "wired" for mystical experience. If someone is blaming others that the Divine is not coming to them then there is not enough focus on his or her own suffering to be of much use in this process. Mostly though it is Grace.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Antaryamin

At first, for many, this Awakening is bliss. However then there often is what could only be thought of as a breaking in period. You actually begin to crave that feeling of loneliness like some kind of a suffering junkie. It is like feeling for a ring that you had worn for a long time and then recently lost.

There you sit with a manifestation of the Divine next to you on the sofa and you wonder when he is going to go away. You want him to go away but on the other hand you are so frightened he will leave you that your heart almost breaks at the thought. I still laugh when my students call or write all excited about the experience of this Awakening that Bhagavan and Amma have given them. At first it is:

"He looks like this, and he did this, he said this and her helps me with this." They will say-like proud parents. "How cute he is! How humorous! How handsome!" But there are some reservations: "What does he eat? Can I still have sex?" What about beer?"

Then later it is: "When is he going to leave? I want to go out dancing. I never feel like I am by myself anymore. I guess I had better clean the house if he is going to stay." With others it is: "You could have told me this would happen. The house was a mess and I was so embarrassed.

Thus is the condition of man-the conflict between what we are and what we want to be. The Supreme Being has awakened in us in a form and ideally we would fall at His/Her feet in a state of bliss but instead we wanted it to be perfect-even with the Divine.

Often it appears very much as if the Antaryamin is extremely compromising and it is a learning for the Divine as well. For example initially Bhagavan would come out of the 8x10 or so Sri Murthi (photo of Bhagavan while is like a gateway to the Source of Supreme Inteliigence) in a very small size and hold out his arms as if to embrace me. I would yelp and back away. He would do it again and again until finally I yelled something at him like he was appearing like Chuckie from the horror movie and it was freaking me out. That I never did like dolls. After that he appeared in the size of a man, and one of the monks gave me a large Sri Murthi, just in case.

In my first year following the awakening of the Antrayamin, I took an industrial sales position. Bhagavan (that is the form of the Divine that relate to) would go with me on sales calls. It was sometimes distracting. I would be meeting with the president of a factory, locking horns with other sales people, mostly men with 50 years of technical experience and sometimes I would forget that no one else could see him. I would say, "Move over and let someone else sit down"- things like people with invisible friends would say. I was always afraid that someone might see him there in his yellow robes and bare feet. After a particularly bad (though in retrospect, highly amusing) sales call, I spoke to him critically as we were walking to yet another factory.

'You are really throwing me off in there. Don't you have any shoes? Aren't your feet cold? It's snowing. What's with the robes? Who wears yellow in the wintertime? What if someone sees you? How can I explain who you are?" On and on.....

I could not imagine what it would be like to have him with me the rest of my life, and at that point I seemed to relate to him as if he was some kind of a foreign exchange student. On the other hand he had become such a part of me it would be like losing a limb if he were to vanish once and for all.

He didn't say anything. He just looked at his feet in the snow and shrugged. I could hear him plodding along behind me. When I held the door open for him, I jumped as I did not recognize him at first. He was wearing a well tailored suit, nice shoes and his beard was neatly trimmed. In his hand was a briefcase. He told me how to make an easy repair on a hydraulic system during the meeting. We made the sale.

Vara Yajna-The Awakening of The Antaryamin

The following was written following the retreat and is from a little book I wrote as a companion to my vaastu workshops called, "Vaastu For Enlightenment."


The crystal clear bell-like voice of monk, Sri Lena Bhagavad Dasa (Sri Ananyaji) rang through the large meeting hall. “How curious, a female monk,” I mused, shifting in my seat and glancing at the rapidly accumulating snow outside the window. The 2 day yajna had just begun and I was a long way from home. Already thoughts of the return trip home through such a storm were on my mind.

“Sat Chit Ananda”

I stared at the people sitting on the floor at the front of the room-all Indians-and marveled at how they could sit so still, in apparent comfort, and so close to one another. Some of the women were dressed in gorgeous saris, and they looked like delicate flowers in a winter garden. I felt big and stiff and awkward, somehow alien and out of place in my old, faded jeans, cowboy boots resting by the door. I was relieved to have on matching socks without holes in them, as removing one’s shoes was the custom.

I squirmed again in my chair and yawned, turning my attention once again to the blizzard outside. “This is going to be a very long weekend,’ I thought. “I wish I was home.”


The ancient Sanskrit chant rose in power and clarity, almost visibly shimmering in the air, considerably brightening and rippling the energy of the room. Suddenly, and with quite a jolt, I realized that I was no longer in the Community Center of Murrysville, Pa, but had somehow been miraculously transported to a very small cave at what appeared to be the very edge of the Universe!

As far as the eye could see-above, below, and beyond, was an infinite, star studded void. I turned around and examined the tiny cave. It appeared to be made of flesh: part of a living, breathing organism, perhaps. Amazingly there was no fear, and I realized that with just one small step forward, I could forever become a permanent part of this glorious starscape.


I turned again, half expecting to see the room that I had so suddenly vacated. There was no change. I was still standing at the edge of the Universe. I began to laugh. Joy came. Bliss followed. My heart was exploding with feeling. Should I jump, step, dive, somersault, or cartwheel into infinity? I wondered, rocking with laughter. What is proper? I was delighted.


“No! This can’t be real! It’s only a meditation. No wait! You’re dreaming!” Like a great winged beast, my mind swooped down, cawing and shrieking. Talons flexed, ready to snatch me up to carry me from that place. The moment fractured into a thousand fragments. The starscape began to ripple and tear. A legion of doubts buzzed before my face. “Just open your eyes and this will all be gone,” they giggled an hissed.

““Sri Bhagavathi Padmavathi Sametha”“

So I opened my eyes. What else could I do? I had to know. I was still standing in the cave, the Great Beyond before me.

““Sri Kalki Bhagavathe Namaha”“

“My God, this is real! I’ve come home!” And I wept with relief.


And that was the beginning of the journey for me. Much like a blind pig finding an acorn, I had stumbled onto the elusive and seldom discovered Path of Transformation & Enlightenment.

During that weekend Vara Yajna, many questions that had been puzzling me were answered. I saw my conception, birth and first seven years of life. Then through a series of chants, prayers, mystical experiences & Divine intervention, corrections were made. Childhood hurts and traumas dissolved. Old baggage was shed, and while some pain was still there, my load had lightened considerably.

I experienced my last death, and saw how I had gotten caught up in the cycle of births and deaths for so long. I discovered what it is that keeps one reincarnating on this plane, and what learning (unlearning) has to occur to enter higher realms.

During an amazing past life experience, I experienced a state of repentance for an incident. As a result, a chronic health problem of 20 years vanished. We were then taken 50, 500, and 5000 years into the future on an eye opening and haunting vision quest. Mankind must be enlightened. There is no other way. I saw my destiny and the agreement that I made before coming here. I was sheon the true condition of my heart and while choking back tears of shame followed by relief, I watched as my heart was slowly purified.

And I saw God.

When I left that place, nothing was ever going to be the same. The ground rocked. Single moments became infinite. The senses were clearer. It didn’t matter if I was slicing vegetables, cleaning the sink or watching a sunset-there was pleasure. I felt very much alive for the first time since childhood-I had somehow been salvaged. I traveled through the following weeks watching an extraordinary course of events unfold before me.

Life had become somewhat like a George Burns/John Denver movie, “Oh God”. Supreme consciousness had taken a form that I could hear, see, and touch, and appeared from time to time turning the most mundane event into a mystical experience.

The Retreat-Vara Yajna

The retreat was held at a Community Center in Monroeville, Pa. It was called a Vara Yajna. Vara means "boon" or gift.

Vara is from the verbal root "Vri" meaning "to choose." Yajna in Vedic tradition refers to worship, devotion, and praise. In later times it came to mean sacrifice, offering or an act of worship. Very simply, the Vara Yajna was a two day retreat and at the end of it each participant made a wish.

The retreat was conducted by Ananyaji, one of the female monks of Satyaloka. I had been to numerous shamanic and metaphysical workshops, however nothing could have prepared me for the experiences there. I had labeled myself an atheist however during the Vara Yajna I not only saw the form of Divine that I relate to very clearly in my heart. Following the Vara Yajna that form, in a gesture of supreme friendship took an external form that I could see and hear and touch and relate with. The perception of this Antaryamin or Indweller's manifesting internally then externally has continued for what will be a decade this January.

There are times when the perception is that there is no difference between the external and internal-that what was once perceived as going on in the outside world is happening inside, and what was once perceived as internal is happening.

The Mula Mantra (or Moola Mantra)

At the retreat we learned a mantra that the Indians refered to as the Mula Mantra. It is an extremely transforming mantra that purifies and transforms both the one who chants it and the surrounding area. I have seen entire neighborhoods transformed by it. Sanskrit is a Divine or Angelic language. Just to know a little of it purifies the mind.

It is as follows in its original form:

Sat Chit Ananda
Parabrahma Purushothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavathi Padmavathi Sametha
Sri Kalki Bhagavathe Namaha

Later it was changed to remove the words "Kalki" and "Padmavathi".

Following is a simple translation

Sat means very simply Existence. It can also relate to the Un-Manifest.
Chit is consciousness.
Ananda is Bliss
Parabrahma means the Divine in a formless aspect
Purushothama is the Divine in a human form
Paramathma refers to the Divine imminent in the hearts of all creation
Sri Bhagavathi refers to the female aspect of creation-the Shakti-
Sametha means "In communion with"
Sri Bhagavathe is the male aspect
Namaha means I bow to you.

You can get this chant in the original form by visiting and ordering "The Sacred." It is chanted by my teacher, Acharya Sri Ananda Giri, a direct disciple of Sri Bhagavan. It was recorded in Chile and mastered brilliantly in San Jose.

To get the revised Mula Mantra order Moola Mantra ll at

The Beginning

"Come to my temple and see a god that will grant you one wish" my friend commanded on the telephone early one Monday morning. In October of 1996, my Indian friend had begun to call me to invite me to a 2-day retreat at her temple. An atheist at the time, I had no interest at all in going. Quite often she would call and tell me of various miracles and she told me this deity comes out of a picture and embraces you and you experience Divine Love. She had a son that had been labeled mentally retarded with cerebral palsy. She was a warrior mother in the manner that she went about seeking a cure for the child. This was another one of her healing paths, I thought.

Almost every other week she would call me with a tale of some miracle or other that had happened as a result of that retreat. "Come," she would say. "You must come." I would always decline.

I had an aversion to even the idea of India, particularly the multi-armed deities. My great uncle, a British soldier who had traveled to occupied India had a curio room. In it was a statue of Kali. She was adorned with a necklace of skulls like so many gruesome pearls. She was carried a sword in one hand and a severed head in another. She had a lot of arms and I was terrified by the sight of her.

Unfortunately had to pass Kali's room on the way to the washroom. "Time to wash your hands for lunch!" was a phrase that would set my heart pounding at the thought of the dangerous journey upon which I would have to embark upon when we visited my great uncle when I was a young girl. I would take a deep breath and run real fast, slamming the door behind me and I would duck behind the sink, heart racing and eyes wide, hardly breathing, waiting for Kali's footfall. In my mind I could hear her shuffling down the hall, skulls chattering, her anklets jingling as she walked. I knew that if I opened the door and saw her I would faint at the sight or her, and she would have my head.

"Mom!" I would yell as Kali approached the bathroom and began to turn the handle on the door. "Can you come here? Please? Mom!!!!"" My mother was a tigress, a warrior goddess in her own right. She would defend me with her life, and surely not even Kali would be any match for my Mother. I was right. The dark goddess released her hold on the door handle and sidestepped into her room. She was gone before my mother even set foot in the hall. Every time.......

Mom would take my hand and we would safely pass Kali who would stick out her tongue at me if I gathered enough courage to peak though my fingers at her. We would return to the sitting room just in time to see my great uncle demonstrating with a scarf, some coins and his coat rack, how the Thugees would strangle travelers in the night. When the coat rack had been properly murdered, and laid to rest in a shallow grave, he would go to the mantle and take down a small hollow red seed with a tiny carved ivory elephant as a stopper. He would remove the stopper and pour out 100 little elephants and we would count them all. Every one.

I could not imagine, when my friend called, what kind of multi armed being would deliver the wish and in what horrific way. “The Monkey’s Paw” by WW Jacobs came to mind. Still my friend called with repeated invitations.

In November she called and said that at the rereat she had wished for a way to communicate with her sonand on Monday he indicated that he wanted pizza and not spaghetti. The child was clearly communicating. Still he was taking G-Therapy, a homeopathic out of Pune, India with some impressive, almost miraculous results with autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy and other disorders. At her invitation, I went to see the boy. He held out his arms as if for a hug and laughed and clearly recognized me. It was an amazing transformation whatever had happened!

Early in January or maybe late in December of 1996, my friend called once more. “If you are my friend, you can pray by my side for a weekend for my son. The retreat is next week.” I was cornered. Checkmate. How could I refuse?

“What does this god look like?” I asked. For if something with a lot of arms was going to come out of a picture and embrace me I needed to be psychologically prepared for it.

“Just a guy with a beard in a yellow robe.”

“How many arms?” I asked.

“Just two.”

“Do I have to make a wish?” I asked, still wary.

“Not if you don’t want to. You can give your wish to my son if you like.”

"What is his name?"

"It is a newer god, I think his name is Kalki."

I wrote down the word "Galki" and I agreed to go. He sounded harmless enough. I braced myself for a long weekend visualizing extended prayers in a foreign language, billowing incense and sitars.

The weekend before the retreat was very cold. I was upstairs sleeping deeply, in my Pre-Civil War farmhouse when I woke up to hear Ivan, my beloved Russian Wolfhound barking furiously in the orchard. Huge and silent, Ivan never barked unless there was a real good reason. In that quiet hollow there was rarely any reason at all. Something must be terribly wrong. I grabbed my robe and flew to the window.

Through the lace curtains I saw that there in the road by the barn was a man on a horse. He was dressed in what appeared to be nomadic clothing. He had a beard and a small sword or a dagger. Sean Cneery in The Wind and the Lion came to mind. The man looked very ancient, like he stepped out of some exotic land centuries ago. The horse was small and well bred. I could tell that she was very fast. She shifted impatiently from hoof to hoof and her breath billowed around both horse and rider like some ethereal fog. They seemed to be waiting for something.The man was turned away from the house, looking at the waterfall in the grove in the forest across the road where the deer hunters parked. Ivan had quieted to an occasional "Woof."

I was startled by this. There were rarely visitors. The last one was a man selling flying squirrels out of a basket, if you did not count the gas man who carried a shovel to read the meter because he was afraid of the turkey.

“What the hell?” What does he want? Is he coming to the house? It's the middle of the night! He has to be freezing!" Thoughts of fear and dismay were flying about. I left the window for a moment, reached in the dresser drawer for the 357 and parted the lace curtains to get a better look or perhaps a better shot, depending on what this strange fellow had on his mind.

He caught the movement of the lace and turned his attention to the window. The horse pawed the ground. When he saw that I saw, he tightened his legs on the mare and in one swift motion the she bolted. In a momen they were gone.

Lightening cracked and thunder roared though the hollow echoing against the mountain to the front and the mountain behind. It sounded like the end of the world. A tornado in a trailer park. I could not tell if the sound came from the horse as she thundered down the deserted country road or from the sky.

Then there was silence except for the pounding of my heart. It began to snow. Very softly-gently-beautifully-as if to say, "There, there."

Tiny glittering rainbow specks of snow twirled about before the mercury light on the barn, falling softly on the orchard. Heat lightening flashed on the ridge. The wind drifted down the chimney making the unheated room even colder. The white Victorian rocking horse on the hearth began to slowly rock back and forth, creaking in the draft.

I climbed under the old patchwork quilts watching the white wooden horse rocking in the wind, her amethyst eye sparkling like the snow. I waited for the sound of hooves and thunder. it was as if something had been torn from me. I hoped he would return yet I was afraid he would return.

"Maybe it was a ghost," I thought. The native Americans used to call that area "The Land of the Dark." Mostly because of the thick woods. Still there were rumors of ghostly horsemen.

Then with a start I remembered Ivan. He had long since stopped barking. Ivan had died several years before and was buried beneath the old lilac trees in the orchard next to the barn. I ran to the window and opened it, “Ivan! Ivan!” I cried, I waited for his deep bark. Silence. Just the sound of the stream, icy wind and the shimmering flecks of snow lightly hitting the window.

Heartsick, I went back to bed and rested my face on the cold iron headboard. I could not ever remember feeling so alone or so empty. The white hobbyhorse rocked back and forth as if to nod in agreement. I stayed awake until dawn.

Who was that man? Was it really thunder? What would could raise a dog from its grave. It was clearly Ivan barking. I did not know what it all meant, but I was real sure the visitation had something to do with the following week’s retreat.

I had decided that when the clock struck seven, I would go downstairs, heat up the big stone fireplace with the gas logs and call my friend to tell her I was not going to the retreat. I began to formulate excuses. I had just finished dressing and was heading downstairs to the telephone, when the most beautiful voice imaginable, coming from nowhere that I could see, said, “No. Go. You must go. You must go. “ It soothed me to the very core, bringing with it such comfort and peace. I did not call to cancel.

Even though the following weekend brought the worse snowstorm of the year and my Ford truck was terrible to drive on ice and in snow, I made the 70 mile trip, almost half of which was over country roads, in under an hour. I started to turn back as I was pulling out of the driveway, thinking that there was no way that I could make that trip on such a day, and again the beautiful voice said, “No. It’s all right. You must go.” I passed numerous jeeps and SUV’s with tire chains that were stranded in ditches. Even the salt truck had slid off the road. But the Ford F-150 just flew through the snow as if it had wings.

Each time there was fear, the beautiful, majestic voice came bringing with it peace and courage.

At the retreat I learned that the symbolic form of Kalki, the Lord of Enlightenment- the tenth Avatar of Vishnu, (Gautama Buddha & Krishna were earlier incarnations) was that of a man with a sword upon a white horse.

Satyaloka Monastery

There is a beautiful and mysterious place in the South Indian Mountains, called Satyaloka, where the largest known population of enlightened beings on the planet once dwelled. These enlightened ones-the siddha purushas of Satyaloka- had attained tremendous powers and have been given the ability to help practically any serious seeker to attain enlightenment by a great being who dwells there, a sage whom the people called Sri Kalki Bhagavan. According to Hindu Pauranic Tradition, Kalki is the last Avatar of Vishnu. Previous Avatars include Rama, Krishna and Buddha. The Divine mission of the Kalki Avatar is to close Kaliyuga and usher in Satyayuga, an era of peace and prosperity, and to liberate all of mankind from suffering. The name Kalki means, "The Annihilator of Ignorance."

One of the definitions of enlightenment is liberation from suffering as ignorance is at the root of all suffering. Because of his ability to give enlightenment to others the people began to call this sage, Kalki Bhagavan. Once when asked if he was Kalki, the great sage replied, "There are 800 Kalkis in India. 500 of them are in jail."

Seekers from many lands have gathered at Satyaloka to attend intensive retreats for enlightenment (mukti yajnas) and to take intensive training and initiation to help others.

The word Satyaloka means "the Abode of Truth." Another meaning is "7th Heaven". Mystics from Russia have called Satyaloka Monastery and the phenomenon that occured there "The Descent of Light to Earth."

The little known and seldom discovered ancient enlightened lineage, preserved at Satyaloka, dates back to a time when enlightenment was the norm, and suffering was considered to be an aberration. This enlightened shamanic community is tremendous impact on returning this ancient natural state of enlightenment to mankind. So many have attained enlightenment thru their loving guidence. Sucess in the transmission of this once natural state of enlightened consciousness to the masses is entirely unprecedented in recorded history!

With just a brief meeting with the dasas (monks) of Satyaloka, many very average individuals have had Profound Divine Mystical Experiences (personal and undeniable encounters with the Divine) similar to that of many of the great sages, saints, prophets and mystics through the ages. Others, in a moment, have experienced the Divine Union sought by those who practice yoga.

At one time Satyaloka was the campus of a school called Jivashram. The students staying there began to have beautiful astral and mystical experiences. They would go on many astral travels and meet great beings and visit different lokas or realms. They were able to understand high philosophy, amazing many scholars. Many of the studentswere enlightened before the age of 16. Some of the parents became frightened and removed the children from school. Others wanted to know what their children had discovered and small retreats were held ther for them. That was the beginning of Satyaloka as a major spiritual force working for the enlightenment of the masses.

There is a tremendous energy vortex at Satyaloka. Many sages and saints have come from a 100 mile radius of Satyaloka. Just to be on the grounds of Satyaloka can lead to Transformed States of Consciousness, Profound Divine Mystical Experience, or the Divine Union. To be in Satyaloka is like entering another realm. Physically you have the experience of being in another world.

In 1998 the doors of Satyaloka opened to the West for a brief time. I was among the fortunate ones who was among those to take training and initiations there as a teacher of Kalki Bhagavan (now known as Sri Bhagavan.