Friday, July 25, 2008

Preparing the Heart

The idea of preparing the heart for Awakening to the Source of Supreme Love outlined in the meditation below may seem strange to some. However it part of an ancient process and something few in modern times consider. For the most part we tend to (at least initially) only consider what the Divine can do for for us.

A look into the lives of many of the Saints and Mystics shows personal encounters between the Divine and those who were considered to be exceptionally pure at heart. In other instances, such as the transformation that occurred in Saul, later to be known as the Apostle Paul, often considered to be the founder of Christianity, it did not initially appear to be the case.

A very striking example of preparing a place for the Divine in the heart can be found in a poem written by a great mystic by the name of Ramprasad in the 1700's. He was a devotee of the goddess, Kali.

"O Kali, Thou art fond of cremation grounds;

so I have turned my heart into one

That thou, a resident of cremation grounds,

may dance there unceasingly.

O Mother! I have no other fond desire in my heart;

fire of a funeral pyre is burning there;

O Mother! I have preserved the ashes of dead bodies all around

that Thou may come.

O Mother! Keeping Shiva, conqueror of Death, under Thy feet,

Come, dancing to the tune of music;

Prasada waits With his eyes closed

So he created a place for Her, and he took Her into his heart. It was in this cremation ground of the Heart that the attachments, limitations, anger, loneliness, sense of meaninglessness, craving, and ignorance were burned away by the fire of knowledge -the cremation ground-in the heart.

July 25 Oneness Blessing/Deeksha

On July 25, over 500 particpated in an early AM Group Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) for Awakening to Divine Love.

The invitation was sent by Dharma Dharini through the Vedic Shamanism Newsletter:

-Free Deeksha for Awakening the Divine Love in Your Heart-Profound Divine Mystical Experience is an early part of an ancient path of transformation and enlightenment.The Bhakti Marga, or God Center (Mystical Path) is among the most beautiful of spiritual journeys.

It is important because it leads to total transformation. You can see the transformational effect of Profound Divine Mystical Experience in the life of the the Apostle Paul who was totally transformed by an encounter with Jesus. A well known literary example is that of the story of Scrooge in Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". In this story a cruel miser is transformed by an encounter with three ghosts.

Following is the meditation sent to those who registered:

Namaste Everyone,

It is only necessary to sit quietly beginning at 5:10AM MST-(Phoenix Time if you Google the World Clock) and watch your breath. You can play music or go outside and listen to the birds. It would be good if you can stay relaxed for
at least 20 minutes.

There is a connection between the mind, the breath and the kundalini. The breath is the easiest to control. You need not follow it into the body, otherwise the mind will wander. Just watch it as it enters and exits the nose.

For those of you who only want to experience deeksha you do not need to read further.


Those who are wishing to experience the Awakening of the Antaryamin, a very good prayer is, "Lord, (or use the name of the form you relate to) I must know you. Please move me from belief to experience. If you can give this experience to me please give it to me now." After that, all you that can do is see there is nothing you can do.

It is Grace.

What may happen is some of you will see a form of the Divine in the heart. When you shut your eyes and look down you will see that form or a light where there once was darkness. Such a Blessing that is. Others may catch a beautiful scent, feel a breeze, hear a beautiful, majestic voice.

That form in the heart may move to an external life-sized form or it may stay put. If it moves to the external it may move back into the heart or vanish for some time.

If it takes an external form do not worry, it often will only take some focused sadhanas such as meditation, karma yoga, etc to bring it into the heart.

I can tell you some beautiful things such as that it is here to be your Supreme Friend, to give you the unconditional love that you have been seeking, to help you to manifest your dreams, and while that is true, a fact of the matter is that it has lowered its standards more than any want to even think of imagining by coming to us in this manner. This Awakening does not happen because we are worthy, it occurs because it is necessary.

I would like you to consider this: while some transformation will surely occur, and you will be moved from belief (ignorance) to discovery, and all battles and debates about religion will end for you, it is not the best that you should
stay in a state of "Oh well the Divine Loves me unconditionally. I can do any horrible thing I want."

What I am telling is what if you were to attempt to raise your level to that of the Antaryamin, rather than having it remain with you and relate at your level?

This is extremely hard to put into words. Just imagine for a moment what it would be for a teacher if her students kept
failing the first grade. What if your children never grew past the age of two.

Relate to your Antaryamin-to the Divine Within in whatever form you chose. This experience is a common denominator in the lives of saints, sages, prophets and mystics.

Ask for the Antaryamin's help. Relate. Relate, Relate. Ask "How can I make my heart more pleasing to you? How can I serve?"

A powerful visualization to do before this deeksha is to visualize your heart, then see it being cleansed with beautiful light and water. Make it beautiful. Put in a garden or some furnishings. Prepare a beautiful place to relate intimately with the Divine Within.

Even if you were to buy a hamster or a parakeet you would have a place prepared. Why not prepare a beautiful place for your Beloved? Some may even want to prepare a place in their homes.

We are very blessed that so many, during this very sacred time in the history of man, can now have this experience. The Divine has compromised-lowered the standard at least for now. If we make a true effort to raise ours, the rewards for mankind en-mass can be tremendous.


Dharma Dharini