Monday, September 15, 2008

War and Peace Dependently Arising

One night while meditating all night to experience the seeing of the dependently arising nature of creation, Acharya Ananda Giri (who was among the first of the children to attain enlightenment at Satyaloka) asked us to try and see if we could find anythng that is absolute in this dependently arising creation-to try and find one thing that stands alone, that is not relative or dependent upon another. In this we saw that indeed Life is relationship. Our very survival dpends on it. The seeing was amazing.

I saw that God and man as opposite ends of the same spectrum as are hot and cold. And that all is dependent or relative. I could find no absolute.

A later sadhana (spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation) was to ask ourselves if we could actually project non violence without projecting violence.

Insights were gained on why in towns were many are armed there is less crime. The fate of cultures that have attempted to perpetuate non-violence was more comprehensible.

It has since been an observation since that when there are large peace marches war and bloodshed appears to erupt if not at the march itself in another part of the world.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sept.18 Deeksha and Bliss Meditation

Namaste Everyone,

I am very glad that you are participating in the long distance Oneness Deeksha on Sept 18 at 6:30PM, Pacific time.

Those of you who only want to experience the Oneness Blessing need not read any further. At 6:30 sit quietly and go with the experience. Others who want to do the meditation but do not want to read so much at this time, scroll down to the part that says "Instructions."

Others in the group want to know more about the meditation so they can teach others so following is more information:

We will be be doing a very powerful sadhana (spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation) that was first taught at Satyaloka Monastery for perfecting the Bliss Body or Anandamaya Kosha. This subtle energy body is also called "The Sheath Made of Bliss", "Self Made of Delight" or "Bliss (Subtle Energy Body)Energy Body." This practice, when done weekly, will keep the Bliss Body in very good shape, and help you to grow spiritually in a beautiful way. It is a practice that will help you to receive the most of the deekshas that you are receiving,

The Bliss body is the most subtle of the energy bodies. Some philosophers have seen this Bliss Causal Body not as a sheath, but as the Soul itself, manifesting as a body of light, the individual aspect of the Divine Self, the holding place of karma, or as the Super-conscious Mind that dwells above Sat Chit Ananda (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss). During this meditation, like the sages of ancient times, you may have your own discoveries and insights about the Bliss Energy Body. If you want to know more about the Bliss Body it would be helpful to Google "Ananadamaya Kosha."

To give some understanding of the importance of spiritual practices such as this meditation and the relationship to The Oneness Deeksha:

In ancient times, diksha or deeksha was considered to be part of an ancient triad of enlightenment consisting of
1. Sadahanas or spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation
2. Sutras
3. Diksha or Deeksha.

You could consider the deeksha to be like a seed of Transformtion and Enlightenment and sutras and sadhanas to be like the sun and the rain that nourish the seed. Many of you have never paid enough attention to the deeksha to allow it to work its magic and you keep running back week after week for more deeksha.

Think back for a moment to the first grade when you were given a Dixie cup with some dirt and a seed in it. So carefully you watered it and placed it in a sunny window so that it could grow. You nurtured and protected that seedling, and after some time your Dixie cup full of dirt was transformed into a beautiful plant that flowered.. That is the effect of the deeksha that has been cared for. You grow spiritually and the heart flowers.

In almost every class there was a child who did not care so much about his Dixie cup full of dirt. He was ignorant about the life force potential in the seed that he had been given to care for. He had other things to do. Maybe he did not give his seed any water or he just carelessly stuck the seed in the cup in his locker-leaving the poor little thing in the dark. At the end of the semester he had only a Dixie cup full of dirt to show, while the other children had beautiful plants, some with flowers.

This is what too many people are doing with Deeksha. Week after week in some church or living room hundreds of people are given numerous seeds yet not much is happening for them but a passing feeling of Bliss. They begin to blame the deeksha or the one who gave the deeksha because they are not growing.

In some,so much hurt has occurred because something has happened for another but not for them and they have clearly stepped into a cycle of revenge. it is much like if an angry child upon given a Dixie cup full or dirt and a seed to plant were to attempt to to uproot or destroy the plants of others because his seed did not grow as a result of ignorance or neglect and then put up a website saying that seeds cannot grow in Dixie cups or that seeds are useless or harmful.

Just as when properly tended to, a seed will transform a Dixie cup full of dirt into something beautiful, Deeksha can have a beautifully transforming effect on the human heart.

So I want you to be very aware of this ancient triad of enlightenment and what is necessary for the care and nurturing of the deekshas that you have been given.

It is (in any order):

1Deeksha (the seed),

2 Sadhanas or spiritual practices (the rain)

3, Sutras*(the Sun) Give your deeksha some sunlight (wisdom) and some water and amazing things will happen for you!

Others of you have practiced many sadhanas and contemplated sutras for years, but there has not been so much growth beyond practicing concepts as the element of Deeksha is missing. The Deeksha can help to more the practicing of concepts such as kindness into the realm of one's true nature.

When the first Western teachers finished the training at Satyaloka, (among us, Leilaji, Uttama and Sri Raniji), we had only given several dikshas during the whole 42 day Mukti Yagna (Retreat). We were expected to maintain and elevate our states by practicing the sadhanas and contemplate the sutras we were given. It went on that way for three years. Each Deeksha was treasured and nurtured. The effect adhering to the ancient triad of enlightenment of deeksha, sadhanas, and sutras is almost magical.

It is my prayer that you will take the time to nurture the deeksha that you are given tonight with the following Bliss Body Meditation at least one day a week. It is ten minutes a week that can totally change your life and positively impact the world around you.

1, Sit quietly at 6:30 PM, Pacific Time Those of you who are joining in groups can hold hands in a circle. If you know the Moola Mantra you can chant it 7 times (the words and meaning are on the first post on this blog). Others can chant "Aum" 15 times. Make the Ahhh sound 3 times longer than the mmmm sound or you may go to sleep.

2. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and relatives as well as strangers. See that you are breathing. See that they are breathing. You are connected through that breath-taking air from the same source. (Yes you can put your pets on your lap on include them in your circle).

(You can also just work individually and not visualize holding hands with a group if that is not comfortable for you.)

If you cannot visualize simply say to yourself, "I am sitting in a circle of many people and we are all holding hands."

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart chakra. Feel your heart beating in harmony with all the other hearts of the beings that you are connecting with tonight.

3 Ask to be connected to the Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for the experience of Bliss.

4. Move your awareness to the brow chakra.

5. Now visualize Bhagavan, Amma (or a Being of Light) standing behind you, palcing His or Her hands on your head and giving the Oneness Blessing to you. If you would like to see a picture of Bhagavan recent pictures of Bhagavan and Amma are at

Many will feel hands on their heads. See the Deeksha traveling through your hands to everyone in your circle.

If you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say to yourself, "Bhagavan (or Amma or a Divine Being, Jesus,Mary, Buddha,God, an angel or whatever form you chose) is standing behind me. He (or She) is placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness Blessing to me and through me to all the other people in
this circle.

Many will feel loving hands on their heads, smell a beautiful fragrance or feel a gentle caressing breeze as the Bliss body is touched..

You can stay seated in meditation or go into Shivasana (lay on your back with your palms up). 10 minutes to
1/2 hour or more is recommended.

I will be sending Deeksha continuously to you for 1/2 hour.

Please feel free to write if you have any questions or if you would like to share your experiences with the group.

If you want to practice this meditation weekly by yourself, you need not visualize a group but just sit quietly and experience for yourself.

With Love,

Dharma Dharini

If you would like to register for this free Deeksha session email dharma @ with Sept 18 Deeksha and your name in the subject line. For more on Deeksha (diksha) visit

*For an explanation of a Sutra for understanding suffering called "Suffering is a Constant." visit and Earth Changes. Another sutra that can be contemplated simply by meditating on a yin and yang symbol is "Life is Death and Death is Life."

It is also recommended to keep the physical body in very good shape with a cleansing of toxins, mucus, excess weight and parasites,as the condition of the gut or second brain having to do with intuition, deeply impacts consciousness. A very effective yet gentle cleanse can be found at