Monday, December 1, 2008

Oneness Deeksha- December 8 8PM MST


I will be opening the Monday Night long distance deeksha circle to all at no cost on Dec 8. This is a silent transmission with no phone call to cut or end your experience. You may follow the directions below or you can simply relax and experience deeksha. To register email dharma with your name and Free Deeksha in the subject line.

The Sadhana (Spiritual Practice):

An ancient pattern of enlightenment of the Bhakti Marga (God Centered/Mystical path is:

1. Realizing your condition, feeling helpless in that condition and asking for intervention

2. Profound Divine Mystical Experience that leads to transformation (for more on such the transformational effects visit or read about the Apostle Paul, the lives of any saint, sage, prophet or mystic. "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens is a wonderful literary example.)

3. Insight (that big Aha that leads to a genetic restructuring of the brain and the annihilation of suffering aka enlightenment). Legend tells that the Insight that palyed a huge part in the liberation of Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha) was that his desire was to be free of desire.

4. Liberation

1. Look at the pattern above. See if you can see the area of progress in relation to that pattern. Another gauge of spiritual progress can be found in the answer to the question; "How are your relationships?"

If you have not realized your condition pray for awareness of your condition. This can take tremendous courage and authenticity. The journey starts from where you are not where you want to be.

To pray is simply to ask. If you realize the condition to the point you almost nauseate yourself or just want sit there and bawl, but the Divine has yet to intervene, watch your prayers. See how many hidden agendas you have when you pray. You if you watch your thoughts while praying you may see something like this is there:

" Dear God, please help me to get a job." you may pray. But the mind is grinding away with thoughts of going to the unemployment office, calling a temporary service, robbing a bank, hitting the lottery, moving to Alaska, or something else.

Just see it.

Also know that feeling helpless is not the same as acting helpless. If God sends a rowboat you must take action by climbing in. If you are drowning in a well and someone drops in a rope to help you you will have to reach out and climb to help yourself.

Also know that Profound Divine Mystical experience often happens because it is necessary not because we deserve it. Look at the life of the Apostle Paul. Self righteousness can be a big obstacle.

If you have received profound Divine Mystical Experience (personal experience with the Divine), now is the time to pray for insight. You may have experienced what many would think is an ultimate Truth beyond the 5 senses but you can only bask in that experience so long. It is time to grow. You have moved from belief to discovery yet you are suffering. Google "Rama Krishna and Kali" and read of the suffering of that saint when he was not perceiving Kali. Do not be discouraged by the suffering and craving for experience. Look at the life of all the saints and prophets. Ask yourself did they still suffer? Even the Christ spoke of a cup of sorrow. Do not stop at mystical experience. If you do you will suffer. It is an early phase of the journey of transformation and enlightenment that will move you from belief to discovery, from reformation to transformation.

So those of you who have received profound Divine Mystical Experience pray for Insight. Look into your life at all the sufferings that were healed by a small insight. Your friend was late. You were angry until you found the reason. "Aha!" That is it!" A man spit on you. You were suffering so much. So angry you were. Then you found out that man was blind. Aha! He spit and it hit you is all. End of suffering. You can suffer about that incident no more. The suffering circuit was burned out on that matter we could say.

Imagine that one big insight-that big "Aha" that would lead to hundreds of other insights to liberate you from suffering once and for all.

Say your prayer from wherever you are using the pattern above-ask for realization of your condition, for mystical experience or for insight and after that chant the Mula Mantra 7 times keeping the focus on the third eye. Pray first. Chant second. Ask for one thing. Make it very concise and simple such as "Bhagavan, I must move from belief to discovery. If you can give this Profound Divine Mystical Experience then please give it to me now." Or "Bhagavan, please give me insight now."

If you do not know the Mula Mantra you can order it at entitled "The Sacred". It is also at the beginning of Adi Purusha which to listen to is like a retreat in itself. If you cannot order it or do not know it simply chant Aum 7 times. Make the Ahhh sound 3 times longer than the mmm sound so that it is Ahhhhhooooom not Ahooooommmmmmmm. Te m sound connects you more strongly to the dream or material realm. Do not give it so much weight in this meditation.

Then sit silently. You can also go into Shivasana (Relax on your back)

I will give deeksha starting at 8:15 MST and will be completed by 9:15 MST.

To register for the ongoing weekly long distance deeksha group after Dec. 8th visit .