Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 8PM MST Long Distance Oneness Blessing-Deeksha

Due to the high volume of emails and occasional time delay some participants have been experiencing in receiving the response to their registration, I will be posting the Monday night cyber meditation. If you would like to participate tonight from 8-9 MST (Phoenix Time) the link to register is at The cost is $10. The meditation is as follows.

Namaste Everyone,

Ask yourself if you feel that belief is required to
experience the fruits of the Deeksha.

The answer is no.

All that is required is that you
must feel a need for a change in your life. What is
required is an awareness of your present condition and
a need to transform your life. As it stands many are
in state of reformation. In reformation one is merely
practicing a state such as love, kindness, happiness,
enlightenment, etc. It is not the true nature or inner
state. In transformation, one is living the teachings
or the ideal.

"To live like one is enlightened when one is not
enlightened is Hippieism," Achaya Ananda Giri.

What generally happens is we attend a workshop or read
a book and get a whole new set of ideas to practice.
The mind becomes very happy for some time.

"This is it-it will change my life! " you think.

But after a year of reading a manifestation or motivational book
and practicing the affirmations and positive thinking or
seeking the miracles the fact that you have yet to
manifest a BMW or that castle near the French Riveria
finally sinks in and you suffer-until a new set of
ideas, a book or a workshop comes along.

Why is it not working? Very simply- a state of transformation
can rarely be reached through the mind. Miracles
rarely occur through thought process.

A deeper look is the relationship to hope and
reformation: In reformation it is often hope only that
often keeps us going.

How does transformation occur? When will all these
teaching become your natural state? For one to move
from reformation to transformation one must have a
powerful mystical experience. Only then will the
teaching become a reality. A look into the lives of
the saints, sages, prophets and mystics would reveal
all. The mystical experience is a common denominator .
That personal experience with the Divine.

It is through Grace.

It does not matter if you are righteous, or kind. You
must only be in touch with your current state. If
there is anger, no love in your heart, loneliness,
passion, whatever is there just see it. If there is no
love there what can we do? You cannot pump love in
your heart. Just merely see what is and is not there.
To simply see and accept that you are suffering and
causing others to suffer is a very good start.

The next step is helplessness. If you can see all the
years of trying to perfect yourself it still has not
happened and realize all you can do is see that there
is nothing you can do, you are well on your way.

Step 3 is asking for help. Many times our prayers
(asking) do not work as secretly we have our own
plans. "Please help me with get a job I cannot pay my
bills. But in the back of your mind you are
formulating ideas about signing up for food stamps,
moving in with your parents or robbing a bank.

If you say, "I cannot stand the current
condition-this groping in the dark, this
dissatisfaction in my life, this not having an
experience with the Divine, but in the back of your
mind you are thinking of a book that might help you
and resolving t be a better person and not speaking so
harshly of others or whatever it is that is there,
would you consider this to be a feeling of
helplessness? If you are asking for help and secretly
formulating agendas at the same time just see it. If
you say to a friend, " I am really in a jam time wise.
Can you bring the potato salad to my party and they
work for hours making it only to find you have asked 5
others bring potato salad, what do you think will
happen the next time you ask them for help? The Divine
is your Supreme Friend. Look at the relationship.

So you ask for the experience and you wait. Know that
this type of experience does not occur because you
want it or feel you deserve it. It happens because it
is necessary.

We will be working on this every week for the next
several weeks. It is very important to move from
reformation to transformation. To move from belief to
discovery as it is belief that separates while
discovery unites. Personal discovery or experience is
a great annihilator of belief (ignorance-or more
kindly hoping that something may be so or not so.)
While it is indeed blessed to believe there must come
a time when belief is transformed into true
experience. It is time to have our own experiences
rather than living through the lives of others we have
read about in books.

So first take 3 conscious breaths. Just focus totally
on the breath. Then ask to see the true condition of
the heart. Then feel you heart. See the loneliness,
the longing for this Union with the Divine, this sense
of separate existence whatever is there. Focus on the
brow chakra, hold you hands at your heart and ask for
help. "Simply say to the Divine Presence, I must see
you know. Enter my heart in a form I can relate to.
Let me see you, hear you, embrace you. If you can do
this please do this."

I will be sending deeksha to each individual for this
Awakening of the Indweller (Antaryamin) as well as the
Oneness Blessing.


Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7-A Day of Miracles Meditation 3/7/2008

Namaste Everyone,

Thank you for joining in this meditation. This is a
wonderful opportunity for us to help mankind make a
shift in consciousness in a very rapid way.

The sadhana or spiritual practice (in this instance a
meditation) that we will be doing can be done every
day. It is very effective and pleasurable as it
perfects the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss Energy Body.
It is called Kalki Dhyana. (Dhyana means a stage of

Those of you who are in groups can hold hands in a
circle. If you know the Moola Mantra you can chant it
18 times (the words and meaning are on the first post on this blog).

Others can chant
Aum 18 times.

1. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are
holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and
relatives as well as strangers. (Yes you can put your
pets on your lap). If you cannot visualize simply say,
"I am sitting in a circle of one hundred people and we
are all holding hands." Just know that you are there.

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart
chakra. Feel your heart. Ask to be connected to the
Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for
the experience of Bliss. Move your awareness to the
brow chakra.

3. Now visualize Bhagavan (or a Being of Light)
standing behind you giving
the Oneness Blessing. Feel his hands on your head.
Then see the Deeksha traveling through your hands to
everyone in the circle.

If you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say
yourself, "Bhagavan is standing behind me. He is
placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness
Blessing to me and then to all the other people in
this circle.

You can stay seated in meditation or go into Shivasana
(lay on your back with your palms up). 20 minutes to
an hour is recommended. I will be giving Deeksha
continuously to your group for the entire hour.

Some of you may see a huge light before your eyes.
keep them closed. See that Light entering the third
eye, lighting up every cell in your body and finally
settling in your heart into your heart. It can be a
tremendous Awakening experience for you. If it comes
to you invite it in. Even though it may feel like
someone in standing in front of you with a spotlight
do not let curiosity get the best of you by opening
your eyes. It may not return for years. Keep them
closed and bring it in to your being. At times in a
gesture of Supreme Friendship the Antaryamin or Higher
Self will take an external form. Awaken outside and
again within.

As always I would love to read your experiences.
Experiences sent will be shared with the group unless
indicated otherwise.

Please feel free to write if you have any questions.

With Love,

Feb 2009 Newsletter

Vedic Shamanism News Feb, 2008

For more on Deeksha visit

Interview with Enllightened Master Acharya Ananda

Question:If I am aware of the necessity to begin the
journey of Transformation, what is the next step I
should take?

"After being aware of the necessity and the desire to
change, you should see that every intent and effort to
change your inner nature might just produce
reformation and not bring the true Transformation into
your life. If we go deeper into the nature of our
mind, first we will see that our mind is constantly
planning and programming events, keeping under control
and order the situations and events that are going to
occur in the day, in the week, in the month, in the
year or even in the rest of our life. If a change must
occur in our inner world we must realize that every
change in our feelings, perceptions and emotions have
the characteristic of being natural and spontaneous in
nature. Every experience is spontaneous, it is not
planned or organized. I do not plan to get mad at my
wife, husband or friend, neither do I plan to feel
glad or happy today. I do not program to feel
depressed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and be
happy the rest of the week. Therefore, the nature of
the experience and of the inner world (feelings,
emotions, sensations and perceptions) is spontaneous
and natural.

After seeing the necessity of a change and
Transformation, I should also realize that the key to
success is not in my hands and in my own efforts,
because something spontaneous must occur, an
extraordinary experience must occur, a transcendental
experience, a divine and mystical experience must be
given to me to get the state of Transformation and

As we said in the beginning, we are suffering and
searching for a meaning in life because we have not
had this mystical experience. Our life is boring and
we are always having the feeling that something is
missing for us to be complete. Constantly we feel
emptiness in our hearts and a feeling of alienation
and loneliness. We may be with a group of friends or
at work and feel that we do not belong to this place
or to this group of people. In other moments I may be
in a family party and still feel I don't belong here
either, even though we are together there is something
that divides us and makes me feel separated from
others. I may be in a wonderful and beautiful place;
in a mountain with vegetation around me and birds,
wild animals and a pure river with crystal water
flowing through it; but while I am there observing the
landscape and the whole place I feel fine just for a
moment, after a while I feel I am just passing by this
place, I am a visitor, a pilgrim that always must go
on in his way, again getting in touch with this sense
of not belonging. There is something that does not let
me engage with others and with the rest of the world.
I may share certain things with others but there are
so many things inside of me that I have never shared
and I do not know if I ever will. This feeling of
being individuals and of being separated from others
is born from the lack of this transcendental and
mystical experience. This makes us lose the experience
of union and communion with others. So experiencing
this union and communion with others is a
transcendental and mystical experience. There are so
many kinds of mystical and transcendental experiences,
in fact they are unlimited and the main characteristic
is that they are unique and very different from one
person to another."

Question:If I have the necessity and I think I am
ready for this experience what should I do next?

"Then you are ready to attend one of our "ANUGRAHA
YAGNAS" (retreats for awakening the Divine Love within
your heart). These are retreats of one day, where you
can experience the awakening of your spiritual heart,
the awakening of your intuition. Other worlds are
revealed to you, which makes you understand the
meaning of being in this world, you will acquire
meaning in your present life, and much more will be
revealed to you in this retreat." continued at

To Attend an Anugraha Yagna in Scottsdale on March 8

Upcoming Events:
March 8 Vision Quest Books 10:30-3:00 Oneness
Blessing Intensive (Anugraha Yagna) with Dharma
Dharini and Hilary Bee $75 pre-registered at All attendees are urged to
stay for the second session-see below-at no charge and
it is a part of this process. Registration

March 8 Chakra Meditation and Healing Satsang 3:30-5
Vision Quest Books $25 (or inculded in Anugraha
Yagna-see above). Learn how Chakra Dhyana relates to
the Septanga Marga (7 Fold Path of Enlightenment) and
how you can use it to attain transformed states of
consciousness. Discover a little known healing
techniques that can help you to heal yourself forever.
Experience prana and chakra balancing to the degree
that it would take many years of yoga and meditation
to achieve on your own, Inludes Oneness Deeksha and
Healing Deeksha.

March 7 Quantum Deeksha Experiment ll Three
sessions-6:00PM 8:00PM and 10:00 PM MST No charge. To
register please return with March 7 Deeksha and the
time you can participate.

The meditation will be sent to you by the 5th of
March. March 7 is Bhagavan's birthday and is a day of
miracles. The first March 7 celebration in the USA was
in 1997 at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in
Pittsburgh, Pa. It was conducted by Acharya Ananda
Giri and over 1200 were in attendance. Many miracles
occurred that day.

Background on Quantum Deeksha Experiement:

On Feb 14 Dharma Dharini sent out the following

Some of you are pioneers. I am requesting your help
in a deeksha experiment. There is no charge-just
feedback is requested. If you would like to
participate in this experiment please return this with
Feb 14 Deeksha and the time you can participate-6PM
8PM or 10PM all MST Phoenix Time.. You are welcome to
invite others however please send the list of names
and convey this meditation to them.

When I give long distance deeksha I sit in the
manner that Bhagavan sits during darshan. In a
chair, ankles crossed. I chant the Moola Mantra 7
times (see for the words or to
order visit I wait and soon I
have the perception that I am Bhagavan and send the
deeksha. This is not conceptual it is an actually
seeing. When I look at my hands they either appear to
be the hands of Bhagavan which was quite unsettling at
first. Other times I hold my hands out to give deeksha
they disappear as if into water or another realm and I
cannot see them at all. I find myself wondering if
they will come back.

Anyway I was looking through notes from Satyaloka
Monastery and there was a sadhana (spiritual practice)
fthat we used to do. It was called "Kalki Dhyana. "
The Indian people used to call Bhagavan "Kalki" after
the 10th Avatar of Vishnu or the Lord of Enlightenment
for his ability to give enlightenment to others.
(According to Hindu Pauranic tradition Buddha and
Krishna were previous incarnations. Each Avatar
incarnates with a Divine Mission. Kalki's mission is
to liberate all of mankind from suffering, to close
Kaliyuga the current age of materialism,
sentimentality and decadence-where the heart of man is
cold and hard like iron, and usher in the Golden Age-a
10,000 year period of peace and prosperity.)

For Kalki Dhyana we would sit in a circle holding
hands and visualize Bhagavan standing behind us with
his hands on our heads. This meditation perfects the
Anandamayakosha or Bliss energy body. We would do it
individually as well when we returned.

For this experiment, on Feb 14 I will be offering 3
sessions at no charge 6PM, 8PM and 10PM MST (Phoenix
The meditation is as follows:

1. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle. You are
holding the hands of hundreds of people- friends and
relatives as well as strangers. (Yes you can put your
pets on your lap). If you cannot visualize simply say,
"I am sitting in a circle of one hundred people and we
are all holding hands." Just know that you are there.

2. Take a deep breathe. Exhale. Focus on the heart
chakra. Feel your heart Ask to be connected to the
Source of Supreme Love in a very tangible way and for
the experience of Bliss. Move your awareness to the
brow chakra.

3. Now visualize Bhagavan standing behind you giving
the Oneness Blessing. Feel his hands on your head. If
you cannot visualize or feel this, then simply say to
yourself, "Bhagavan is standing behind me. He is
placing his hands on my head and giving the Oneness
Blessing to me and then to all the other people in
this circle.

I suspect that if I am actually seeing that my hands
are Bhagavan's hands and you are actually feeling
Bhagavan' hands touching you it should take the
Deeksha experience to a different level.

I very much want to see what is possible. The
possibilities are staggering and if it works as
suspected it will fast track the liberation process
for all of mankind.

We can on a quantum level hold hands with a thousand,
a million, a billion, all the inhabitants of this
planet and of other realms as well. The body was
designed to experience bliss. Something has gone
amiss. Let's try and get our natural state of Oneness

With Love,

The response and feedback was amazing! Well Bhagavan
blessed us and worked his magic in a very amazing way.
Most could feel Bhagavan's hands giving them Deeksha,
some of the Deeksha givers said it felt like deeksha
in India, and many reported that problems in finances
and relationships were resolved. Others were able to
experience a state of Oneness for the first time. This
experiment was also a way for everyone to play a huge
part in the enlightenment of man and by participating,
the karmamayakosha (karmic body) was impacted enough
to tilt the scales in the participants' favor.

So this experiment with an added element will be
repeated on March 7, 2008 in honor of Bhagavan's
birthday. Expect a miracle!

Bach Flower Tip: Walnut will stabilize change. It is a
very good remedy to help retain a states of
transformed consciousness and oneness.

Upcoming April 19 Moksha Yagna-For Death and Beyond
for seniors and those soon to pass on. With Dharma
Dharini. For application visit


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