Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24 Deeksha Perfecting Anandamaykosha

This is the Age of Bliss. The perfection of the Anandamayakosha or Bliss Energy Body will help in this seeing.

Following is the meditation for the May 24 Monday Night Long Distance Deeksha Group. Registration info is at

This sadhana for perfecton of the Bliss Body can be done on your own without deeksha. It was originally introduced to us at Satyaloka during the 42 day yajna. It was called Kalki Dhyana. It was the only sadhana given for activation of the Bliss Body. I have always used the image in the icon on in visualization with tremendous result.

Namaste Everyone,

We will continue once more with the Bliss Body Meditation. During the early Mukti Yagnas at Satyaloka the Septanga Marga or 7 Fold Path was taught. to perfect any one of the energy bodies can lead to liberation.

Some have indicated that they are to stiff or do not have the time for the fasting or yoga for perfection of the physical energy body. Others are not so interested iperfecting the wisdom energy body. And some very authentically said they have their own troubles and are too self absorbed to focus much on the perfection of the karma mayakosha or karmic energy body.

This is a good thing to even see as this journey requires great courage and authenticity. It is not evident that all mystics and sages or enlightened masters are great humanitarians.

Very authentically speaking the perfection of the karma maya kosha through karma yoga is often best left to the more saintly. Do what karma yoga you can as surely it will help you, however if it is not in you then that is the condition. Embrace it and see that there is little you can do to change it. It would take an act of God.

For example in ancient times, there was a man who walked for years to see an enlightened sage. When he first saw him, the sage was sitting on a chair in a beautiful room. A woman entered and ran to the master.

"Brother, my children are hungry. I need some food." she cried.

"Get out of my sight! You make me sick" he told her, and she ran off weeping.

In a moment a rat came out from under the table. The master took some bread from his robe and began to feed the rat.

The crowd was stunned. The man was very upset and called out. "I walked for years to see you and you would feed a rat and deny your sister? You are a horrible fellow. a fraud."

The master, undisturbed, looked at him at said, "That is the difference between you and I. Sir. I am what I am."

It is crucial that you see the condition. See the internal feelings. How it is with you when someone asks you for help. The external response is irrelevant. It is what is inside. You cannot pump love and compassion into the heart. Nor can you be free of it if it is there.

It was a great milestone for some in the group to come out and say they are sick to death of working on perfecting the karma maya kosha-of practicing kindness when there is none. They realized their condition and saw the only thing they can really do is see there is nothing they can do. Pretending to be a saint, or kind or loving or grateful will get you nowhere. The journey begins in the seeing of what is or is not there. From where you are not from where you are pretending that you are.

So on to a sadhana for perfecting the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss Body:

The suggested meditation for Monday is a meditation to perfect the Ananda Maya Kosha or Bliss body. It is a good meditation to do at least once a week. If you do not want to do this practice then just sit quietly and relax.

1 Sit quietly and watch your breath going in and out of the nostrils for some time-3-5 minutes.

2. Move the awareness to the Ajnea or brow chakra.

3. Visualize a form of the Divine that you relate to standing behind you and placing his/her hands on your head. If it is a light or a formless aspect just sense that it is behind you touching your head lightly.

I will send deeksha at 7:1oPM MST and will be completed by 7:30.

Some may have a beautiful encounter in the form of a vision or a beautiful majestic voice, smell a fragrance, or feel a breeze caressing you. Do not feel frightened.

This loving presence has been with you your entire life. Your perception may shift during this time so there is a greater awareness for you to build a stronger relationship is all.

This is a fast meditation yet effective sadhana you can do on your own to keep the Bliss body in good shape. You need not have diksha to practice this meditation as often as you like. This meditation can lead to a deeper bond with the Divine that often leads to total transformation

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