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Looking back, much of the journey of transformation and enlightenment (liberation from suffering) is a shift in perception. There are times I suspect that is all there is too it. Once suffering is embraced it is no longer suffering. In any case, a shift in perception plays a huge role in shamanism.

Einstein, when asked what he thought was the most important question facing humanity today, replied,

"I think the most important question facing humanity is, 'Is the universe a friendly place?' This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves."

Among the most important questions you can ask yourself in the journey of transformation and enlightenment is the question: "Is the suffering in the fact or in the perception of the fact?"

If the suffering is truly in the fact, take for example a state of poverty, you would have to find that all who were poor or who have taken a vow of poverty are suffering from poverty. Poverty may be one person's suffering yet not that of another. To another there may be no suffering in it at all. Suffering is relative. It is in the perception. In this seeing lies a great key.

Even the perception of a symbol may shift. At one time the wolf was despised and feared. To say "the wolves were at the door" could mean you were very close to death of starvation. In the mind of man, the symbolism of the wolf was fearsome.

By the 1890's the wildness that was once the American Western frontier was in tatters. Very few of the great herds of elk and bison remained. It was the era of the cattlemen. The cattle were poorly adapted and starvation and death from thirst were a reality. There were also wolves for which the slow, not all that bright, cattle were an easy meal.

So the wolves killed the cattle and the cattlemen killed the wolves with poison, traps and rifles. Only the most stealthy of the wolves survived, and they continued to kill and eat the cattle. Among them was a wolf by the name of Lobo. So stealthy and preditory he was that there was a $1000 bounty placed on his head.

In 1893, an Englishman by the name of Seton, traveled from Canada to the New Mexico Territory to kill Lobo and claim the bounty. His ancestors were said to have played a part in the extermination of UK wolves, and he thought it would be an easy job-a few weeks work is all. Yet for some time Lobo outsmarted Seton at every turn. It was almost as if Lobo was supernatural.

Lobo had a mate, a white wolf name Bianca. As it turned out his love for her was his downfall. Bianca was not as cunning as Lobo, and one night Seton managed to capture her. He found Bianca howling in a trap with Lobo at her side.

Lobo ran off when the men approached, but continued to watch from a distance. The men lassoed Bianca and tied the other end of the rope to the horses. Then they ran the horses hard, dragging her until her neck was broken. Lobo watched on and began to howl.

Seton took Bianca's body home. Lobo searched and searched for her, even showing up on Seton's doorstep in his seeking. It was then that Seton had discovered Lobo's weakness. He rubbed some traps with Bianca's scent and set them.

The next night Lobo was captured. Yet Seton could not bring himself to kill Lobo. Instead he roped him, muzzled him and took him on a chain to a nearby ranch.

Lobo died that night. Whether is was from a desire for freedom, the stress of captivity, bad health, or a broken heart, no one really knows.

After Lobo's death, Seton became perhaps the world's first wolf advocate and before long, the wolf became a symbol of untamed beauty and the wildness that once was. Efforts were made to conserve wolves, not annilate them.

Man's perception of the wolf had changed with the death of Lobo.

For more on the story of Lobo vist

For a documentary click the title above or go to

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Elders

The Elders sat in the back of the Chinese Restaurant
And passed the pipe
The moon watched from the round window
The eldest of the old.
I saw no reason to worship the young.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bhagavan On The Antaryamin

Bhagavan on the Antaryamin:

Q: Who is god? Is God one or many?


"God is both the manifest and the un-manifest. The un-manifest God is unknown. The manifest God is known, as presence as light or as a form. God also manifests in places and icons, God also manifests through miracles, God manifests as the antaryamin, God also manifests in human beings as avatars. These are the expressions of God."

Q: What is the Antaryaminand how does the Antaryamin awaken in us?


"We often use the word God, but God means different things to different people. But actually we can define God as your higher sacred self, higher intelligence, or higher consciousness.

Sometimes you might have seen hundreds of birds flying like one bird. Have you seen this? So, actually you can know that the whole group has got a single consciousness, but the individual bird will follow the consciousness of the whole pack. Sometimes you will find one or two birds dropping out and again they get back to the main flock. If we say that the individual bird is you, then that full total bird consisting of all birds is the Antaryamin. It can be called God or higher intelligence etc. So when we say you have the Antaryamin or that Antaryamin is awakened , what it means is you are the part, are in touch with the whole. In the flock of birds, if one bird drops out of the group, two or three birds come out and help that bird to go and join back. Only then the whole thing can function. So as long as the small bird is following the big pack, you can say the small bird is following the will of the group or the pack. So if you have the Antaryamin and can talk with Him, then, ‘You’, the part is following the will of the whole or the Divine will. So it is not enough if you are willing to follow the Divine will, you must know what the Divine will is, what the will is of the higher consciousness, without which you are like a bird fallen of the pack.

You are in fact an orphan. The Antaryamin is the Whole, and to have the Antaryamin means you are in touch with the whole. The whole of human consciousness put together is more than the individual’s consciousness. It is not 1 + 1 = 2 but it is 1 +1 = 4. That is what is “Synergetic emergence”. Hydrogen and oxygen fuse to form water, whose properties are totally and fundamentally different from hydrogen and oxygen. This emerging consciousness is called God or Cosmic consciousness. And this cosmic consciousness is what is the Antaryamin.

The Antaryamin is you inner guide and your supreme friend who can guide you and protect you. Today many a time you are in conflict. What is right and wrong? what is good and bad? You unable to decide this. Even when you decide, many times you regret your decisions. But when the Antaryamin is awakened, you will exactly know how to respond to every situation of life. At every step you will have someone to guide you, on whom you can trust and who accepts you exactly as you are. And also when you have the Antaryamin, enlightenment is very easy.

So until now we have seen what is the Antaryamin and why do you need an Antaryamin. Now I will tell you how the awakening of the Antaryamin actually happens. Basically in our society, the kind of schooling, education and life style one has, you are not allowed to experience and express your emotions. You are quite suppressed. That is why some have difficulty in getting in touch with their Antaryamin. So once you have got in touch with your suppressed emotions and if you invite the Antaryamin with your whole heart, it will awaken in you in the way it chooses or in the form you desire. To have the Antaryamin is the natural state of Man, it is your birthright; it is just like breathing or digesting. In the Ancient days everybody was in touch with their Antaryamin. There were tribes in Africa a hundred years ago, who where in direct communion with their Antaryamin. They lived a wonderful life. All that you must do is, from your heart, with emotion, with great feeling and with a bond, a liking, you must invite the Antaryamin and then it will awaken in you. It is not at all difficult. You think it is difficult and have all kinds of wrong perceptions. The Antaryamin is not bothered about what kind of a person you are. The Antaryamin is your friend and so doesn’t judge you or condemn you. All it wants is that you invite it with a feeling and a bond.........."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Awakening of the Antaryamin

Life is full of wonder and totally Divine. You do not need to understand-only live. You kiss the grass in the garden because there is grass in the garden.

And then the time comes when the gratitude is so great it overcomes you, the heart becomes very Light. You become it. You bow to your own divinity and laugh. Heaven has met Earth. Inside they are no longer at war.

Gratitude, she is the great annihilator of suffering. The bearer of enlightenment.......

Dharma Dharini

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aug 6, Prayer and Mantra To Set Right World Finances

Recently I learned a mantra from Siva Baba. It is to set right finances of the world. For those who do not know of Siva Baba, he is a great master from the Siddha tradition of Tamil Nadu. Some know him as "Guruji" from Wayne Dyer's book, "Manifest Your Destiny." Many years ago I helped to coordinate some events for him in Phoenix. A master of manifestation, he helped the people in a very big way. Few in my life have ever been kinder to me.

I use mantras that I have learned for him almost daily as do many of my students. They are tremendous tools and extremely powerful.

I do not know what will happen with the chanting of this mantra so will be gathering with some friends to see. I do know that praying for others does strengthen the Karma Maya Kosha or karmic energy body and helps you to cultivate positive karma and that may in turn positively impact your own household's finances. Just to perfect 1 Kosha only can lead to enlightenment.

So if you would like to join us (expected group is 800 so far) from wherever you may be we welcome you!

Global Prayer and Mantra to set right World Finances.
Aug 6, 5:44 AM Phoenix Time or Sunrise Wherever You Are

In a little over a year our national debt has increased from $10.626,877,048,913 in Jan of 09 to $13,301,637,817,151 as of Aug 3, 2010. Other countries are in serious economic trouble as well, as are many households. Mystics have repeated told that not much can happen unless the Divine steps in. So as a group we will ask the Divine and recite a mantra for this specific purpose.

Here is the format:

Get up beforehand and shower or bathe. If not possible wash your hands and face.
Face East (where the Sun is)
If you are not outside then light a candle before you.
Simply pray, "Lord, please step in and set right the finances of the world. You must do this now."
Chant the mantra "Om Brzee Namaha 108 or better yet 1008 times if time allows.

Sometime during the day give some money away to someone or to a charity and/or pay off a debt.
We will do this practice and then watch for signs. You can email experiences to me at .

Hope to connect with you on the 6th!

Dharma Dharini

The Mantra:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enlightenment Stars

Questioner: Has there been a time in history where God and humanity were in total harmony? Why did this change?

Bhagavan: We did have such a time. God would just chat with them. In some cases the antaryamin would be eating and drinking with people. Why this changes depends on the energies the Earth receives from the cosmos – it depends on our relationship with the star 'moolam', which in turn results in changes in the human brain................

Samasarshiniji on Mulam (Moolam)

7. Ok but the foundation work is to awaken the whole world. Is your main purpose to have the whole world Enlightened?

Ans. obviously yes it is. It is history. Man in his natural state in Enlightened. That is how he is supposed to be and that’s how they are made and that is why our left cerebral cortex that part of the brain has space where by we can get in touch with the Cosmic Consciousness. But then owing to certain factors man has lost that state. Bhagavan is trying to give back that state to man, this state of Enlightenment to all of humanity.

These factors are- in this Cosmos there are several planets & planes where there is life and life is beautiful. Only in very few places things are going wrong as it is going wrong with the earth. To put it short and in a way to understand, the earth is moving in its axis and there is a star called Mulam. From this star there is cosmic radiations emanating and it falls on the earth. When ever that happens the DNA of the man functions differently and man naturally is in a different state. His senses and mind functions differently, and the mystical dimension opens up. Whenever this cosmic radiations are not received by the earth because of its revolution and the axis in which it is moving, then man’s consciousness becomes dull, the mystical dimension closes, he becomes more a physical human being. Right now at this point of time the earth is receiving the radiations from this star Mulam. The Cosmic energy is flowing on to this planet. And at this time to make this enlightenment happen to man Bhagavan has come down, to make this process happen to man so that man again shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Bhagavan has come to alter the DNA of man and that is what we are doing here.............. Continued at

Sitchin, who wrote The Twelfth Planet also wrote about a planet where God, the creator resides, and which is referred to as Olamin, the plural of Olam (not so far from Moolam). The Dogon tribe called it "The Egg of the World" as it is the origin of all things and without it nothing cold hold its orbit. So I wonder about the relationship if it is the same. Others say Marduk, Olam and Planet X are the same.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The No Sadhana Sadhana

Bhagavan was once asked "What are the sadhanas (spiritual practices) for transformation."

He replied that this sadhana we call the no sadhana.

We taught it like this in some of the yajnas and workshops:

You could say there are two beings within. One is authentic and the other not so much authentic. A man you do not like knocks at your door. The one who is authentic says, "I don't like you. Don't come in."

The other says, "Good to see you. Where have you been, my friend, come on in! How great you look!"

If you look deeper into it there is a third being of sorts who sees the whole thing. He makes no comment as to whether you are to be authentic or inauthentic. He just witnesses the whole thing.

Now this witness can be created in just 21 days with just a little effort. This seeing sadhana can give so much bliss and joy that we call it the no sadhana sadhana. 

You will have learned to just watch all the comments, ego, anger, selfishness etc in your mind without distorting it. Whatever is happening you are not disturbed. The content is not important. The question is how you perceive it. Can you perceive it in a neutral way without taking sides?

If just witnessing the dialogue is Ananda then the ceasing of the dialogue is Paramananda.

Just to drink a glass of water without the dialogue is Paramanada.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every Reason to Worship

Since going to Satyaloka in 1998,1999, and 2000 I would have what could be considered Oneness or enlightenment experiences off and on. Once I was a Walmart in and it is almost better to be a Walmart than to be a woman (hard to describe) and I saw the entire Universe in a French Fry in the Wendy's in Morgantown WV., tried to drive home, could find no separation between myself and the mountain and wrecked the truck.  It is not difficult to be one with the desert and see what was outside is now inside, eat or fly through a bird, experience the dog as an extension of the senses yet still there was suffering. It is just a way of shifting perception, getting the mind out of an evolving and building cycle that is easily duplicated.

I suspected at times much of it was thought or imagination and my best friend, Lisa, would call it "special effects" -yet in the experience there does not appear to be thought at all-just pure experience. The perception is you clearly are what you see. Actually it is generally some thought or idea that cuts the experience.   There would be some great shifts in consciousness and then some low points. Through it all, the antaryamin has manifested internally and externally. The Supreme Friend. Even when the dog even turns away or looks at me in disgust, the Antaryamin has been there- my hero, my champion, my knight in shining armor, my lover, loving me even as I could not love truly love either him or myself.

Now some might suppose that someone is in a higher state than another because this awakening of antrayamin-this moving from belief to discovery- has occurred. I know very well first hand it is not the case. It is not that I stepped up to the antaryamin. It is that the antaryamin stepped down for me. And over and over and over-this stepping down. Such experience happens because it is necessary not because someone does something to deserve it. It is grace. I cannot say that I know God. All I can really say is if there is such a power his will is very strange. It is very evident that the awakening of the antaryamin is not the annihilation of suffering yet it's a huge part of the process-a part that keeps you from going insane- from putting a tire full of kerosene around your neck, lighting a match, and running around in the back yard until its all over. If you are truly, and I do mean truly, not superficially, going to strive to realize your condition and confront your self you are going to need one hell of a friend. Seek this awakening. It is a very simple way of seeing and then asking.

Over the last  few  years during and since returning from the 21 day process at the Golden City in 2006, there were two big insights that really helped me.  One was that gratitude and suffering cannot coexist. I saw how little gratitude there is when there is suffering and in that seeing gratitude grew.

The most recent insight (before the mukti diksha) came about one night a year or so ago when I was weeping for a relative. I found out he was really suffering physically sometimes due to his situation and some not having enough to meet some physical needs. I was crying and crying and gasping to the point of almost vomiting. I had nothing material to give that would help long term and felt so helpless. I could have put a kitchen knife in my abdomen, and it would not have been as painful as this.

The suffering escalated even more and it was like there was a shift happening -a teetering -like when you are running a long time and are really hurting and ready to drop and every muscle is screaming and suddenly this shift comes and it's pleasure. I was right about there-crossed between thinking I would die from this agony and  actually starting to feel pleasure, when suddenly the thought came: "You would feel better if you got something to eat. There is some Indian food in the freezer."  Everything brightened for a minute. "Yes! I could eat and I will feel better!" and there was hope. I lost the experience.

Then the thought came, "Loser! You can't even suffer! "

I started to sob  because I felt so sorry for myself that I could not even suffer.  Then it was like a light went off - a crack like a gunshot.   "I am suffering because I cannot suffer."   The relief was unimaginable.  Light came. It was an amazing state and I looked for suffering in the way you fiddle with you finger when you have taken off  a ring that you had worn for many years. It just wasn't there. While the 20 deekshas I have received may have helped arrive at the insight it very much appeared it is insight and not deeksha that impacts the brain and burns out the circuits of suffering so to speak.

The state would come and go and it would sometimes take some time before the perception shifted. But it was like each suffering was a learning and the following state was better.

The first mukti deeksha webcast with Bhagavan on March 20th was staggering for some time.  It was like the mind was busy bothering someone else and the state was very good. Thoughts were not arising. To see everything was automatic was a great annihilator of guilt and negative judgement.  I could actually see this.    Who can help anything?  All was forgiven-even myself.

There was a feeling of expansion- like the eyes were somewhere the ears somewhere else it was like there was no relativity and a happiness about it.  There was still a kind of feeling like I had been worrying about something but could not remember what I had been worrying about.  It was like a bad dream was behind me and the past erased.  Yet I knew the dream was there. Lurking. It was difficult to drive home.

I was doing the dishes the next morning and a soap bubble arose and hovered for a long time before my eyes as if daring me to look. I saw that I was like a piece of a whole for a moment that was enveloped for some time by a membrane. Then the bubble popped and the space inside it became indistinguishable from the air.   Oneness.

All around me there were signs and glimpses of this.  There was a rabbit that had been run over on the road and I saw how the rabbit was like the bubble.  Is this life and death? Is it death to be the bubble or life to be the bubble? Both....

Would the rabbit find another form  to live in or would it merge with the One and become indistinguishable like a drop of milk going into the ocean. Maybe it was more like sea water going back into sea water.   If so, how could it possibly return as a rabbit or in some other form in its entirety?  For eternity these waters are returning to the sea and mixing about then leaving the sea. The sea is ever changing, Without the ever changing waters coming and going it does not exist at all. Yet it does exist.

On another level there was some uneasiness about the perception of and seeking oneness.   All these shamanic type experiences of oneness with the bird, the people the crowd the trees. Of what good is it?  It appears so one sided.

A verse  came to mind by a sage called Allama.

"With your alchemies,
you achieve metals
but no essence.

With your manifold yogas
you achieve
a body but no spirit.

With your speeches and arguments
you build a chain of words
but cannot define the spirit.

If you say
you and I are One
you were me
but I was not you."

It may be that there is an experience of flying through the bird with no sense of separate existence or tasting the food another is eating, or the  heart that has merged for some time with that of another, but of what use is it to the other?  Maybe  I was them but they clearly were not aware of me.   Did this oneness experience that I had with the other help them in any way. Something is was off.

I had listened to so many  chatter about oneness with each other "Lets-all-hold-hands-in-a circle-because-we-are-really-one-with -each-other-and-the-earth- and-pray-and-meditate- together" and on and on.  Yet do we want this really even any more than the chicken  wants to walk about joined at the wing with another. We have our own porches, 3000 square foot houses, and we buy hybrid cars so we can drive to work alone and feel better about conserving gas in spite of not wanting to  carpool with the neighbors.

Everyone appears to be saying they are striving for a oneness experience with mankind or nature. To become what they see with no sense of separate existence in the name of world peace and the planet Earth. 

It was not adding up. A key was missing somewhere.

Could it be that it is Oneness with God and not the material realm that man is truly seeking-this stuff that is already there-the contents of the bubble so to speak? Could it be that is what is truly possible?  Had I been barking up the wrong tree? Did I misinterpret the assignment?


At  the April 24th event there was a strangeness bordering on discomfort.  It was kind of an on edge feeling.

I started to get bored  during the chanting.  When I saw there was boredom there was shift  in the chest.  There was physical pain in the heart and I saw there was a plant there and it shot up destroying the heart and upper half of the body and flowered into an amaryllis. A red one.

"Is this the flowering of the heart?  This is kind of hokey." Was the thought.  It felt like the upper half of my body was gone and had expanded into the night. I could hear the chanting.

Then Bhagavan was standing physically in front of me looking into my eyes with concern, tapping me on the face and saying it was time to wake up. The red amaryllis was gone.  It was a waking dream.

I saw that in the thinking I was the body, mind and spirit-some eternal absolute unchanging soul that there was always going to be dreaming while awake just as there was dreaming while the body slept.  The nightmares and sweet dreams of physical sleeping and physical "waking." would always be there.  It was a chain of thought-a futile attempt to create some sense of relativity where there was none-creating untold misery-the taking something that was not there at all and building on it. The illusion of absolute truth.

I was overwhelmed with compassion as that is just how it is for mankind-this non stop dreaming with the eyes open and with the eyes closed.  No wonder we suffer so. We never wake up. No wonder the baby cries before he sleeps and cries when he awakens.

This thinking the of the body-the vehicle of the mind as myself-had made life-maybe many lifetimes almost totally irrelevant. It only dies. The relationships  will die with it as well. No wonder there is existential suffering-this loneliness and a sense of meaninglessness. How could it be otherwise in this dream state? Look at the effects of bodies trying to relate with bodies like so many living corpses.

I looked up and saw and heard these people chanting the same chant sitting in the same way all encapsulating God- this One-like soap bubbles.  All holding the essence of the Divine.  Love came. My Lord is right there in all of them. In all of me.

Could it be this Oneness with God this love of God-must come first before there is a love for or a oneness with mankind?  Otherwise its a one sided experience-a shaman's dream. A thousand locks blew open.

And the wonder of it. The relief. As soon as It is, It is no more. 

It was not like there are fireworks or anything remarkable since, outside of an acceptance of a life that is Divine. I get up in the morning just am. There is a wonder. The word is  fresh and  rich and full.  Such joy.

There is nothing left to worship and every reason to worship.


I saw in a vision a guru who declared himself to be God. One by one his students said,  "I am God,"   He wept with joy and  declared himself man.

If you would like to experience a mukti deeksha visit and click events.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

March 30 Mukti Deeksha Transcript

Today is the day of awakening.

Living without being awakened is no living at all. It is merely an
effort for survival.
Why is it that we do not live? It is the mind which prevents us from living.
How does the mind prevent us from living?
The mind does not allow us to experience reality as it is.

When you experience reality as it is then you are living.
But the mind does not allow that to happen.
Why? The mind is all the time naming, it is judging and trying to
convert it into memory.
That is why the mind never allows you to actually experience anything.

Therefore, in order to live we have to be free of the mind.
There is yet another reason why we should be free of the mind.
The mind is responsible for all our problems throughout our human
existence. It creates problems then it tries to solve the problems. In
that very effort it keeps surviving. Without problems the mind cannot
survive. That is what is responsible for all our problems.

As long as we are not free of the mind problems are not going to cease.
The individual, the collective, political, be it economical, be it
social, be it environmental, what not - the root is in the mind.
Unless and until we are free of the mind, these problems are not going
to come to an end.

To be free of the mind is the only revolution. There is no other
revolution that can really transform man. Therefore it is very
important to be free of the mind. When we say that we must be free of
the mind we are not talking of extinguishing the mind - no, not at
all. The mind will very much be there, in fact it will be working more
efficiently. But then instead of the mind making rules of our lives we
will be making use of the mind. That is the only difference that is
going to take place now. The mind will very be there, but then we will
be making use of this.

This freedom of the mind is what we call the awakening.

So today, if all things go well, in a matter of two hours listening to
this web cast today you should be awakened! Today, here and now.

So how do we go about this?

We're going to use what is called the Mukti Deeksha. We were speaking
to you earlier on the Skype that from January 2011 would be the
programming and from July 2011 we would be doing the process. But then
there is not much time left, so we have fused the two into a short
compact programme.
Amma and I have taken a sankalpa that it works. The last few weeks it
has been working very well and thousands of people have made it.

So now we are handing over this Mukti Deeksha to you. It's going to
become yours in the next two hours. Not only will you be making it but
you will be able to make use of it to awaken others.

So the count down has begun. We are not going to wait until the end of
2010, 2011, or 2012.

We are starting right away. You will be awakened and you will be
awakening others and it is
your mission to complete the awakening of man. It is in your hands now.

So now we will go into the process itself.

I shall again repeat the example I have been giving all over the
world, again and again, in order that it enters your consciousness.

So we have a television set which is your consciousness, it is
connected to the DVD player which is your mind. In turn it is
connected to a power source and the power is flowing. The power that
flows is the Deeksha and the source of power is the divine.

Now we have to get the CD ready. The CD is the teachings which I gave
in the month of February. Hopefully you have worked on it and actually
understood it.

I will be revising the CD, that is the five basic teachings for
awakening. And then we will be uploading it with the 49 minute
Sadanas. Once the uploading is over, we switch on. That is the Deeksha
for which you will go and touch the padukas if you have there, or
Amma Bhagavan's picture if there, or if you prefer to touch an icon
of your choice it could be from any faith - Christianity, Islam,
Budism, Hinduism, whatever you want. Any icon you could touch. The
Deeksha will be given directly by the Divine without any human
intervention. This is a very special Deeksha. That is why it is
called Mukti Deeksha and once you receive it, it is all over.

The state will be there. For some people it will take a little time,
maybe a day or two. If all goes well it has to be permanent,
irreversible, the first time itself.

If for any chance the state were to dip, again repeat the chant, or
back home you could repeat the process in case it dips it will come
back with a bang. Those that do not get it now could go home and
repeat it and it will come back. In case it dips, once or twice,
repeat and it remain permanently, irreversibly, with you for life.

You have the freedom to repeat it whenever you want to. YOu will be
moving into deeper and higher states of consciousness. It's all up to

So now we go into the five teachings:

Repeat it after me:

The first is 'your thoughts are not your thoughts'.
The second is 'your mind is not mind'.
The third is your body is not your body.
Fifth is 'All things are happening automatically'.
Sixth is 'I as a person do not exist.'
These are the teachings.

So now, as I say it you repeat it after me in your native tongue.
Which if it happens to be English, I will be speaking in English, you
will repeat it in whatever language is your native tongue.

So here we go now. I'll make a slight change in it,

~ thoughts are not mine

~ mind is not mine

~ this body is not my body

~ all things are happening automatically

~ I as a person do not exist

Who or what is it that is making this statement?
You are saying mind is not there but somebody is there watching. What is that?
So it is obvious that something is existing - that is satta -
existence. What is not there is identification, I am doing things is
not there. The person who says 'this is mine' is not there.

The atman - This atman is what we call the unborn and the undying. The
unchanging and the imperishable.
Water cannot wet, knife cannot cut. It is the eternal ever present I,
the presence.
That's what is there. This is described as Satta. It has a sense of existence.
There is also called Chitta - there is no English equivalent of this,
the best we could translate it as
consciousness and intelligence fused together. Consciousness and
tremendous intelligence. It can
observe your mind, your body and all your actions. Therefore it is
Chitta, and it experiences unconditional, limitless joy. That is why
it is called Ananda. It is called satchinanda. The name given to it is
parabramha. That's why we keep chanting satchinanda parabramha.

So you are that - the unborn, the undying, the eternal, the ever
present, the ever present presence.
That's what you really are.
You are existence, consciousness, bliss.
You are not the thoughts.
You are not the mind.
You are not the body.
You are not the one who is acting.
All actions are taking place automatically.
You are the eternal witness - that's what you are.

You have been searching for this all your life [??] you have been
searching for this.
Your search has been futile because you have been searching in the
wrong places.
Like you see in movies, some guy has a hat on his head then he keeps
asking 'where is my hat?'

You are the one you have been searching for.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
That has been the problem.

The index finger which points at objects cannot point at itself.
The eye which sees cannot see itself.
That is the problem.

Today you are going to see that.
You are going to be that.

So now I will first say three times and after I have said you will say.
Then I will be on Skype for the next few minutes, the Skype will be
shut down and Amma and I will be fully focused on you for the next 49
minutes. And when you come and touch the altar we will still be
focused on you. And then it's all over.

So you'll be changing your courses into Oneness Awakening Courses. How
that should be done soon an email will be sent to you with all the
guidelines laid out.

We are transferring the power to you today.

We have initiated the process of dissolution which we said would start
in 2014, we have initiated that today.

So I will say and you will repeat it after me.

In your native tongue, this is very crucial. If English happens to be
your native tongue fine otherwise in your native tongue.

I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

Repeat in your native tongue for 49 minutes:

I am existence, consciousness, bliss

Sri Bhagavan

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday Diksha 6:15 AM Phoenix/La Time


Welcome late registrants-I will check the email box at 5:30 AM for your names.

Good Friday is observed as the day the Christ was crucified.

"And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called Golgotha" (John 19:17).

"And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a skull" (Matthew 27:33).

"And they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is "The place of a skull" (Mark 15:22).

"And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left" (Luke 23:33). (Calvary means cranium).

Symbolically we will go to the place of the skull -meditate on the crown chakra for this vision quest into a scriptural event. Focus your awareness on the crown for several minutes. You can tap it or touch it lightly briefly to help you if you like.

1. Ask the Divine or Bhagavan to help you to experience the heart of the Christ the day of the crucifixion.

2. Then chant the following "Aum Sat Chit Ananda" (or you can chant the English if you are more comfortable: I am Existence Consciousness Bliss) 15 times. This mantra relates to the crown chakra.

Then keep your awareness on the brow area. There is a screen of sorts in this area that we dream on.

I will be sending Diksha for half an hour. It would be best of you can stay seated 5-10 minutes then if desired you can recline on your back if you like. If you are meditating before an alter or a Sri Murthi (icon) of Bhagavan and recline put your head towards the alter. It is not good to expose the minor chakras in the feet to the Sri Murthi or the alter. Likewise do not sit with your feet out so the soles are exposed to the alter. Remember head to God feet to earth.:).

In past years many have experienced tremendous states of surrender, a new found wonder for the relationship between the Divine and man, the discovery of love, insights into suffering and a seeing of the direct relationship between suffering and liberation, insights into forgiveness and sacrifice, deep states of gratitude and wonder.

When I first did this vision quest I was not prepared for the state of surrender of the heart of the Christ. It transformed my life..
If you would like to share your experiences or insights it would be wonderful- please do so -but advise if it is for this group only or if it is OK to put on the blog at

Til then-

Background-not necessary to read just an FYI for those wanting more Info:

n the early years, the occidental (Western born) group in the USA were primarily raised Judeo Christian. The monk that helped us had gone to a Jesuit school is my understanding. We celebrated traditional holidays and gathered together for the holidays as a family would, and we connected with the other centers through teleconferences.

On religious holidays we often asked for personal experience and insight surrounding various scriptural events. For example during a Christmas Eve retreat we asked for an experience of that first Christmas. Some experienced the heart of of Mary that first Christmas. We saw that the minute she held her child she knew of the sacrifice. Imagine what it would be to hold your baby and know of such a destiny. Others had experiences as well and then we all shared them and received new insights. The historical and scriptural events became very much alive to us.

I will be adhering to that tradition by offering a Good Friday Deeksha where some of you will have the experience of the heart of the Christ as he fulfilled his destiny.

This way of seeing can make the scriptures from any religion become very much alive. Deep insight and can be gained. To attend a Stations of the Cross (Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows) for lent is a miraculous insightful experience in such a state. It goes beyond ritual, blessings, gratitude and tears into actual experience and insight.

Sometimes while you ask for a specific experience it shifts to that of something or someone close by or what may appear to be unrelated at the time. Perhaps it by some karmic bond or for some reason you are to carry a bit of information like a torch a couple thousand years into the future. Some in the past have asked for this experience of the heart of the Christ yet experienced Mary as she watched her son die, a by stander, Simon, the soldier who awakened on the spot and became God realized after piercing the side of the Christ with a lance.

You may have the experience of a bystander, the man who gave his tomb or you may be given what you asked to experience or perhaps nothing at all. It is all Grace.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mukti Deeksha Followup

From Vedic Shamanism Newsletter:

Thank you to all who attended the Mukti Deekshas in various places last weekend. The feedback has been great and the experience was great.

It has been my experience if Bhagavan tells you something personally you can take it to the bank. He has told you now about the Mukti Deeksha.

Here is my experience on this matter: I had taken vows along with Rani and 6 others at Satyaloka. We were taking on the teaching duties of the monks in the USA. There was no charge for any programs at the time and the teachers paid for everything including the food, ads and hall rental themselves. It was costly work and was a struggle to meet physical necessities at times.

Yet it was observed by the ancients that when a teacher (guru) made sacrifices in behalf of others the people who were sacrificed for became very important to the Divine. So we employed the dynamic of sacrifice to help the people. Some of the people grew in a very big way, experiencing states of sages, saints, prophets and mystics and transforming others through their presence. Most had experienced the Awakening of the Antaryamin in a moment just for the asking.

Amazing to see them for many of them Heaven had met Earth. They had entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event and there they remain.

Bhagavan sacrificed greatly for us as teachers, giving of his substance not his abundance and we in turn sacrificed for the people that he would touch and speak to through us. It is an ancient tradition and a great blessing to do this.

Almost immediately upon Bhagavan sending message through Ananda Giri that we would be well provided for, money began to come into the house. Within several months I had made well over a good year's salary as an independent sales contractor and really only had to work a few days a month. I could pick up and go to India, help others financially to go as well and continue teaching in this tradition at home and in other states. I was able to go back and forth to Phoenix and speak and give diksha at expos and gatherings without thinking twice.

Bhagavan has told us directly about the mukti deeksha. He means it. If there is a perceived backsliding just recite the mantra for some time and ask him to help you immediately. If you have to ask every minute do it. You will be back in that "Sat Chit Ananda state almost immediately. Do not let laziness or discouragement cheat you of this-you will soon move into enlightenment experiences and then beyond as is this your natural state. The suffering is not natural.

If your car is stalling, you keep increasing the gas, gunning the engine. You do not shut it off leave it there on the road and walk away. As long as the engine turns over you do not call a tow truck or trade it in.
You talk to the car. "Come on, Baby, get me home. just a few more miles, Darling." You are very tuned into it, aware of it as you pull for the sputtering car on all levels-all levels especially your heart. You root for it. You celebrate when it sputters, starts up and rolls. There is gratitude. Pull for your state.

Talk to Bhagavan. Give him that much at least. Many many times he has said, "If only you would ask." That is all prayer is- to simply ask. To worship is to express gratitude.

A backslide is really a blink and not a fall. The mind can be tricky and will battle for security is all. Chant and ask, chant and ask chant and ask. Consciousness on one level is sound based for those who want some science behind it. These are the sounds that will help. Chant and ask chant and ask.

Many thanks to Hilary, to Zelie and Lucia,_Classes_and_Retreats.html and friends for making last weekend's Mukti Blessing possible for the people of AZ.

It was so wonderful to have the doors open to all once more. There has been a tangible shift in Az and the blessing of unexpected rain in the desert-always a wonderful omen of blessings from the Divine. The desert is alive and flowering, as the landscape and consciousness are intertwined.

While the open to all Mukti Deeksha webcast was a very brief window of opportunity as I expected, it is my understanding that the weekly webcasts have now been discontinued to be replaced with a two day course in many areas that includes it. I apologize for the previous miscommunication about weekly events.

You can find events near you at .

Again much gratitude to those who dropped everything and went to receive the Mukti Deeksha on such short notice and on faith. Mankind has moved much closer to enlightenment.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

The First USA/Russian Darshan with Kalki Bhagavan

Satyaloka Monastery-Aug 15, 1998:

The previous night, the meditation session with the monks ended early. Acharya Ananda Giri who was conducting the 42 mukti yajna told to us to stay in our quarters and not walk about Satyaloka that night. We could hear music being played through loudspeakers in the distance which was odd as it was normally so quiet there, but we just figured that there was a celebration in the village. We did not go out.

When we arose at dawn, it was quite a surprise. In that secluded place, there was a line of people as far as the eye could see lined up for darshan with Kalki Bhagavan. People were drumming and dancing in the central field. swimming in the lake. There was a marketplace with vendors with Sri Murthis on everything from keychains to handbags. Dance was such a big part of the early process for as we awakened to a truth beyond the 5 senses, we wrote songs and danced with the Antaryamin well into the night. It could not be helped. It was a very joyful, energetic dharma in those early years. Even the suffering, the dark riddle of the Universe, was embraced as one would embrace a guru-as we danced through it.

The monks cooked for all the people who had come from many places for darshan-close to 300,000 in all and the steam was so thick in the kitchen area from the rice cooking you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. Crows were everywhere fighting over bits of rice and guarding piles of coconut shells. The ancient symbolism of the crows was death. It could be a spiritual shamanic death or a physical death. We rejoiced to see the crows as they meant liberation.

 Ananda Giriji met with us that morning and prepared us for darshan. He told us to be silent and look into Kalki's (Bhagavan's) eyes and do not even blink as we could only be in his presence a very short time. "Do not waste even a moment by blinking or looking away," he told us.  We prayed and were called in for darshan with Bhagavan. Amma did not give darshan there in those days. Bhagavan did not speak then during darshan as he does now, and he rarely opened his eyes. If he did some of the people would just pass out and have to be carried out.

We had been told before we went to Satyaloka by one of the monks that we would reach a state of a christ or a buddha or they would carry our dead bodies out of there. A woman laughed and was asked to leave if she could not take it seriously. We did not know what to expect. There was no going back. Even if anyone wanted to leave the police had come once more and taken our passports.

The monks (dasas) went to the front of the thatch darshan hall with a golden orb on the top to see Bhagavan.  They monks were jumping up and down weeping with Bliss and calling out "Kalki! Kalki!".  Some collapsed or fainted. Others wept with joy or bawled like babies.  Then we stepped forward to get our first glimpse of the physical form of the one they called "The Lord of Enlightenment."

Before that we had been relating the Sri Murthi (an empowered portrait or icon). I do not recall even seeing a photo of Amma until years later. All manner of miracles and supernatural events occurred surrounded that picture. Healings, material blessings, manifestations, miracles. Much later honey began to pour from the hands of a Sri Murthi in California (see Miracle of the Honey on When asked about it, Bhagavan said, “It is a marriage of science and religion. They have been separated for too long,”

Kalki Bhagavan sat in a beautiful carved chair. I had the impression there were eagles on the arms. His eyes were closed. He was not like any human I had ever seen. It shocked me and I jumped. "This cannot be real!" was the thought. He was so empty I though he was dead.

"This is taxidermy- a stuffed person," I thought. But then I saw him move just a bit, and at first doubted my eyes and jumped again. The movement was so shocking and unexpected that another jolt came and I almost fell backwards. I could find no definition for what I was seeing, and all circuits were on overload. I did nothing but stare at him as Ananda Giri had ordered and hung on to the railing.

It was difficult to stare at him-almost painful-like looking at the sun. The mind tilted back and forth. I stared at his closed eyes and was amazed to see that I could see his eyes burning through the lids. It was like fire.  I blinked and could still see his eyes through the lids. Suddenly he was a forest, the trees, a leopard, a leopard hunting a mouse, a mouse, a man hunting a leopard, a giraffe, the African continent, the world, my relatives, my loved ones, the people, the crowd the mass.  Faster and faster- all that ever was and all that ever will be. He opened His eyes and he was gone yet was still there-in the way you know the fan is there yet the blades are spinning too fast to see.

And I realized that I had seen the formless state of God. Parabrahma.  I had thought that Formless meant invisible. It was not that at all. I could find no definition. Love came. My heart broke into a million pieces.  Agony, Passion then Bliss.  The Universe empty. Everything is there yet there is nothing there at all.

The Russians were screaming "Come to Moscow!" and singing a song in a horrible way-it was a thousand double parked taxicabs blowing their horns. Raniji started screaming and fell. Louder and louder the sounds came until it was a tidal wave. No one could possibly survive. Others, including a few monks, were carried out weeping with bliss or not conscious-perhaps in samadhi.
I staggered out of the darshan hall. We began to bring buckets of  water for the people waiting in line, seeking some shred of reality in the labor. It was like going off a high dive. There was no going back. Would I even want to? Nothing would ever be the same- that I knew. For better or worse-there is no difference. The suffering is in the perception. I must only turn around-step aside to see differently. The transformation is in the perception.

Miles of people there were as far as the eye could see. It was a very hot day but no one complained. Some girls who had just seen Kalki Bhagavan were standing in the open area by the dhyana vihar, weeping. One fell into my arms and cried like a child. She wept and wept and wept until we both were soaked. I gave her some kleenex and she cried some more. There was a man crawling about at our feet weeping with bliss, and he was babbling and kissing the dirt.

By sundown there was no visible sign that the people had ever been there, except the mountains of coconut shells stacked up along the path. Even the crows had departed. I felt as if I had been crying for a million years and could find no more pain. I looked for it like a lost ring. It was an empty feeling not without relief.
Later that week as the mukti yajna progressed I entered a state where there is no judgment, as you see that your thoughts are not your thoughts.  You see how thoughts are attached to various places and people and are dependent on many factors. They just happen automatically. It is the same with desire.

 Later as the state or way of seeing progressed the experience moved to the seeing of the Universe in everything. I was in the restroom tying the drawstring on my pants and suddenly it was bliss to tie the knot. I untied it and tied it several times. When I looked at it, the knot was everything. Much later, maybe hours, someone found me in the stall happily staring at the knot and led me out of there by the arm. To walk in that state is amazing. The ground appeared as everything and nothing at all. I read once of a scientist who learned, or perhaps saw, something about quantum theory and had to wear snowshoes so he would not go through the floor. It was conceivable that that was his state except he cared one way or another what happened-about the outcome of whether he would or would not be absorbed by the ground. The heck with the snowshoes lets meld into the Earth.

When I passed that spot where the man had been weeping with bliss and talking to the dirt the morning of darshan, I experienced what I feel the man was experiencing. In that place I saw God in everything and I fell and began to kiss the grass in the dirt because there was grass in the dirt.

The experience could still be had in that same spot the following year and the year after that for as you walked through that place you entered that state. You saw God in everything. Just as a lake has warm spots and cool spots, Satyaloka has many spots where experiences folks generally only read about can be experienced for ones self. Like gifts from those who walked there before you.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vedic Shamanism Newsletter

Vedic Shamanism Newsletter:

Book Release: Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada (Paramacharya) was among the first Acharyas of Bhagavan. To order his book, "Sri Ramana Maharshi's Moksha" visit:

For Vedic Astrology with Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada visit
From the Moksha Yajna-(Retreat For Moksha conducted for those over 55 or the terminally ill)

"While you could write volumes on Moksha very simply it can be understood as liberation from the cycle of births and deaths, The one who attains moksha takes no more births and has no more deaths. He or she merges with Supreme Light."

On aging gracefully: "it is the natural rose that is loved and respected, the one that blooms, and fades. Not the artificial rose."

More on Moksha
On Feb 13 Stellar Light Applications offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to bask in the light of Sirius and experience the benefits of the concentrating of this light spectrum not available on earth. To find out more about the star Sirius, click on this link To keep informed of other events visit:
From cancer to arthritis to acne-discover the healing benefits of honey and cinnamon.
Healing Diksha

Is the healing diksha offered by the original teachers of Sri Bhagavan the same as the Oneness Blessing? Visit "Awakening the Antaryamin-Moving From Belief to Discovery"

Vayanamasi-Mantra For Miracles-

Already stories of miracles from a mantra Siva Baba recently revealed have been coming in. Visit: For more info.

It has a powerful resonance and is extremely effective..

The day I learned about Vayanamasi, I was chanting for some others. One man was out of work . His employment was running out the following week. I chanted Vayanamasi 108 times only. Within 20 minutes the man's phone rang with very good job offer that he did not apply for.

There will be 2 Day Interactive Workshop with Siva Baba in New York City February 27 and 28.

This is sure to be a life impacting workshop. To register visit

For more on the manta Vayayamasi google: Va Ya Na Ma Si

Utube video on Love and Enlightenment
Sri Raniji will be conducting a workshop in Chicago March 12-14. For More Info Visit

For chanting workshops visit
Humaworm . Parasites can have quite an impact on consciousness and even food desires. Some who have cyclic depression are sensitive to nerve toxins that parasites give off. When the parasites are cleared up the depression often lifts.
Current estimates by quantum physicists is that the Universe is 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter and only 5% of the Universe is visible matter. Dark matter does not emit or reflect electromagnetic radiation.
Beyond Love and Hate-

Oneness of Ichikuro and Jitsunosuke and the Tunnel of Love (Scroll to "Beyond Love and Hate").
Tibetan Fountain of Youth-

Self Initiation

On August 3, 1922, Nirmala Sundari broke the Hindu religious tradition by initiating herself as Anandamayi Ma: an enlightened being and universal mother.

When the honeybee came
I saw the scent of Flowers run

Oh what miracles!

Where the heart went
I saw the brain run

When the god came
I saw the temple run.

....Allama Prabhu

Dharma Dharini

To subscribe email dharma with Subscribe in the subject

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Bat

When I was a little girl. I loved animals. I got bit and scratched quite a bit. One day when I was 8 or so, my mother who had just found out the boa constrictor that I had been playing with had been diagnosed with lice, had about enough, and she told me not to pet strange animals because I could get rabies or lice.

The lice did not concern me. I loved insects as well with the exception of spiders. I looked up rabies in the encyclopedia, and from what was there I took the idea that people who got rabies generally died of thirst. So if I played with a dog I would drink large amounts of water just in case. On seeing this extreme thirst, my mother would take me to the doctor, convinced that I had diabetes or a fever or something worse. I never did tell her that the "thirst" was because I had been playing with a dog.

In those days if a child was bit by a dog the child was often punished for going into someone's yard or bothering an animal when it was eating or sleeping. It was a crime right up there with if you were seen crossing the street without looking both ways or playing chicken on the railroad tracks with the Bessemer and Lake Erie trains. The animal was rarely put down if it bit someone.

Decades later, in 1998 when I was getting ready to go to Satyaloka there was a good 6 months of preparatory cleansing of traumas and looking within at what was there and working through illogical childhood decisions. The monk who was helping us to get readty said the 42 day process at Satyaloka would be like putting a jet engine into a Volkswagen so we had to prepare. None of us really knew what would happen.

Some made wills, others prepared survival kits in case they needed to "escape" into the mountains. The rest of us were so in touch with the existential suffering of man that we were well beyond caring what happened. This type of spiritual suffering comes with a deep sense of meaninglessness. It is the sadness of the dream realized, the man who wins a coveted award on Tuesday and thinks "So What?" on Wednesday. It is the day after Christmas for the child of 6. It is perhaps the darkest riddle of the Universe-the existential suffering of man. Others were just trying to get past the predawn cold showers followed by hours of chanting and sadhanas, the celibacy, the fasting. We called each other from coast to coast for support. sometimes at 4:00 AM. For the most part we just suffered through it, and did the recommended predawn cold showers and sadhanas, fasted and hoped the water was warmer at Satyaloka.

At a preliminary meeting with a monk when the event was announced, the room at the Kalki Temple was quite full. He announced that we would reach states as high or higher than that which was given to a Christ or a Buddha or they would carry our dead bodies out of there. Some gasped. Others rolled their eyes. A woman laughed and she was told if she could not take it seriously she should leave-that he meant it. On the next meeting the group dwindled to just a few. Even less came to the third once the required list of sadhanas was passed out. Only 5 went from the Pittsburgh group yet we were among 8 Americans only who completed the 42 day retreat and took teacher training, dikshas (spiritual initiations and vows at Satyaloka. We were to take over the teacher responsibilities for the monks and were to still adhere to the sadhanas.

Upon arriving at Satyaloka I immediately bonded with a brown dog I called Chuck. His front paw was smashed and deformed. His toenail was growing into the pad, causing a wound and he could not walk on it. I took some nail clippers, cut his nail and pulled the sharp end of the claw out of the pad. Then he bit me.

Just then a monk walked by and said, "You must not pet the dogs. You could get rabies." An old uneasiness rose.

During the time of preparation for Satyaloka I did not pay much attention to this particular childhood fear of rabies, but it was still there. I guess you could say there was some hydrophobiaphobia still lurking about.

I had been doing alternative therapy consultations for vets and farmers and knew that 10 days was the average incubation period in a dog so figured I would just keep an eye on Chuck for ten days. Chuck, now using all four legs at least with every other step, took of for the village. I watched him disappear into the trees.

So I took my gallon water bottle and did what I had always done when bit by a dog. I went to the tap and filled it and drank and drank and drank. A lady asked me if I had been checked for diabetes.

Chuck returned off and on during the 9 week stay-usually at meal time. He seemed to be fine. I forgot about rabies. Some nights he slept on the steps outside of the women's quarters. We slept on mats on clay floors, a certain number with our heads to the East and a certain number with our heads to the North. The sleeping spaces had been chalked out on the floor. Some of the women did not like Chuck and they would kick him or throw sandals at him. We were not supposed to have outside food as the monks cooked for us nor was there to be talking yet some ate and chattered almost non stop.

When we would leave the building Chuck and the other dogs would sometimes sneak in and take their food and mark someone's sleeping bag. So some took to hanging their food from the rafters over their mats with rope or twine. At night a big spotted threadbare looking rat would cross the rafters, climb down the rope and eat part of the bread, cookies or potato chips, swinging like a bizarre pendulum over a sleeping woman's head.

I remember thinking that some of the ladies probably should not be so hard on poor Chuck as when he slept on the welcome mat at the front door he kept the snakes out of the dorm. I wondered if the ladies would be so quick to run him off if they knew about the cobra that stayed under the porch. All in all Chuck provided a very good service.
The next summer as I was preparing to return to Satyaloka and was doing a preparatory predawn sadhana, I heard a whirring noise in the laundry room. It sounded like the cat caught a cicada. I ignored it for quite some time.

Later I saw it was not a cicada but a bat. I had no idea that they could make that kind of sound. The bat was very frightened and angry. The cat had left a cut on his head. I grabbed the cat and took her out of the room. The bat looked at me, bared his teeth and hissed. I opened the front door and he did a terrible flopping swimming motion across the living room floor, and out the door. The he then climbed up the siding, turned upside down and hissed.

I went back in the house and sat down. The cat climbed up on my lap and bit me hard. It was only then that I remembered that she was behind on her rabies shot. I called the vet and woke him up.

He said, "Bring her in in the morning for her shot, she will probably be just fine, just don't let her bite you." And he laughed.

My blood ran cold. I pour a large glass of water and then another.

I was leaving for India in 5 days. Would I become rabid At Satyaloka? Just what they needed. What if someone drank from my glass? The medical article said incubation could be 5 years in a human and i had read that Edgar Allen Poe had possibly died of rabies. I began to beat myself up thinking I should not have let the bat go. I should have captured it for testing. Then I would know for sure and end all this worry. How foolish I was.

I called a monk in the morning and explained what happened and asked if I should stay home and get rabies shots in case. She said to just come, that it was a just childhood fear stirring up trouble. I told the pet sitter about the cat and the bat. She was unconcerned as well.

That night, still worried, I prayed that I would be able to find the bat and have it tested. "Please give me a second chance." I begged.

Around 3 AM I heard a whirring cicada sort of noise The cat had the bat in the bathroom one more. I recognized him by the gash on his head. I was elated. God answered a prayer!

I grabbed a coffee can, poked holes in the plastic lid and captured the bat. I was so happy that my prayer was answered. I would not need to be worried now. Then a dark thought came. Testing would mean death for the bat. They would sent his head only to the lab. I opened the lid and looked at him. He was just laying there with his wings out like a little fallen angel on the cold metal. He raised his head and hissed half heartedly-the picture of misery. He was doomed. I felt his heart. What it was to soar about in an ocean of sound in the night sky. To sleep upside down with the sun.

" I can't do this." I thought.

I carried the coffee can to the front porch and opened it on the concrete. The bat crawled out and did his creepy swimming motion across the porch and climbed up the siding on the farmhouse, turned upside down and hissed. I went back in, turned off the porch light.

When I went back outside with some peroxide for his head wound, he was gone.

I left for India in 3 days.

After that there were no thoughts of rabies.

They left with the bat.

Prosperity Pets

Dogs can change your fortune-you can adopt a dog and have a shift in finances.

Kaala Bhairava, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is the God of Time. Feeding and taking care of dogs is a way of showing devotion. If you do this well time will be on your side. You will always have time to do what you need to do.

I have experienced a amazing shifts in time since getting my own dog, a mixed breed who showed up, hungry and bruised at a machinery shop in the desert as a puppy. She has a little head, a big round body, thin legs, a bristly squirrel ticked coat, yet her head is as soft as velvet. On her front leg is lightening bolt scar from learning about rattlesnakes the hard way.

I was not looking for a dog when she came to me. She was in need of a home as the shop where she lived was closing. I am very fortunate to have her and will say she has brought me luck and the most valuable thing of all- Time.

I thought I did not have time to take care of a dog, but since she moved in there has been more time. And money. I have observed it is very beneficial to feed and take care of your dog very sacredly (meaning "with purpose") and respectfully. Serve him or her as you would tend to your alter or a welcome guest and miracles will happen as the love between you grows. If the realization is there that the dog (time) is serving you by being there, rather than the dog owes you its keep, that is when the miracles start. To take an animal in an not treat it well-to chain it to a post or abuse it may have the opposite effect.

I have particularly noticed that for the most part, even if I leave for the airport or an appointment late, I get there in plenty of time-against all odds. If I have allotted 4 hours for a task it is done in 1-2 hours. I am rarely tired or stressed, as thanks to the relationship with my dog, I always have enough time.

Last week I saw a homeless man sitting under a tree. He had a sign and a cup for money. He also had a big shaggy dog in very good condition. People (myself included) were actually pulling over and getting out of their cars to give him money and food. It's like that.

Visit your local shelter. Save a life that will ultimately transform yours.

Ancient Asian legends say that black and white cats bring good luck and fortune.