Thursday, December 27, 2007

Satyaloka Monastery

There is a beautiful and mysterious place in the South Indian Mountains, called Satyaloka, where the largest known population of enlightened beings on the planet once dwelled. These enlightened ones-the siddha purushas of Satyaloka- had attained tremendous powers and have been given the ability to help practically any serious seeker to attain enlightenment by a great being who dwells there, a sage whom the people called Sri Kalki Bhagavan. According to Hindu Pauranic Tradition, Kalki is the last Avatar of Vishnu. Previous Avatars include Rama, Krishna and Buddha. The Divine mission of the Kalki Avatar is to close Kaliyuga and usher in Satyayuga, an era of peace and prosperity, and to liberate all of mankind from suffering. The name Kalki means, "The Annihilator of Ignorance."

One of the definitions of enlightenment is liberation from suffering as ignorance is at the root of all suffering. Because of his ability to give enlightenment to others the people began to call this sage, Kalki Bhagavan. Once when asked if he was Kalki, the great sage replied, "There are 800 Kalkis in India. 500 of them are in jail."

Seekers from many lands have gathered at Satyaloka to attend intensive retreats for enlightenment (mukti yajnas) and to take intensive training and initiation to help others.

The word Satyaloka means "the Abode of Truth." Another meaning is "7th Heaven". Mystics from Russia have called Satyaloka Monastery and the phenomenon that occured there "The Descent of Light to Earth."

The little known and seldom discovered ancient enlightened lineage, preserved at Satyaloka, dates back to a time when enlightenment was the norm, and suffering was considered to be an aberration. This enlightened shamanic community is tremendous impact on returning this ancient natural state of enlightenment to mankind. So many have attained enlightenment thru their loving guidence. Sucess in the transmission of this once natural state of enlightened consciousness to the masses is entirely unprecedented in recorded history!

With just a brief meeting with the dasas (monks) of Satyaloka, many very average individuals have had Profound Divine Mystical Experiences (personal and undeniable encounters with the Divine) similar to that of many of the great sages, saints, prophets and mystics through the ages. Others, in a moment, have experienced the Divine Union sought by those who practice yoga.

At one time Satyaloka was the campus of a school called Jivashram. The students staying there began to have beautiful astral and mystical experiences. They would go on many astral travels and meet great beings and visit different lokas or realms. They were able to understand high philosophy, amazing many scholars. Many of the studentswere enlightened before the age of 16. Some of the parents became frightened and removed the children from school. Others wanted to know what their children had discovered and small retreats were held ther for them. That was the beginning of Satyaloka as a major spiritual force working for the enlightenment of the masses.

There is a tremendous energy vortex at Satyaloka. Many sages and saints have come from a 100 mile radius of Satyaloka. Just to be on the grounds of Satyaloka can lead to Transformed States of Consciousness, Profound Divine Mystical Experience, or the Divine Union. To be in Satyaloka is like entering another realm. Physically you have the experience of being in another world.

In 1998 the doors of Satyaloka opened to the West for a brief time. I was among the fortunate ones who was among those to take training and initiations there as a teacher of Kalki Bhagavan (now known as Sri Bhagavan.

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