Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wealth Blame And Consciousness

I spent some time with an enlightened sanyasi in India who was working for the transformation and enlightenment of several villages.

He told me that when this project was first started, if there was a common denominator in the fallen state of many of the people and in unenlightened societies in general. It was a hatred of, a mistrust of and a blaming of the rich.

As the consciousness was raised and the ignorance (that was very often behind the suffering of poverty or financial lack) was uprooted and states of Oneness were experienced, the people began to respect, bless and be happy for the more fortunate.

Thus the karma improved and poverty or material lack fell away. Laws of cause and effect were realized and personal responsibility was taken for ones actions or inactions and decisions. Many people began to discover their destiny-the life's work that brings the being joy. They too enjoyed an increase in prosperity.

It has long been realized by enlightenment cultures if there blaming there is not enough focus on the internal condition of suffering to help the person become enlightened. To blame is a game of the ego. There is a theme in the USA of blaming the rich. This dangerous pastime can lead to a retrograde culture and bring suffering to the land. History shows this.

The Golden Age is a period of prosperity and enlightenment. It can help a spiritual seeker's state to consider for a moment perhaps the wealthy are beings who have entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event.

When consciousness raises more and more wealthy people will emerge. As consciousness lessens the ego moves in and there is a great tendancy to try and lay blame. In general the individual or society falls deep into debt.

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Faerie Gardens 7 said...

This is an excellent article and one can see how very true this is. I realized that the whole divide going on between the 99% and the 1% was fueling exactly what we did not want.