Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Universe As A Sacred Horse

Brahadaranyaka Upanishad means the Great Forest Books. It begins with the description of the Universe as a Sacred or Sacrificial Horse:

"The head of is verily the Dawn; the eye of the Horse is the Sun; the vital force, the Air; the open mouth is the fire named Vaisvanara (lightening); the trunk is the year; the back, Heaven; the belly, the sky; the hoof, the earth; the flanks, the four directions; the ribs, the intermediate directions; the limbs, the seasons; the joints, the months and fortnights; the feet, the days and nights; the bones, the stars; the flesh, the clouds; the half-digested food (in the stomach), the sands; the arteries and veins, the rivers; the liver and spleen, the mountains; the hair, the herbs and trees; the forepart, the rising sun; the hind part, the setting sun. Its yawn is lightning, His body shakes, it thunders, he makes water -it rains, his voice is indeed all voices."

To meditate on and assume the divine qualities of the horse, the speed, the dynamic nature, devotion, power, faithfulness, grace, courage, strength is to realize an ultimate truth beyond the five senses, to enter Brahmaloka, the highest of the heavens.

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